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Robot Fight Night: Mini - Fights

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2023 3:41 pm
by winternimbus


[written by winternimbus]

right out of the gate, voltage takes the aggresive side and box rushes--both robots meet in the center of the arena that's announced by a loud bang and a shower of sparks between the two as SoR gets in a pretty gnarly hit in on voltage, before returning the favor by getting in a series of flips in on SoR with some impressive airtime--right as SoR lands back in on it's blade!

before voltage could get more aggression and control in on SoR, boto is able to slowly but surely steer the match into his favor--moving SoR into the arena's center with voltage in hot pursuit as SoR's bar gets up to speed. TBR's aggression proves to be a very risky game as SoR clocks in another nasty hit in on voltage--with the right corner of voltage now showing a very nasty gash in on it. voltage still is soldiering on though, TBR's able to get in another mean flip in on SoR and pin it against the wall, as SoR puts on one hell of a show as it's bar collides against the arena's floor.

unfortunately, that seems about the end of voltage's reign on this match, as SoR checks in another vicious hit in on voltage--tearing another nasty tear in it's armor as it flies across the arena! TBR's trying to show movement to show that voltage's got it's head still in the game, but all this means that boto's clear to go in for the kill, and with one final impact in on voltage from SoR's blade, it seems that's all she wrote for voltage as it gets counted out!

SPARES OR REPAIRS wins by K.O. (1:17)

[written by HFL]

Put on the Eurobeat folks, it’s time for super fast vertical spinner drifting! I think Apeirogon’s spinner is on an arm as well, and Afternoon Cereal… I don’t think it’s lifter’s actually functional in this config, so it’s just hinged wedgelets.

Anyway, Afternoon Cereal rushes right across the arena, already getting that bar going. Apeirogon veers off, does a big circuit of the box, comes in again… but is not committing to its attack. Apeirogon seems to be trying to avoid Afternoon Cereal’s weapon, but Cereal’s not giving it a lot of space to maneuver. Apeirogon goes over the killsaws but the hazard isn’t quick enough. The bots face off again, and this time Afternoon Cereal’s aggression goes against it a little as Apeirogon jukes around the forks and slips under the right wedgelet. Boink! Afternoon Cereal gets tossed back, lands bar-first but bounces back onto its wheels. But Apeirogon’s right on top of it – or rather under it again, getting another shot on the wedge as AC tries to reorient, and then to the side. The disc got stopped by the second hit, but Apeirogon tries to shove its opponent towards the wall drum. Afternoon Cereal gets away, though, and it’s basically up to speed, which leaves Apeirogon running for its life. There’s a pretty good chunk taken out of the right wedgelet and it might be a little twisted, but the fork’s still on the ground.

AP gets its weapon spun up, Cereal charges, but this time puts on the brakes at the last second. Apeirogon’s left itself exposed, and Afternoon Cereal slips under its front corner, tossing it into the air and exploding the left side of its wedge! Apeirogon lands upside-down, has to self-right with its arm, and even though it scoots away to the other side of the box before doing so, that arm’s heavy enough that retracting it knocks it off balance, and Cereal is fast enough to capitalize. Unfortunately it rushes in fast but not quite on target, and the two just kind of sideswipe each other with neither weapon making contact. Both bots go skidding into the wall, and Apeirogon has to run for it again.

Apeirogon gets the better of the next exchange, getting the side of Cereal’s left fork and tossing it on its back. It self-rights with the bar, and Apeirogon runs right onto its wedge while going for a followup shot! Luckily Cereal’s weapon isn’t at full speed but Apeirogon still does a 360 backflip and now has part of its surviving wedgelet peeled upward.

