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Post by Wolf51-50 » Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:09 pm

TOURNAMENT DEADLINE WILL BE ON THE 12TH OF APRIL AT 12AM (You may DM for more time, although I will be very sad)

Live from not quite Chicago, it's time for a special event. Welcome to SCREWDRIVER - QUICK FIX! A test run tournament where anything can happen inside the four walls of our arena. Metal will be twisted, batteries will go flying, and carnage is inevitable. Rules are being kept nice and simple, and can be viewed at your own convenience here: ... p=drivesdk

The order for this quick fix calls for 8 HW bots in a double elimination tournament. I have the right to say no if I think a design is considered a loophole, but I will also be very fair.

500 word rule will be in play and will be loosely enforced. If you go beyond said word limit, the rest will not count and will be replaced with the ingredients for any dish of the writer's choosing (I can write all of them if needed but some help would be quite swell :v)

If you FF I will be forced to turn your fight into a song and I will be sad. Please don't make me sad.

Obligatory don't be a dick monologue. If you see any traces of foul play or incivility, contact me immediately. We're gonna keep things clean like we always have. If one is unable to shape up, they will risk FFing. Further behavioral issues in and out of RP will lead to an unfortunate removal from the tournament. Use of filter on RP posts is recommended but not mandatory. Do not read other's RPs. I'm watching you 👀.

Obviously spin2win is allowed, but let's try to keep the creative juices flowing when RPing.

Arena: RIVET STADIUM - Presented by Papa Murphy's

While I'm working on making the arena, I'll tell you a bit out the hazards you may need to look out for.

THE SCREWS - THE SCREWS are you guessed it: spinning threaded cylinders with serrated teeth. They won't cause much damage, but they have the potential to lift or flip any poor soul that gets near em. With enough pushing, one can also get stuck behind them. Do not fear however, THE SCREWS will reverse to set you free in the case that you do get stuck.

Strippers: No, not those kind of strippers! Get your mind out of the gutter! These are (or will be) two sets of discs with teeth on the ends. These can be a great asset for non damaging weapons to score more points in the damage category. They won't be the cause of a KO for any match, but they still have potential to cause minor body damage or slice into wheels (Has the same power as a 9 weapon spinner). Whatever they can't cut, they'll probably send flying! However, these nasty little buggers don't come out until the 2:00 mark and they are a bit unpredictable. It is also entirely possible for thinner forks to get stuck in the grates, so be careful!

Flatheads: Consider this a multi purpose tool. These will be run by the teams in the opposing corners of the box. They can be raised up and slammed downward to work as pulverizers, can be held in the down position after slamming to be used as a clamp, or can be raised upward to work as a long nosed flipper. Like any flathead screwdriver, the head part will be very narrow for wedging, so you'll have to push them at just the right angle.

1. W0LF
2. Winternimbus (?)
3. I'd be ecstatic
4. I won't know what to say
5. Ok I think we're good now
6. That's enough, no more please

The 8
1. Xcessive Pneumatix (big, green, and angy flipper)
2. Magic Wave (I'm getting DND vibes. Overhead horizontal spinner)
3. Answermancer (I love the baby bronco ♥️. Lifter/clampbot)
4. Listen Here, Grandad, this is America. Everyone Here Eats Ass
(We love green omni wheels. Punching bar)
5. ITCH (Ngl this is starting to grow on me a bit, even if it was just a 15 minute fun bot. X axis spinner)
6. Constrictor (Ow! Very bitey! Crusher)
7. Fork the wind (Oh my, there be a wind a forkin. Big vertical spinner)
8. Bullfrog (Hey, I like this a lot. Green flipper dos. Red tongue flipper)
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Post by Botomatic1000 » Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:22 pm

Presenting, a new creation from the minds of Team Riptide Advanced Robot Combat: Xcessive Pneumatix!
Speed: 7 Traction: 6 Torque: 2 Weapon: 3 Armour: 12
The long overdue sequel to Xtreme pneumatIX. A two-wheel driven low-pressure flipper (the black and white bit). With a drive powerful enough to shove anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck on that wedge around but thankfully, not torquey enough to make it wheelie. The robot is still very much invertible thanks to the 'horn' at the top of the flipping arm. The flag is purely for decoration and it will come off easily. The Flipping-Arm has around about fifty-degrees of travel, making it easily able to self-right. Thanks to the rounded bumper on the back, it is impossible for this robot to be stuck on it's back or sides, also acting like a nice chunky wheelguard that thanks to it's shape, will able to simply shrug off and deflect any hits. 12 armour all-around means it'll be able to take a licking and keep on kicking all day long! It also features removable 'snout nostrils' on the wedge that help with holding robots on there when moving them around the arena, particularly robots with low ground-clearances! The forks on the flipping arm have been redesigned with angled sides to aid in getting under other robots from an angle, also beefing them up a bit.
Alternative configurations!
Long forks:
Nothing too special about this configuration, pretty much stock but with (obviously) much longer forks!
An extra-long extension to the flipper arm. A low, spatula like extra beefy fork with angled sides to help slip under FBSs and Overheads and toss them into the air without risking a hit to the main wedge.
A shortened flipping arm means less risk of it being hit and taking damage to the flipper. The front of the flipping arm has been cut off and in it's place is a solid, static lip instead to take the brunt of the hits. The idea of this configuration is that the lip of the static wedge gets hit instead of the flipping arm, causing any pesky undercutter to deflect off of it and possibly show it's back side, meaning I can go in for a flip.
Extra Wedgelets:
This configuration sports an extra pair of super beefy, hinged wedgelets to help aid in getting under robots which can be used with either the long or standard forks. Both wedgelets are equipped with angle limiters so that they are unable to get stuck upwards or downwards.
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ROBOTS 4: Featherweight Semi-Finalist with I Can't Believe It's Not Tanto
ROBOTS 4: Lightweight Semi-Finalist with Avanti!

