Paper-Mache Artillery & Wheely Big Mistake vs Valravn MKII

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Paper-Mache Artillery & Wheely Big Mistake vs Valravn MKII

Post by V900 » Sat May 11, 2024 10:34 pm

V900 wrote: Fri Apr 05, 2024 1:17 am I was looking through some of the renders in my old folder and realized R.E.D.D.I.T. never finished, so...

Paper-Mache ArtilleryWheely Big Mistake
Speed: 9Speed: 4
Torque: 4Torque: 1
Traction: 9Traction: 5
Armor: 1Armor: 13
Weapon: 1Weapon: 1
** note: PMA has regular wheels, WBM has HPDE wheels
me, circa 2018 wrote:Paper-Mache Artillery on the left, Wheely Big Mistake on the right. Both bots are of equal weight.


I saw Chad the Inhaler (bot with 12 speed + 4 armor) and went "this, but unironically". Smash it open for a surprise. The wheels are on a spring-based suspension so that it doesn't instantly die upon colliding with a wall. Think like your average RC car.

Spoiler: the 4 plastic sections at the center of the bot are full of confetti. Surprise!


It's your run of the mill Britbong-style pneumatic flipper (fires in a 60 degree arc), good luck damaging it. Big wheels give it plenty of ground clearance to fight wedges.

You see those pipes on the back? They're made out of pool noodles. They let out a little puff of CO2 every time the weapon fires. Should they be ripped off, it'll reveal a small hole in the chassis.
You'll get me to boot up Rhino again if this turns out to be more than just a one-time thing :V
Shaba117 wrote: Fri May 03, 2024 8:09 pm Blows dust off everything

"Damn, it's been a minute huh, Shaba"

Pulls off cover off a bot that has been sitting for FOUR years

"It's time"

Introducing Valravn MKII!

Lifter config:



Anti-horizontals config:



Notes: The lifter is a 4-bar type (lifter receives weapon armor bonus)

Uh oh, a controlbot with a 5-power weapon? I might be in trouble!


oops never mind lol

BASICALLY: Ideally, I want Valravn to go after WBM and let PMA scoot around the side, but I imagine Shaba is pretty smart and won't let me just immediately do that (however, in the case that she isn't: do that). Do standard wedgebully things whenever PMA gets under. Remove wheels from ground with lifter. Hazards. Et ced... but DO NOT RAM. I don't have the armor for that. ☹️

To start the match, have PMA shove WBM into the middle-ish (maybe a little further) into the arena, then kite around with PMA and looking for an opening. Sides are optimal, diagonal/front is acceptable too. Exercise basic caution when it comes to front-to-front interactions, but also bear in mind that I am faster and accelerate faster and have plenty of ground clearance up front if I find my forks going up her visibly-steep wedge. This should also protect me against Valravn trying to ram.

WBM is mostly here just to act as bait, but if Valravn gets too distracted by PMA, then go for a flip with WBM. Even its shitty little 1 point flip is enough to provide an opening for PMA.

None of the hazards do damage, Valravn getting either of them OOTA is unlikely (getting hold of PMA is difficult at best for her and PMA is there to bail WBM out).

gl hf 😎😎😎

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Re: Paper-Mache Artillery & Wheely Big Mistake vs Valravn MKII

Post by Shaba117 » Sat May 11, 2024 11:01 pm

PMA: spd: 9/ tor: 4/ tra: 9 /arm: 1 /wpn: 1
WBM: spd: 4 /tor: 1 /tra: 5 /arm: 13 /wpn: 1

Valravn MKII: spd: 7/ tra: 6/ tor: 3/ wpn:5/ arm: 9

running lifter config

Ah here we go, time to knock the rust off!

Annnd first a clusterbot. Nice!

Well, Neither can actually damage me, but PMA does have some serious speed/control. WBM is a flipper, so with that I'll need to be aware of my positioning in relation to the OOTA zones of the arena. Thankfully, they are small OOTA zones in the corners (also, there's no mention of wall height in the corners and WBM can only flip me one foot, so WBM would basically require me to be *right* up against the wall to get me out)

Start off with engaging whoever of the two shows more aggression (I'm assuming it'll be PMA with its ridiculous speed). If it whiffs by me, fine. My focus will then be on WBM, who I can outmaneuver. Engage with WBM and try to bully it over to a corner zone where I can lift it OOTA. If not, bully into the screws and let it get hung up on them while I deal with PMA.

Now, PMA I'm sure will be running interference and it's also a torque-y little thing, so keep that in mind. If it starts getting pushy with me, I'll reset & back off, then re-engage whoever is closest to me. I'd like to keep my focus on WBM as much as possible since that bot is the actual threat of the duo and I can actually push that one around and get points in the control/aggression categories.

Defense - keep from being vulnerable in the OOTA corners & don't let both bots gang up on me. Keep them separated as much as possible!

Damage will be minimal on both sides here. The question is who will come out on top in terms of aggression & control.


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