At this point Apeirogon seems to just be running in circles trying to avoid Cereal and hoping it slips up. Cereal’s trying to herd it into a corner or something, but without much luck, and eventually charges in at the wrong moment. Apeirogon almost catches a corner, but the more or less missing wedgelet makes it ride up and glance off the wedge. The disc and bar make contact, and Apeirogon gets sent flying, landing on its back with the arm out behind it. It retracts it, but falls back onto its roof and has to retreat and try to self-right… but this time Afternoon Cereal catches up with it and charges in with the bar at full speed. It catches Apeirogon in the side, tearing right through the wheelguard like paper. It’s flung through the air, bounces off the arena wall almost high enough to get OOTA’d, and comes down to earth with a wheel missing and its entire chassis bent upward in the center where the weapon arm goes. It’s balanced on the middle of the bot, and I don’t think any wheels are touching the ground. It looks like one side might be still spinning, but it doesn’t matter, because Afternoon Cereal lines up for a field goal to send Apeirogon out of the arena, and there’s a tapout!

Your winner, by knockout in 1:21, is Afternoon Cereal!

[written by winternimbus]

this is a rough one for turtleback, who tries to keep his robot's overhead horizontal spinner spun up against the verified, bonafide vinegar-scented brick of TLV. in turtleback's benefit, their robot can roughly keep up against TLV.

TLV charges TGP across the box, with a healthy shower of sparks as TGP's overhead spinner grinds against TLV's shock-mounted plow while TLV attempts to shove it into the big time hammers and pin it from there. TGP manages to slink away, and tries to swing it's body so it's blade can try to snab at TLV's wheels for those nice aggression points.

turtleback and wolf keep steady at this game, with TLV getting more and more of a notable stake in the fight as it gets repeated pins in the fight, all while TGP tries and does succeed at times to score in some body shots. ultimately, this seems to be a war wagered in wolf's favor. there's not really much else TGP can do here as TLV repeatedly gets it high-centered, pinned against the arena's walls.

this one goes the distance, goes for speed, and the buzzer signals that this fight has gone for the full three minutes. let's see what the judges have to say about this one, shall we?


TLV wins by JUDGE'S DECISION (8-4)

[written by turtleback!]

Welcome back to Robot Fight Night! And it is time for our next fight between Break Dash vs Front Towards Enemy!
One of these bots is advancing, the other has to go through the losers bracket early! LETS GET IT ON!
Both bots are in the box. Lets see who will win!

Let the bot battle begin!

And a box rush by Break Dash! But Front Towards Enemy dodges just barely! But Break Dash continues to attempt to smother them! But- OH LOOK AT THIS! Front Towards enemy makes a smart move! Going CCW and launching themselves away! Break Dash attempts to stand their ground and attack-


And there is a slight gash on the wedge of Break Dash! But they continue to smother Front Towards Enemy! And they get a lift in!
But Front Towards Enemy is dodging some of the attacks now. Moving around hoping to get time to spin up!
And they have-
Oh! Massive shrapnel from Break Dash after that hit!

Now Break Dash. Lifting Front Towards Enemy a few times… OH! Massive shot! But Front Towards Enemy still spinning! Break Dash has to avoid that weapon if they want to win this fight!

Yeah that weapon- very dang-

Oh! There goes one of the wheels!

Now Break Dash getting some chassis shots in! Lifting it a couple times! But oh! Another wheel!
Yeah they have lost two of the front wheels. But- OH! Big shot to the wedge once more! And another wheel! Oh no! Its on one last wheel! Break Dash is struggling to move!

And there goes that last wheel! And I think this match may be over!
Kinda hard to move without any wheels if I am being honest…


Winner: Front Towards Enemy (KO 2:37)



[written by winternimbus]

not much needs to be said here. diablo victus wins by forfeit.

[written by winternimbus]

the box is locked, the lights are on, it's robot fightin' time baby.

this is a surprisingly even match in terms of speed, GMF sounds like a jet engine as it gets up to speed while torsch does the same, YSMQTHLQYH is expecting boto's box rush it seems--so she steers GMF away from the wall while torsch charges her. the two robots barely miss a collision between the two, while torsch keeps it's big fuckoff drum facing towards GMF, intending to pop it across the arena.

it seems like boto gets the hit he's hoping to get, GMF collides with torsch's drum, and it launches GMF into the air, while careening torsch across the arena--right into it's center. GMF does some hops and skids as it attempts to land back on it's feet, which means that it's open season for boto to chain hits against the nigh-indestructible argentinian shell spinner.