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Post by British-Robotics » Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:42 pm


Stats: Speed: 6 Traction: 5 Torque: 1 Weapon: 12 (Crusher 11 Self Righter: 1) Armour: 6

Constriction coming out of its garage after a few years hiatus of no tournaments occurring, dusted off and ready for combat, this Quantum/Razer-inspired design of a robot has a powerful crushing weapon that is hydraulically powered and a self-righter that's electrically powered. It's 4WD with a static wedge at the front to act as protection for the frontal wheels and hydraulic system. The armor may be weak but this robot relies on its weapon power.

Watch out for him or he'll CRUSHA! :P

${} by ${model.user.displayName} on Sketchfab
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Post by TurtleBack! » Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:55 pm

We’ve had so many “Waves” in our sport, why not try something original for once?! I mean it started with just icewave, but now theres Firewave, Thunderwave… WHATS NEXT?!?! MAGICWAVE?!?!

Me and my big mouth…


The magnum opus of my RR2 Creations heads to the ARC stage!

Stats: 4/3/1/13/9

Featuring a DEVESTATING horizontal bar spinner, as well as a sirmech inspired by bashbots legend “Firewave” on the top, and hinged forks… this bot is designed in mind to take some hits and deliver some heavy ones as well!

It isn’t magic, its just you disappearing from the competition thats all!

(Might add wedge config depending on competitors)
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Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:56 pm

uh um sure ill figure out something by then
if not get a load of this guy


  • Speed: 7
  • Traction: 6
  • Torque: 3
  • Weapon: 1
  • Armour: 9
more image
Minibot: Fefj
  • Speed: 6
  • Traction: 5
  • Torque: 1
  • Weapon: 3
  • Armour: 1
Alt config (no Fefj)
  • Weapon: 3
  • Armour: 11(+2 plow)
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less recent stuff i guess
Thunder Underground -
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REDDIT - Terrorbird 4-1
Reckoning: Evolution - Riptide 2-2
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CBC3 -
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ICEcrown - Hovercrap 3-3
REDDIT(2K18) - Omnicrap 3-3
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Post by Venice Queen » Wed Feb 22, 2023 8:48 pm

Listen Here, Grandad, this is America. Everyone Here Eats Ass

(Image credit to Sokka's Boomerang)

wedge or forks. wedges are hinged, including the fork on the puncher. heavier internals are in the rear, allowing it to be balanced for thwacking with the puncher fully retracted.

Speed: 10
Traction: 9
Torque: 2
Weapon: 1
Armor: 8 (+2 wedge/forks (all 3))

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Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Mar 25, 2023 9:24 pm



2WD bot with an X axis beater spinner on a lifting arm, which can either bump, throw, or make pretty sparks. Has a small bit of clearance underneath to make it easier to drive off of wedges. Can self right with lifting arm

Speed: 5
Traction: 5
Torque: 2
Weapon: 11 (2 armor points for lifter)
Armor: 7
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Post by patrickrowberry » Sun Apr 23, 2023 3:24 pm

I'm interested robot here--- fork the wind

(fork config) Image

(wedge config) Image

4 wheel drive with a medium wheel base and hinged forks

(can self right with vert)

stats 7,6,2,8,7 (with forks) 7,6,2,5,10(+ 3 to wedge -3 to base armour=7, for wedge set up)

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Post by winternimbus » Sun Apr 23, 2023 3:28 pm

"Fighting our robots means that your robot will end up either MIA, KIA, or OOTA."

America Offline

SPEED - 5 | TRACTION - 4 | TORQUE - 1 | WEAPON - 11 ( 10 disc / 1 arm) | ARMOR - 9 (+2 front wedge)

returning after who-knows-how-many years, completely redesigned as a hammer-saw and with more political literacy in my noggin since it was first debuted in 2017, america offline is an experimental control hammer-saw using a clutch-powered arm. basically, as the asymmetrical disc spins up, using the force and energy the disc generates--the arm will be able to slam down on it's opponent in rapid succession. think sawblaze.
the front wedge is hinged and shock-mounted to help reduce blows from spinners--the front wedge is hinged on a downwards limiter, and the rear wedges are hinged without any limiters--as the rear wedges act as balancing supports whenever the arm of america offline strikes down.
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