A.R.C. Wk7 - Aphelion vs Slipstream

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A.R.C. Wk7 - Aphelion vs Slipstream

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jun 22, 2024 6:03 pm


Aphelion (forks config): 7/6/2/4/11 (+1 wedge)

Slipstream (normal config): 7/6/2/5/10
Mirror match time let's go! We're both powerful front hinged flippers, both dead even on drive. I think this is basically a race to see who can throw the other out first.

I'm going to keep things simple and primarily go for head-on approaches, for two reasons. 1: TBR's not using his forks, so I have a wedge advantage head-on and his front wedge is wider than mine so I don't want him sneaking it under corners. 2: his rear wedge stabilizer wheelie bar things look like they can prop his wheels off the ground if he's tilted backwards and make his britflipper rear bevel not really function. His wedge is really shallow so I don't think he can high-center me and he's not using the top prongs that would make it harder for him to escape his wedge either. If I'm wedged, quickly spin or J-turn to force him to flip early even if I can't get away. Self-right immediately if overturned, flippers usually can't retract / recharge buffer tanks immediately. If I get under, go straight for the corners and go for the OOTA. For what it's worth if he can't reduce his power for self-righting a front-hinged that strong has a good chance of landing upside down, so if I miss an OOTA attempt but he's inverted wait to see if he messes up self-righting and gives me another chance.

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Re: A.R.C. Wk7 - Aphelion vs Slipstream

Post by British-Robotics » Tue Jun 25, 2024 2:34 pm

Aphelion (forks config): 7/6/2/4/11 (+1 wedge)

Slipstream Speed: 7 Traction: 6 Armour: 10 Torque: 2 Weapon: 5 (normal config)

A dream match and feel honoured to be facing a similar bot such as Aphelion, we both have similar stats so it’s going to be a struggle to oust each other. I want to be sensible and don’t be too eager to use the flipper early on. Avoid getting “fenced” from any corner of the arena for starters.

Don’t get too close to my opponent but have a slight distance from Aphelion’s forks and hope to forcefully make his flipper go off early. The way his weapon works I feel is that the front of his chassis is raised somewhat when it’s activated.

It’s a game of patience. I can’t flank him, nor can I outpace him, so really, I have to be clever and an opportunity is seen when Aphelion’s weapon goes off, that's where I need to pounce and rush into one of his corners from either side, get right under him as much as possible, Activate the flipper straight away when I have enough contact.

If I successfully g et Aphelion thrown and just at least to movehim slightlymore upwards and raised, stay close and get under him, use the weapon again to toss him about in the arena.

If I’m flipped over then self right!

Good luck and may the best robot win, this looks to be a close one 😊.

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