however, things are looking a bit optimistic for YSMQTHLQYH and her robot, torsch looks a bit punchdrunk from the initial collision--and despite the bit of self-damage GMF had taken from getting bounced across the arena and it's walls, it's back on it's shuffling feet once more.

the two robots circle eachother--an error on boto's end as this means that GMF is fully spun up now, and there is a head-on collision between the two robots. by god('s middle finger), it sounds like a bomb went off in the arena, as torsch careens backwards with nasty shock damage, and GMF *flies* simultaneously backwards and upwards, landing on it's self-righting pole.

ultimately, this impact has seemingly killed both robots' weapons, torsch is looking worse for wear as it crabwalks around the arena, and GMF is stuck head-up on it's self-righting pole as it gets counted out.

TORSCHLUSSPANIK wins by K.O. (1:08)

[written by winternimbus]

as the buzzer signals that it's robot fightin' time, w is for winner books it right out of the gate with it's obscenely fast 10 speed stat, but it's evident that turtle's planning to step off the throttle just a tad bit if they need to do so. this is a surprisingly even fight despite the sheer difference between the two robots' speed, as sio tanks winner's boxrush, and winner gets it's first grab in for the fight.

it's apparent that turtle didn't get as good as a grab in on earworm as they initially hoped, as earworm's blade repeatedly collides with one of winner's grabbing arms, getting repeated dents in it due to the extended contact with the arms--slightly bending it as result, before turtle has to let go of earworm.

as turtle tries to get another good grab in on earworm, sio's plan seems to be coming to fruition as one of winner's comically long hinged forks gets caught in one of the killsaw slots--leaving it's sides vulnerable to get launched and chained by earworm's large blade. sio gets a couple of solid hits in on winner, flicking the robot across the arena, leaving it stranded on it's top.

turtle struggles to self-right winner, but gets aided by earworm's blade, it's top claws are notably bent but still hold firm as turtle gets in one more good clamp in down on earworm, seems like sio didn't gyro it in on time--leaving her vulnerable.

however, after repeated contact with earworm's spinning blade, and due to the repeated hits rule, earworm gets a nasty hit in on winner's grabbing arm, and breaks the damn thing. winner still tries to commandeer the fight, but it's in the bag for sio as earworm gets in one last good hit, leaving winner stranded on it's head--unable to self-right!

10,000 YEAR EARWORM wins by K.O. (1:45)

[written by V900]

yeah ok buddy i'm not writing out Khimichonga or whatever 20 times. get abbreviated 😎😎😎😎

In an ironic flip-of-the-script, it's actually the slower vert that goes for a box rush at the start of the match! NR, biding it's time, manages to get the slip in and toss Kama around for a dozen seconds. Some veering around the saws here and there. Throughout all of this though, HFL makes sure not to let that disc hit the floor. Verrrry important to him. The lifter puts in plenty of work bobbing him around while upside down, before he's eventually able to get rightside up.

Things slow down for a while after. Kama's lifter-wedges are able to get under a good number of times and start lifting, but NR's combination of superior speed and acceleration allow it to avoid getting handled too easily. NR's big chunky wedgelets also prove less than ideal for angling, much to Winter's dismay.

Late into the match, NR gets a little too hungry and runs up at an angle onto Kama's lifter. One wheel on the ground, Kama latches onto the little space underneath NR's plow and gets a more substantial grab. Disc comes in, BOOSH punch RIGHT into the gut.

(As in the bottom. Like where an alligator's stomach is, but on a Battlebot™.)

A couple of 3 damage hits isn't much, but it's at least more than what NR has been putting out, which to this point has been "none" outside a few scrapes by the saws and maybe half-a-whack from the hammers. NR is able to get away, albeit with some wounds to lick. The two go back to neutral, with NR a little more skittish near the end of the match. Based off Winter's driving, you can really tell that put a scare in them. The last 30 seconds largely consist of NR trying a few more times to angle in, but plays it a little too safe to really capitalize.

AGG: 3-2 Neophyte Red.
DMG: 4-1 Khimmy Neutron
CTL: 4-1 Neophyte Red.

Neophyte Redglare wins by a 8-7 judge's decision.

