Robot Fight Night Mini Middleweights: Diablo Victus vs Torschlusspanik

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Robot Fight Night Mini Middleweights: Diablo Victus vs Torschlusspanik

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sun Jul 09, 2023 11:36 pm

Diablo Victus: Speed: 6 Traction: 5 Torque: 5 Weapon: 3 Armor: 11 (+2 front)
Torschlusspanik: Speed: 5 Traction: 4 Torque:1 Weapon: 12 Armour: 8

Using the long forks

Spin up to full speed when the match starts then approach his robot as aggressively as I can to impress the judges. My forks are much longer than his and thin enough to fit inbetween the gaps so getting under his robot shouldn't really be an issue and of course with every successful hit I make, the less-effective his wedge will be as it gets worn down and buckled.

He doesn't really have all that much of a speed advantage on me so angling in on me won't be too effective, I'll just keep my weapon to about 75%-80% throttle to negate as much gyro as possible if he does to try and turn in on me, all that is doing is showing off his sides to me though. If he approaches me with his flipper open to try and grab me then it probably won't go well for him, like I said before, my forks are longer than his and slot inbetween his, meaning he'll be perfect to get whacked into the air.

Like with the previous fight, I'll be chaining my hits in this match, revving up once he is flipped upside down so I can pop him into the air repeatedly, damaging his underside, rear and possibly his small wheels depending on where he lands. I'll even try to throw him into the hazards to cause extra damage. He may have massive torque but it's not very helpful when your wheels are off the ground!

If he does get under me then it shouldn't be a problem, his wedge is pretty shallow and my ground-clearance is massive, meaning I should be able to drive off of his flipper before he is able to aim me anywhere. If he tries to grab me in the dustpan then all he is doing is closing the flipper onto my drum for me to tear into. His very low ground-clearance also means at least one of his wheels will be lifted off of the ground if I get under him from the side.

Avoid the hazards myself as best I can, facing him with my weapon spinning at all times. I'll use my gyro to self-right by spinning on the spot and revving my drum up if flipped

Best of luck Drew!
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Re: Robot Fight Night Mini Middleweights: Diablo Victus vs Torschlusspanik

Post by Wolf51-50 » Wed Jul 12, 2023 11:29 pm

Kingshark Wedge!

Gonna be a big wedge battle for this one. Hmmm

I've got lots of little forks compared to his dual long skinny ones. See if I can line up my small wedges so that it's able to get under him without much trouble (triangle wedges wheee). He doesn't have all that much speed compared to me, so take my time in lining up my little fork teeth. Make sure to correct quickly if he starts to get aggressive and tries to go for any non wedgey bits. I should at least have enough of a speed advantage to correct myself if needed. If I get under, flip immediately and then get under with the dustpan. Bite down and take him on a hazard tour.

If he gets under my red wedge, there's a bit of length between the fork and the drum. Flip the jaw open and try to get underneath him with the dustpan. Normally I'd be terrified of a spinner getting into the dustpan, but he can only hit me when he's under me, and he has those little pontoons on top for driving inverted. So use that as leverage to bite down and once again take him into hazards.

If all else fails, aggressively angle in and make it a surprise. Have him chase me around a bit, and once I can get around to him, slip past and angle in on the forks to flip.

Drive away if inverted and flip back over when safe to do so. Feel free to drive around hazards to trip him up a bit.


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