Mechanized Annihilation

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Mechanized Annihilation

Post by British-Robotics » Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:39 pm

Welcome to Mechanized Annihilation where these machines are built for destruction, 47 robots duke it out in a straight knockout tournament, but there can only be one winner, let the mechanized annihilation begin!

The Arena

To know who you face against, here is the official bracket:

The Round 1 RP's deadline is 8th October

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Re: Mechanized Annihilation

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Oct 22, 2021 4:39 am

Round 1 fixtures for the writers

Buzzsaw Bill vs Deadshot

Accelerator vs Nocturne (written by TBR)

Nocturne rushes out of it’s start box, Accelerator meanwhile going in an aggressive manner, Nocturne trying to steer right at Accelerator but slides a little and even firing the axe, But is causing him to slow down. This gives Accelerator the big opportunity to get right at the sides of Nocturne. Accelerator activates his weapon and tosses Nocturne with a few barrel rolls towards the OOTA zone and...IS OUT OF THE ARENA!


Running With Scissors vs Raging Retsuko

(written by Trihunter)

As the creator of the arena, I would like to officially apologize to Frog for doing a completely shit job at explaining what things are.

Looks like we've got ourselves a flip-off. Scissors opens up the match with a speedy flank, catching Retsuko out before they can execute their own plans, launching them up and over, before shunting them towards the flame grill. One roasting later, and Retsuko does manage to get back upright, attempting to gain neutral ground, but not quite able to escape the more nimble flipper, once more rolled over and launched towards the hazards. This time, it's the spikes that get to work, shooting up and prodding Retsuko for a bit of damage. Scissors is able to keep up this little routine for most of the match, expertly outdriving the far slower Retsuko, but eventually, the panda bot does get a flip in. And it's a damn good flip, bouncing Scissors off of the orange rim of the OotA zone, falling back in bounds though. Retsuko finally gets control of the arena, comfortably parking itself over our logo, and taking up the defensive tactic of keeping its plow facing Scissors at all times. This strategy admittedly works for the first few attempts, Scissors nearly getting yeeted out once again, but the buzzer sounds before Retsuko is able to get the shot it needs. Over to the judges...

Control: 10-5 Running with Scissors
Damage: 9-6 Running with Scissors
Aggression: 8-7 Running with Scissors

Your winner, by a 27-18 decision, is Running with Scissors!

Whipscorpion vs Perry The Platypus

A Man And His Baguette vs Cap'n Coconut: The Crab Of Your Nightmares

(written by Trihunter)

Battle of the overly long names, whee. Also, His Baguette has 2 weapon, but it's not explained what that 2 weapon is used for. I'll assume it's an IED, like the OG.

So anyway, His Baguette instantly box rushes, but gets caught out by Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares' axe, getting a decent glance off of Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares' axe mechanism before being swiftly turned into French toast. A Man moves in to attempt to salvage the situation, and does manage to get under Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares, but its chainsaw-lifter-thing doesn't do terribly much to it. However, a solid slam into the wall bounces Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares free, repositioning and winning out this time wedge-wise. Pinning A Man in place with its side hammers, Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares gets some good slams in with its axe, but isn't able to terribly much damage. Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares opts to resolve this by hammering A Man more, before reaching the pin limit and having to release it. This continues for a good while, neither bot making too much headway on the other. Over the next few minutes, A Man's saw is able to get a dent on Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares' wedge, whilst Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares puts some decent dents in A Man's wheels, even splitting off a tyre in the process. By the time the buzzer sounds, both bots are battered, but fully functional.

Damage: 11-4 Cap’n Coconut: The Crab of your Nightmares
Control: 9-6 A Man And His Baguette
Aggression: 10-5 A Man And His Baguette

Your winner, by a 23-22 decision, is A Man And His Baguette!

Flutterdash vs Wolverine!

Crime Scene vs Ryuunosuke

Coward's Way Out vs Cha Cha Slide

Constriction vs CrashTest Granny

Overmind vs Long John

Oh christ, there's four omniwheel bots in the arena, this is going to blow chunks.

Long John begins the fight by bum-rushing the middle piece of Overmind, vying to sneak its lifter under the front of the bot. They do get that opportunity, launching the spinner airborne. it coming down with enough force to put a mean dent in the back end, but nothing too severe. However, it seems Turtleback has forgotten about the other two parts during this attack, which have managed to surround it. As the third recovers and covers the blind spot of the other two, the trio takes it in turns hammering LJ's chassis as it awkwardly tries to turn itself to face any of the three nimble machines. With a clean hit on the flank, one of the Overmind trio is able to pop LJ up and over, leaving it struggling on its side as it tries to get back upright, as the clusterbot attempts to feast on its underside. After a good while, it's back upright, but you can pretty clearly see YSMQ's gameplan coming together for the rest of the fight. Although the clusters do take some damage on the scant occasion that Long John is able to catch one of the trio out, it spends about as much time beached on its side as it does upright. This isn't going to be too tough for the judges.

Damage: 9-6 Long John
Control: 13-2 Overmind
Aggression: 10-5 Overmind

Your winner, by a 29-16 decision, is Overmind!

Daisybell vs Heavenhound

Electric Worry vs Overload

Petaflare vs Woodiest Of Wood

(Written by Wolf51-50)

Low effort RP = Low effort writing :v

Woodiest tries to go for the underside by angling in, but it is not able to do so and instead grinds against the front wedge of Petaflare. After failing to do so, we see Woodiest do a wicked donut and then drive straight into the mouth of the crusher. TRI starts mashing the nom button as we see the crusher slowly enter into the rear of the wood. About 15 seconds later there is a bonfire on the floor of the arena. Petaflare adds his own flame to make the bonfire more bonfirey.

Petaflare wins by KO in 0:40
Radium vs Number muncher

Rampage vs Powerdrive 2020