Re: Robot Fight Night: Mini - Fights

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2023 12:21 am
by winternimbus


[written by winternimbus]

out of the gate, siobahn uses her eurobeat-infused and formerly clown-based vert to boxrush SoR--who is facing sideways in an attempt to counterract the boxrush, and moves slowly to the side. AC hits the wall, but is back in the game in an attempt to hatch her plan of destabilizing SoR with her lifter. there's a glancing blow between the two robots, it seems that AC's vert has took the brunt of it, and the two robots get sent backwards. unfortunately for boto at the moment, this means that they couldn't quite exactly hatch their initial plan of doing a tombstone (or would it be death metal?)-styled flick onto AC.

AC with it's head in the game, as SoR spins back up, and siobahn is aggressive like there's no tomorrow considering how AC is using it's whopping eight points of speed to stack up hits on SoR--refusing to give it any leeway in spinning up. boto attempts to keep SoR towards the center of the arena and tries to thwart siobahn's gameplan of scoring an OOTA. it seems that siobahn's idea to prevent getting SoR at full speed is working, with most of the hits AC so far has been taking isn't SoR at it's fullest, namely 11-12 weapon point hits which AC's ABR wedge has been tanking like a champ.

AC and SoR trade blows with eachother, siobahn making sure to keep SoR smothered for the time being--but a misjudgement in her driving paired with a hint of oversteering means that she unintentionally lets SoR get cranked up to speed, and while trying to get SoR rebounded into the arena's hazards...

boto finally gets the lucky hit, and the flick that they're looking for--and with one hit afternoon cereal gets sent across the arena in pieces!

SPARES OR REPAIRS wins by K.O. (1:43)

[written by winternimbus]

vinegar-scented brick v.s. an entire claymore (in "safe" robot form). here we go!

FTE stars by attempting to get up to speed with it's scary as hell fuckoff disc *howling* while TLV charges and aims for that disc. HFL, expecting TLV's move, slowly but surely strafes and slides out of it's box--buying some time to get that disc fully spun up. TLV, in an attempt to get that mighty frightening disc to slow down to a crawl and take the claymore into the wall, proceed to charge.

holy schnikes, what a hit! there's sparks and pieces of TLV's front wedge everywhere--even a few of it's forks here and there!

FTE takes a massive chunk out of TLV's front plow, and both robots get sent careening away from the point of impact, buying HFL some precious time to get that nasty disc fully spun up. despite that gnarly hit it initally took, TLV seems to be undeterred--and it's clear that wolf wants no part in having the mechanical claymore's disc to be spun up, and attempts to stop it again despite FTE swerving and strafing in an effort to be unpredictable.

another brutal hit straight towards the plow, and this time--FTE rips the whole vinegar-scented plow clear off! again, both robots get sent careening backwards but fortunately, both robots stay near the center of the arena after the blue. without it's active weapon and spinner defense, the concurrent impact between the two robots seemed to have killed TLV's drive motors, as a LIPO fire begins to break out inside the robot--leaving it a sitting duck as the ref counts it out.

what a fight, good gravy!

FRONT TOWARD ENEMY wins by K.O. (0:39)

[written by winternimbus]

apeirogon starts the match by using it's superior speed to outpace the slower voltage, but apart from that YS doesn't seem to have much of a gameplan for this one--so most of this match revolves around the two robots circling eacother, TBR using his robot's better control to keep the heat on apeirogon. it's otherwise surprisingly evenly matched here, with the two robots exchanging blows.

TBR does corral YS's robot into the hazards with a four-bar hop, skip, and a jump. apeirogon is overturned and attempts to right itself while TBR plows it into the big time hammers. somewhere, someplace i'm kicking myself for not making the hazards deadlier :v, but TBR's able to keep the pressure on the argentine spinner-lifter kitchen sink goober, and slowly but surely wear down YS's robot as it slowly tries to right itself.

most of the match is just this for the duration of the three-minute runtime, apeirogon's unable to really do significant damage here due to voltage being nigh-indestructible against your average joe spinner, vert or otherwise. in YS's benefit, apeirogon does get some aggression in the game and gets a few bang, zooms, and pows on voltage... but that's about it.




