ARC Provincial Forefront Trials Tournament

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ARC Provincial Forefront Trials Tournament

Post by attackfrog » Mon Apr 01, 2024 11:02 am

Presenting the...
ARC Provincial Forefront Trials
Are you ready to take your virtual roboteering to a new frontier of exciting online combat? Then enter the ARC Provincial Forefront Trials! This tournament will test your skills in a way that no other has before, or ever will again(?)

Your Entry
Respond to this thread with the lineup of robots that will represent your team! You may enter up to five robots, all of which must be in the really heavyweight class. (Robots not designed for this class will be automatically scaled up using advanced AI technologies until they qualify.) Provide 3D models and/or images of your designs, a detailed and thorough description of their function and design, and the answer to the question "if this robot were to gain sentience, how many kangaroos could it take in a fight?"
Please also provide stats for each robot, as described in the classic ARC ruleset. To encourage new and innovative designs, each robot will have 40 stat points to spend.
Each team will be given 2000 FrogDollars™ to use on repairs of their robots, which will retain any damage they receive in fights. Once you run out of FrogDollars™, you will need to either field damaged robots or set up a GoFrogMe page to raise funds.

The Arena
Battles will take place in my own Parking Lot Arena. To promote realism, tournament organizers will use sponsorship funds to construct a real-life version of this arena in my local Target's parking lot*.

*Target sponsorship not yet confirmed.

The Tournament
The format of the tournament will be a triple-elimination bracket. You'll be assigned an opponent each week and asked to choose which of your robots you will send against them. They, of course, will pick the one that somehow counters your entire team. At a designated time, both of you will be placed into either a Discord voice chat or specially-created tournament text channel and told to read out your prepared strategies and then argue with each other about who wins. The argument will be considered to be over either when one participant admits defeat or leaves the channel, or when any third-party observers start to get bored and boo loudly enough to drown out conversation. At the conclusion of the fight, a designated tournament writer will write up an account of the fight for posterity, assigning bonus points for any sick burns.

The Fabulous Prize
The winner of this tournament will receive not only the eternal admiration of their peers, but a life-size collection of 3D-printed models of their winning robots. Due to shipping constraints, they'll be placed in the same parking lot as the arena and you can pick them up whenever you feel like it. (It's a pretty busy Target, so I'd recommend getting there early in the day.)

The Consolation Prize
While this tournament can only have one true winner, all participants can be assured of a lifelong sense of accomplishment, wellbeing, and a odd, recurring sense that if they had only changed that one thing about their design, they totally could have won the whole thing.

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Re: ARC Provincial Forefront Trials Tournament

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Mon Apr 01, 2024 1:24 pm

Entry #1: Omen

He’s just standing there… MENACINGLY!

  • Speed: 1
  • Traction: 7
  • Torque: 5
  • Weapon: 0
  • Armour: 27

Entry #2: Spidertron

Giant robot spider armed with rocket launchers

  • Speed: 6
  • Traction: 6
  • Torque: 3
  • Weapon: 20
  • Armour: 8
Insert funny text here

Recent history
This is very much out of date as i forgot/didn't bother to update it
Dirty Dozen -
Something Something I Regret Nothing 0-0
I Suck At Names II 0-0
OTSC v2.0 0-0

Butcher's Circus -
Evaccania DOOM 0-0

Cyan Printer Ink 4-1 // Multiply and Surrender 2-1 // Apeirogon II 4-0 (Champion!) // Total 10-2

CBC4 -
Vindicator 4-2 // Apeirogon 4-3 // Pressure Flop II 5-3 // Padoru Machina 3-3 // Total 16-11

less recent stuff i guess
Thunder Underground -
OTSC 2-0 // Need For Spin 1-1 // FREE ICE CREAM 0-1 // Cookie Cutter 1-0 // Total (i guess) 4-2

REDDIT - Terrorbird 4-1
Reckoning: Evolution - Riptide 2-2
Beaned 2-5 //<3 5-3 // Pressure Flop 4-3 // Omnicrap 2.0 2-5 // Total 13-16

CBC3 -
Evil Destroyer 4-4 // I Suck At Names 5-3 // Something Something Cluster Bot 3-3 // Equisde 3-3 // Total 15-13

ICEcrown - Hovercrap 3-3
REDDIT(2K18) - Omnicrap 3-3
Overall record: 70-53

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Hooray For Lexan
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Re: ARC Provincial Forefront Trials Tournament

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Mon Apr 01, 2024 9:33 pm

I'm here to reserve five spots and then never actually enter anything for four of them: I'll RP for the one robot I do enter for two weeks, after which I'll forfeit and ruin the bracket.

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Re: ARC Provincial Forefront Trials Tournament

Post by Botomatic1000 » Tue Apr 02, 2024 1:03 am

Oh, on gang?


Speed: like, 10?
Traction: 10 again
Torque: Trust me bro
Weapon: 7
Armour: 42
"It's the fucking devil" - Vargskelethor Joel

Rad ain't it? Like, wow, I feel sorry for you lot and your sorry little piss boxes haha! Baal Bizkit fucking up your town!

As you can clearly see, it is a 360-degree liftermajig but with enough weapon power to flip it's opponents like a pneumatic flipper thanks to it's patented Argent Energy motor technology!!!!! The tyres are made of a compound mix of rubber and granite which makes them FUCKING INDESTRUCTIBLE BRO! The forks aren't just painted red, they glow red hot!!! :O This basically means that it can melt through the tarmac floor of the arena, automatically getting under all of it's 100% of the time (bet you nerds wish you came up with that one) ;). Each wheel is powered by the overvolted starter motors from a 1973 Austin Maxi because recycling ennit? This means it's bare quick, especially with the addition of a mad turbo from a SAAB 99!!!

I don't need any other entries nerds, I brought enough spare clones of my robot to fill out all five slots, as is the modern way of things in this here robot combat.

I also demand that instead of Frog Dollars, I receive my allowance of repair money in Toadcoin, a future-proff crypto currency that one day will be worth far more than even a hundred of your pitiful physical amphibian currency!

Good luck suckas B^)

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