Chimera vs Taisabachi

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Chimera vs Taisabachi

Post by Venice Queen » Wed Sep 21, 2022 5:24 pm

Chimera || Speed: 7 // Traction: 7 // Torque: 2 // Weapon: 5 // Armor 9 (+2 weapon)

Taisabachi || Speed: 6 // Traction: 4 // Torque: 2 // Weapon: 8 [7 spinner / 1 clutch transfer flipper (4 effective power)] // Armour: 10


7 power spinner doesn't even hurt my chassis. she has poor control (worse than other -2 bots) and worse speed. she'll have some trouble with turning because of the gyro forces her weapon generates - faster in 1 direction, slower in the other. always keep note of which way the weapon is spinning so I can take advantage of it. using forks.

take center stage before her since I can. I want to show as much aggression as I reasonably can, but I'm going to prioritize patience when it's necessary.

if she presents the spinner, spin around and come at her ass first. I want to charge at her, but then veer off to one side and shoot behind her. then, with my front already facing her, try and either engage with her flipper side or sides. my backside has less sharp edges, so even if she does get a hit in she should take more knockback than me. if she sees me trying this, and tries to spin around to have her flipper face me, I can spin around faster. 7 vs 4 rotational acceleration, and I have a higher top speed so I start faster.

I think that Tais's real threat is the flipper side. with forks on, I can easily beat her side wedges. I'm probably even with her flipper's forks - hers are thinner, but mine are heavier. focus on either going head-on into her side wedges, or angling into the flipper forks. they stick out slightly from the wedgelets. if she's leading with the flipper, I can afford much more aggression. the less time I give her, the more likely she is to fuck something up.

if she flips me self right. using a spinner clutch to power the flipper means that her time between flips is pretty long, so it should be pretty safe to do this. if she gets under the forks, I can always try to angle in with the chassis wedge. if she's chasing me, she'll have trouble keeping up with me if I do a lot of tight turns in random directions.

if I get under, flip immediately. if the weapon is spinning, it should hit the ground and send her gyro-dancing - and importantly, it will also have to spin back up before she can right herself. this means she has to waste an entire spinup cycle just on getting upright again, AND none of her wedges work upside down. if I can get her inverted and get her pinned in a way where she can't spin the weapon, she will be VERY trapped. she wont be able to fire her weapon to jostle herself free like I could in that situation. always keep her upside down. if she's inverted, focus on pinning her in corners and against walls. don't feed her to killsaws unless she's already escaping.

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Re: Chimera vs Taisabachi

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Oct 01, 2022 6:44 pm

Chimera: 7/7/2/5/9(+2 weapon)
Taisabachi: 6/4/2/8 [7 / 1 (4 effective)]/10

She is faster, better controlled and has a slightly stronger flipper, meanwhile i have a dumb gimmick. Yeah this is big brain time.
If she uses the plow she'll get outwedged, i imagine i will be facing the forks but those are vulnerable to getting a corner hit from my spinner, wont deal much damage but will deny attacks while i am not facing em with the flipper

The compressor assembly on Chimera means that it wont do many flips in a row, not only this means that she cant chain that many flips but more importantly it can be exploited. with no charge at best she is a wedge that can barely push me and at worst its a useless box upside down that can only run away and wait for the flipper to charge. Do the front wheels touch the floor when flipped? if not it wont be able to even run away very well.

If she gets under and flips me my spinner's gyro will probably make my pitch to not change in the air, so i will land upright potentially every time. If we are near a wall the spinner will kick me out of getting pinned.
If i get under and flip 4-bar geometry and Chimera's proportions tell me that it will get flipped over like a pancake, so it will end upside down facing away from me every time. If she tries to self right immediately after Chimera will land on top of me so she has to run away to self right, leaving me time to chase and get to where she will end up after self righting and let me flip again, it is very likely that i will be able to overwhelm the compressor with the self righting unless she uses her speed to run the heck away and lose a lot of points.
If i fire at the very tip of the forks i might just pull up the flipper and pop up Chimera a bit. Both of use driving forwards + Chimera not quite on the floor + my hinged forks against the STATIC 6WD wedge means i get under for free and flip again for real or at least push for free towards a hazard.

If i get under Chimera's back when it's upside down then it wont be able to move, just wait until it fires the flipper and then reverse to intercept to waste more time and gas, if this trick fails then don't repeat lol

that 7 armor wont like the hazards, specially those wheels...
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