Uhh... I'm not exactly sure what TGP's strategy is here, but it doesn't exactly work. Break Dash box rushes it, and while the bar spinner zooms away at surprising speed, after that it's relying on its forks to feed Break Dash's plow into the blade. It gets a few decent hits, but Break Daash is absorbing the blows without much problem, and eventually gets under and slams TGP headlong across the box, making it hit the wall HARD. There's a bit more back and forth mechanized fisticuffs, but TGP is driven into the wall drum next, popping it up and stopping the weapon long enough for Break Dash to feed it in again and flip it over. And The Greatest Plan doesn't seem to have factored in self-righting.

Your winner, by knockout in 1:43, is Break Dash!



[written by winternimbus]

the buzzer sounds--and right off the bat siobahn spins her robot's big ol' vertical blade up and books it to the center of the arena, earworm and diablo victus are surprisingly evenly matched in speed with the difference being that earworm has better control, but diablo victus has an almost ungodly amount of torque :v

speaking of diablo victus, wolf's got that clamping jaw up and rushes--that excessive amount of torque meaning that they accelerate faster and is able to catch siobahn's robot, there's a shower of sparks and an audible bang as the blade and the jaw of DV collide, but DV isn't fazed from the exchange despite getting launched up a bit by earworm's blade before landing down on their wheels. seems like wolf's plan to kill earworm's bladespeed and assert control of the fight is going very gravy for them.

with earworm in the clamp of diablo victus, wolf sets course for the wall drums, which at the moment doesn't do *alot* of damage, but it's looking good for the judges. diablo smashes earworm against the wall drum a couple of times--before siobahn's able to drive her robot away, and gets in some engagements w/ the clamp. wolf tries to go in for the "smother the blade" tactic but earworm gets it's blade up to speed and is able to luckily get some pops, and a flip in on DV.

as DV tries to self-right while backing away, siobahn tries, and partially succeeds to chain hits in hopes of getting DV into an OOTA around the low walls of the arena--but she gets a bit greedy and ends up flipping DV back upright! wolf, not too pleased at this, and gets back in the game and takes control with earworm in DV's flamp. with some aggression and control points in wolf's ballpark, siobahn tries to return the favor but ends up flipped by DV.

the wall drum kicking up to speed signifies that there's a minute left in the fight, and as siobahn tries to ver batim "yakity sax run away in circles around the killsaws" as her robot's flipped over, wolf capitalizes earworm's flipped state and repeatedly smashes it's right side into the wall drum with it firmly nestled in the jaws! sweet mother of body damage!

it seems like earworm's down for the count after that exchange, and wolf breathes a sigh of relief as earworm gets counted out, meaning that DV is safely going up into the semis.

DIABLO VICTUS wins by K.O. (2:48)


Torschlusspanik starts spinning up, but is immediately pun on the defensive by Neophyte Redglare as it charges across the box. TP dodges, but Winter seems to have predicted that and the two collide, with Redglare getting under one side fork and bouncing its opponent away. Not sure TP's drum made contact though, and it is now up to speed, and it's Redglare's turn to take evasive action. It backs off and weaves around, trying to get to the sides, but TP's keeping up with it fairly well. Redglare eventually picks a moment and darts in, but TP turns in time and tosses the lifterbot away. Redglare bounces down on its wheels, and avoids a charge from Torschlusspanik, which seems to have been holding back on the weapon throttle a little. That turns out to be to Redglare's advantage though: that death hum's practically causing "MENACING" captions to float in the air above TP, but there's more gyro effect, and Redglare retaliates with a nice feint to the side that makes TP overcorrect and tip sideways enough that Redglare gets under it!

This is where the big UHMW plate Redglare mounted on the front to grind down vertical spinners comes into play... not in the way intended, because TP's forks are so long that they butt up against the plate and stop the drum from making contact. Redglare pushes it back and slams it into the wall before Torschlusspanik can get free. The impact jostles it sideways a bit, but one fork is still trapped under the edge of the plate, and Redglare has it pinned. The clock is ticking... and now Redglare uses the lifter to force the UHMW into the drum. It grinds against it, littering the arena with green plastic shavings, but as it slows down it finally catches and pops Redglare back enough to free it.

