Adam’s Nascarc thing

Some games have moving graphics, not just JPEGs and text. I think they call them video games?
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Adam’s Nascarc thing

Post by Venice Queen » Thu Feb 15, 2024 7:13 pm

Well someone has to make a post.

00 // Sarah root


Skill: 72
Aggression: 91
Optimism: 100
Age: 72 (18 years old)
Smooth: 69
Pit skill: 43
Pit risk: 34

Driver name is Sarah Root. She’s an extremely serious, talented & optimistic young girl who’s here with her ragtag group of friends running the pits. She’s from Coalwood, a declining appalachian mining town in West Virginia.

Her father was killed by a cop in an extremely suspicious traffic stop when she was 13, and she has since been raised by her mother, the only doctor in town.

When she was younger she was relatively academic, but after her father’s death she couldnt really focus on much. After a year of aimlessly going through life, some of her friends invited her to a nascar race and she became immediately obsessed. When she hit driving age she immediately started learning how to drive, and was a natural from the start. Her and her friends worked odd jobs to cobble together the money for her own vehicle, and since then have worked together - sarah learning how to race, her friends learning how to run the pits.

This ragtag group of kids from a shitty coal town have fought their way in to NASCAR: now, what will they do with that chance?

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Re: Adam’s Nascarc thing

Post by Toxic » Fri Feb 16, 2024 5:55 pm

Hello folks, and welcome to NASCARC 2024. For the old timers, welcome back--I am so glad to see several veterans of the series returning! For the new folks, I am so happy to have you participating in this fun little competition. As silly as it sounds, this is going to be a lot of fun and produce lots of drama!

So, what are we doing here?
Long story short, we are pulling a Tom Cruise and we are going oval racing! This series will give you a chance to create between 1-3 drivers, give them a back story, stat each of your drivers however you would like, and finally give their car/driver suit/helmet a cool paint job however you see fit. From there, we will turn them loose for 15 weeks on some of the toughest ovals and road courses in North America to see who will become the cream of the crop AKA the NASCARC 2024 Season 1 Champion!

Sounds fun! What game are we using and do I have to have the game to play?
We are using the game called IRACING. And NO! You do not have to have the game to participate, nor do you really actively have to participate. For this all you have to do is create a character(s), stat them, paint their car and then follow along each week for the results. You literally don't have to do anything else other than that.

Woah, I can create drivers and give them stats? What are the categories?
Relative Skill: Drivers skill relative to the other drivers in the roster. Skill determines a drivers corner speed and driving line.
Aggression: Drivers behavior when interacting with other cars. Aggressive drives give less room to other drivers and try more overtakes.
Optimism: Drivers confidence (or over-confidence) in their skill. Optimism makes a driver quicker but more error prone.
Smoothness: Smoother drivers tend towards understeer (loose) while less smooth drivers tend towards oversteer (tight).
Age: Age affects the drivers reaction time (13 years old to 90 years old; total of 77 points instead of 100).
Pit Crew Skill: More skillful pit crews are less likely to have delays during pit stops.
Pit Strategy Riskiness: Drivers with higher pit strategy riskiness will make gambles on , while drivers with lower riskiness will be more conservative.

Note: Other than age, all categories are from 0-100.

Dude that's SUPER cool! But how many points do I have to spend on each category?
You will have 475 points. You can put however many points you want into each category as long as it totals up to 475. Be aware that for age, 90 years old=0 points, and 13 years old=77 points.

Cool! So what are we racing? Don't tell me we are doing that Gen6 Slot Car racing, right?
Nope! Our community has voted to race the 1987 Legend cars! We will be piloting the following from 1987:
Buick LeSabre
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Ford Thunderbird
Pontiac Grand Prix

These cars are wicked fast, wicked loose, and will be sure to put on a great show for Season 1!

OK, I got you on the stats. But how do I paint my cars, helmet and driver suit?
Please see post directly below this one, or look at pinned posts on this channel to download templates, or contact @Adam directly for all downloads.

But Adam, I can't paint cars!
That's OK! If you ask me, I will help you with cars. First come first serve though. Please DM me to get the conversation started. We also have several members of the community who can paint cars who are frankly way better than me. Keep your eye out in this sever for other members that may offer painting services.

Great! So what tracks are we racing on?
We have a great variety! Please see schedule included in this post!

What's the point system?
We are doing the ultra basic 1st=43 points, 2nd=42 points, 3rd=41 points, etc, etc.

When does registration open?
Registration is officially OPEN!
To Register: Download the template of the car/helmet/driver suit(see downloads in the post below/pinned in this server). From there use your favorite painting program to paint your car/suit/helmet(I personally use GIMP, but there are a variety of programs that will work).

Once satisfied with your designs, save them as a .tga file and then DM @Adam with the files, along with the following information for each driver(NOTE: You can have between 1-3 drivers on your team)
Driver Name
(optional) Backstory
Team Name
Car Number
Driver stats(Optimism, age, etc, etc as noted above)

Unfortunately, unlike Nascar Racing 2003 that was used previously, as far as I know Iracing does not support any of the websites/programs that were used in past seasons to upload your designs onto a 3d model. As such, once all information is submitted to @Adam , I will compile it all, upload your design into Iracing, take screenshots, and then send you said screenshots so you can introduce your team however youd like.

What is the minimum/maximum field size?
I need a minimum of 21 drivers to be able to field a season. Maximum field size will be 42.

Neat. How long do I have to register?
Registration will close on February 25th, 2024 at Midnight EST.

When will the first race be?
I'm going to shoot for March 3rd, 2024. Time TBA.

Can I watch this?
I plan on streaming each race on Twitch. TBA on commentary. Probably none unless somebody feels frisky and wants to commentate, lol

So how serious is this?
Not at all. All of this is arbitrary. It's just a game and something to do/watch/participate/chat about. Have fun with it, but please don't lose your shit if your drivers have a bad day. Nobody can do anything once I hit the "race" button.

Ok. I think that's it. See below or pinned messages for download links.

If you have any questions, please ask in this server or DM me directly.

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Re: Adam’s Nascarc thing

Post by Toxic » Tue Mar 19, 2024 5:26 pm

Hey folks! Not sure how often people take a gander here, but I am still planning on holding this! I just figured that I would let people have more time to make their designs and such. I have gotten 2 more user designs completed, along with another users stats! I've also made several "legacy drivers" and plan on making several more to help fill the field out.

I plan on beginning this/streaming this weekly whenever I have enough cars to have a mostly full field(probably about another 12-13 cars.

If you'd still like to participate, feel free to go to the #arcmotorsports channel on our Discord!

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Re: Adam’s Nascarc thing

Post by Venice Queen » Sun Apr 07, 2024 10:34 pm

there's no rush on things :3

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