TP runs for it, Redglare pursues, but can't stop it from spinning back up. TP gets under again, but they're going so slow it doesn't get a great bite on the wedge. It lifts it up, but Redglare backs away and avoids danger for now. It's back to circling, trying to catch it making a mistake, and somehow worms its way under again, this time at an angle that lets it shove Panic At The Drummo's fork sideways and get under it side-on. It shove it towards the pulverizer, tires squealing, but TP revs its drum and spins away, ending up inverted. It can self-right, but decides against leaving itself exposed and just attacks head-on. The forks get under, the drum... acts in reverse, and quickly grinds to a halt. Luckily this time Torbopanini turns away before being fed into the wall drum, and starts spinning up the other direction. It catches Redglare with another small pop, but isn't at full speed yet. Backs away, spins up again, and Blaaamo! Redglare gets sent a good six feet in the air, and tumbles another ten across the box! It's very lucky to land on its wheels, but TP charges right in... oof, and glances off the corner of the wedge.

We're almost halfway through the fight now, and it's been neck and neck so far. Redglare gets the upper hand again, and shoves TP under the pulverizer, but not long after it's released, the drumbot finally gets the hit it's looking for, tossing Redglare end over end. It lands on its back, and... can it self-right with that plate there? It tries once, but ends up pushing the forks down and lifting its front. I think it'll have to rock itself onto the forks and the plate - and does, but that gives Torschlusspanik a chance to come in and yeet it again! This time it lands on its wheels, but takes a massive hit to the side armor in the process. The plates look bent and mangled, but it's still driving. It escapes a followup shot, but fate seems to have turned the other way, as TP soon tosses it onto its back again!

This time, Torschlusspanik comes in and tries to hit the rear of Redglare as it self-rights, but Redglare lifted its back wheels clear just in time: instead it's hit in the top panel. It lands upright, but there's a big gouge in the top and one fork has half of it missing and the other half bent. TP gets under its side, but there's no energy in the drum. Unfortunately Redglare gets flipped over a third time, and with the damaged fork it's really having trouble self-righting, and driving. It heads for the wall drum, which by the way has spun up to full speed now, to try to self-right, but gets 360'd, and TP, which has followed it like a shark smelling blood in the water, gets another haymaker! This hit lands on the wedge and the vertical plate, and Redglare escapes further punishment. It pins TP against the wall, but has to release with fifteen seconds left, and TP goes full send in the last moments, landing another bit shot that launches Redglare into the corner before the buzzer sounds.

Judges' Decision:

Damage: Torschlusspanik 4, Neophyte Redglare 1
Aggression: Neophyte Redglare 3, Torschlusspanik 2
Control: Neophyte Redglare 3, Torschlussspanik 2

We have a split decision!
Judge 1: 4-1, 2-3, 2-3
Judge 2: 3-2, 2-3, 2-3
Judge 3: 4-1, 2-3, 3-2

Your winner, by an 8-7 split decision, is Torschlusspanik!

[written by winternimbus]

you like brick fights?

the buzzer sounds, and out of the gate winner charges a much more cautious lethal carriageway with it's sheer amount of speed, and attempts to get to the lowdown 6WD brick's sides. TBR plays it carefully and attempts to bait the clamp by letting it charge at it. this gambit works, and LC gets it's forks raised up and drives winner over to the big time hammers--pinning it there before TBR has to release it.

winner tries to swing and get LC under the hammers in return, and this has mixed success, as winner does pin and clamp LC under the hammers for a few short moments--not before LC gets a slink away and attempts to beach winner by raising it forks upright in an attempt to get it up and away from the arena floor.

this does repeat quite often, with LCIII getting more of an edge in controlling winner due to the slight torque and control advantage that it has over turtleback's robot, and proceeding to take it to the arena hazards repeatedly, scoring points in the process. turtleback gets a few grabs in, but it's not enough to prove to the judges' that they're getting advantage they need to win over the bri'ish brick they're fighting against.

especially when they occasionally get their comically long forks stuck in the killsaw slots, leaving them vulnerable to get slammed into the arena's hazard by LCII.

ultimately--due to a lack of motivation to get into the nitty gritty of writing bricks beating the living daylights outta eachother, this match goes to the buzzer, and the judges have to analyze the footage to see which brick will take it all!



[written by winternimbus]

there's three words to describe this fight. fast, loud, and vicious.

YS gets her terrifying shell spinner up to speed--it's a bit of a long spinup time due to the sheer amount of weapon power, and attempts to move, but it's hard for her to get control for too much because of her sheer traction disparity and the added shuffling mechanism. HFL spins up and approaches cautiously, making sure to keep that anti-spinner wedge pointed at GMF as they pick and choose that perfect approach angle.

YS makes her approach and the argentinian shell spinner comes into contact with kamai's blade with a ridicuously loud bang, and a shower of sparks as kamai gets proceeds to get a nice gash in it's wedge--all while GMF flies vertically and hockeypucks like there's no tomorrow, seemingly more off-balance and struggling to regain it's terrifying 17-power shell spinner footing!

HFL seizes the day and jumps into the action, chaining hits on a GMF that's trying to get up to speed, but is unable to fully spin up due to being off-balance and a kamaitachi chaining in hits, working to herd it towards the OOTA corners while refusing to let her spin back up. YS is trying to self-right and in this, kamai gets a few hits in on the srimech pole, and even some scattered hits on the chassis!

GMF gets back up, and there's a repeat of the massive initial blow--but with that inital blow paired with a more uneven GMF means that there's a kamaitachi in hot pursuit giving GMF some repeated wallops. with all that coining and banking off of the arena walls, GMF isn't looking as good as it used to be.

kamai gets a few more hits in, and it seems that HFL gets a lucky break that they're looking for--and hits a home run and pops GMF out of the arena. phew!

KAMAITACHI wins by K.O. / OOTA (1:12)

Re: Robot Fight Night: Mini - Fights

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2023 3:40 pm
by winternimbus


[written by winternimbus]

(insert cartoon nuclear explosion here)

jokes aside--the lightweight semifinals is a fight between two of the biggest and scariest spinners on the bracket, and it starts out with both robots getting spun up, with HFL veering and moseying their mechanized claymore up to boto--who is carefully approaching the claymore to show aggression to the judges. considering that this is a fight between two murderdeathkill spinners, i should probably keep this as concise as i possibly can

most of the glaring blows are weapon-to-weapon shots, with the marginally faster and controlled SoR keeping it's face pointed towards the slinky mecanum-drive claymore, and each blow sends the two bots careening away from eachother. while SoR came to the fight packing more armor in it's flywheel--the shock damage that the two robots face are no joke. boto keeps with their gameplan to stick the fight in the center of the arena, with the blade on FTE definiely looking less-than-optimal after the inital round of trading blows.

due to the mechanized claymore's less-than-optimal control ratio from it's mecanum drive, HFL unintentionally oversteers which means what boto can get the killshot they're looking for, and with one mean hit to the UHMW wheelguards of FTE--boto absolutely annihilates a mecanum wheel on the claymore and sends huge chunks of plastic and metal flying across the arena, as it seems that's all she wrote for FTE!

SoR definitely seems to be on unsteady footing on it's own after that impact, but it shows enough movement to not get counted out, unlike the disabled FTE--which is down for the count.

SPARES OR REPAIRS wins by K.O. (1:19)

[written by winternimbus]

i'll take the brick fights that nobody in their right mind wants to write :v

as the match starts, the two lightweight bricks rush to meet eachother in the center of the arena, with wolf keeping a keen eye out for any angling in from TBR's machine. TBR keeps it careful for the most part, trying not to go full gung-ho--not until wolf's robot gets a good lift in on voltage, toppling the machine over. with a hiss of CO2, voltage self rights!

unfortunately for TBR, wolf uses the machine trying to right itself to his advantage--driving the british 4-bar flipper out to the arena's walls, pinning voltage until wolf is forced to let go of the other robot. it's a very even match between the two robots. TLV gets a good lift in here and there, while voltage responds with a few chained flips, taking the vinegar-scented brick over to the big time hammers and the wall drum to score points that'll look very favorable to the judge's eyes.

for most of the match, it's a repeat of the aforementioned back-and-forth between TLV and voltage--with the match being very evenly split between the two robots, albeit it's notable that voltage does win some form of the wedge war between the two.

as per usual, in the last minute of the match, the drum cranks up it's power, and this is where TBR is able to hatch his drum damage plan--with voltage gracefully flipping TLV into the drums and trying to keep TLV pinned in the drum. it's not much damage as both robots are heavily armored, but enough damage to look good for TLV on the judge's scoreboard.

voltage pops in one more flip on TLV until the buzzer sounds, and the match is done!






[written by winternimbus]

torsch gets spinning up to speed as soon as the match begins, this is going to be one hell of a wedge war against arguably one of the most versatile middleweights to ever face ARC--as the slightly faster diablo victus accelerates to meet the drum spinner in the center of the arena. there's a push and pull as diablo victus attempts to wrangle torsch as the english drum spinner grinds against the infamous kingshark wedge!

wolf is unable to get a decent initial lift in on torsch due to the drum spinner being at suboptimal angle to wrangle, and after some gyrodancing and the slower reset speed of the flipper-clamp of diablo victus, torsch reigns in the first hit of the fight! diablo victus gets launched up into the air, buying ethan enough time to hatch his plan to chain in as much hits as possible in the vulnerable underside of diablo, all while ethan commandeers the flamp towards the big time hammers!

there's alot of solid hits in, as wolf scrambles to get back in the game while torsch scores alot of points in for the judges, before diablo victus rights itself and returns the favor with a few dustpan-focused wrangling and clamps as wolf attempts to drive torsch into the hazards as a response to the english drum spinner knocking it to the hammers. there's some flips and clamps, but torschlusspanik gyro's back upright, and returns the favor to diablo victus as it knocks the dustpan flamp up into the air, seemingly scoring a few mean hits to the underside of wolf's robot!

it's a back and forth exchange between the two, but with the gradual damage that diablo victus has accumulated, it's not looking good for wolf as torschlusspanik scores in several chained hits in spite of solid wrangling on wolf's part! from what it seems, diablo victus may have it in the bag in terms of aggression and control, but torsch definitely has it in terms of damage!

diablo victus is looking worse for wear, but wolf is seemingly undeterred as wolf takes in more aggression--angling in on torsch and seizing control of the match in the final 40 seconds of the fight, slinking past and getting a couple of flips in on torsch, before the buzzer sounds!


TORSCHLUSSPANIK wins by JUDGE'S DECISION (8-7), and will be heading towards the middleweight finals of ROBOT FIGHT NIGHT: MINI!


[written by winternimbus]

both robots get up to speed--with HFL thumbing their spinner about 3/4th's of a way full, aiming for an aggressive approach towards the long-term warning vert as they both meet eachother in the arena. siobahn uses her speed and control advantage to in an attempt to let the knife-weasel-goober sail by her, which succeeds as she backs off to one angle.

there's a bit of matadoring and yakety sax chasing between the two bots before the first hit gets in--earworm manages to slap in a hit on kamaitaichi, popping it across the arena as HFL scrambles to self-right, which is a slow task due to kamai's 1-point lifter. earworm reels in another hit, which helps get kamai self-righted. in a turn of events, HFL returns some blows to earworm's front wedge, before getting in a lift and a push in on earworm as kamai's disc gets cranked up to full power--overturning the long-term nuclear warning.

most of the fight is a repeat of this, sio relegates her fight towards the center of the arena as she gets in some pops in on kamai, HFL commandeers some of the fight with a few lifts, snags in on earworm as they keep the fight relegated to earworm's face. there's a few weapon-to-weapon blows, especially considering how *fast* kamai's weapon is going meaning that there's points racked in on them.

due to sio's driving, control and speed advantage--the fight's veered heavily in her favor, as she plays a reactive game and for the most part is able to keep kamai popped over and flipped. apart from the few times where HFL can score stuff in their side of the game. that's not to decry and undermine HFL, as HFL keeps a tight ship--and later on is able to rack in some hits, not before the buzzer sounds. this one is going to the judges.