Mechanized Mayhem S1 Predictions

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Re: Mechanized Mayhem S1 Predictions

Post by Superbomb122 » Mon Mar 15, 2021 11:20 pm

These aren't ranked, but I will give my general thoughts still

Twirley Coyote: Out of all the presumably too powerful deathspinners this one has the least flair and thus is the most likely to win assuming Son of Wyoming doesn't murder it

Thunderstruck: Solid drive train on a bot that can kill a decent portion of the field, but there are at least 4 bots the cripple it in one hit

Turtleback: Jesus that's a powerful... whatever that is. Flipper? Anyway, that traction is gonna bring some serious grief, especially with 2WD at the very back

Son of Wyoming: Maxi may have just found a way to win an entire tournament without RPing unless it faces the 2 bots it doesn't OHKO

Man, I Love Fishing: See, Noah gets what era we're in. This BTFO's SOW as well and we needed at least one bot that could

Satanic Panic: I'll be interested to see how it performs in a field that is a near even split between bots that it kills in under a minute and bots that kill it in under a minute

Ultra Destructomatic: Solid control brick with the capability to outright kill the weaker spinners. Should do alright.

Wyvern: If your bot can't breathe on it, you're screwed. If it can, well, I'm sorry but that speed can't save you when a few bots OHKO a second into their 4-5 second spinup times

Annis and Iron: uhh... ummmm... I honestly don't know what to think but it can probably win a fight or 2 actually

Torakka: Scary drivetrain, vulnerable armor. Unsure of the builder's RP skill, so this can either top 4 or flop, unsure which.

Indiana: I'm not sure what's going on and I don't think it wins a fight but this is peak classic RW nonetheless

Mirage: Scuffed Hazard is as scuffed Hazard does. Maybe wins a fight or two if thinks go right.

Elevation: Hard counters me I think, struggles against bots that can exploit the forks

Something Strange: inb4 this goes full Vovoka anyway when Drew faces an HS. Weapon is a dump stat, after all

Poor-Decision Making: This totally kills itself and doesn't drive straight, which, come to think of it, makes it more Series 5 than anyone else here :v

Armageddon: This is fun cannon fodder until it accidentally makes a heat final or something insane like that

Dead Man's Hand: Tried to experiment with a 10 power vert statline, didn't see the 3 16+ power spinners here : (

Sekhmet: As Pussycat as ARC can get, though I worry it'll struggle to hold up

Doom Buggy: AKA Fuck You, Ethan, Maxi, and Mystic. could do Hellhound things, could just not, idk which yet
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Re: Mechanized Mayhem S1 Predictions

Post by Trihunter » Tue Mar 16, 2021 5:15 am

Ok, let's give this a go.

Whyachi Tier
  • Son Of Wyoming: Sigh. Someone had to enter one, I guess.
Will Probably Place Well
  • Man, I Love Fishing: This thing is basically the only bot in the tourney that could reliably beat SoW. Godspeed.
  • Twirley Coyote:
  • Something Strange: It's Vovoka with an anal probe.
  • Ultra Destructomatic 2.75: Bricc, but also attacc
  • Satanic Panic: HFL bot. He knows what he's doing.
  • Torakka: Speedy boi, will rely on good RP to get through tough competition.
Yeah It's Decent I Guess
  • Doom Buggy: Pretty bricky, can probably do some solid work.
  • Elevation: Adorable, decently bulky, and can probably strand stuff with the forks.
  • Wyvern: Good until you see the armour stat. Will probably yeet a dude though.
  • Thunderstruck!: Hits hard, and is fast and armoured enough to do a decent run. Probably bombs out early in playoffs though.
  • Amins & Iron: I see you've gone for the Roadblock method of naming your bot after what the cardboard you used for armour already had written on it. Statline isn't bad for this event either.
  • Turtleback: Good until you see the traction stat. will tank hits well, won't be able to retaliate too consistently.
  • Mirage: Hazard but it's not able to KO the whole field reliably.
  • Dead Man's Hand: It's a drum. Low power, but it still damages a decent amount of the field.
  • Poor Decision Making: This is the only way to make a 16+ weapon bot "on-theme" in this sort of tourney, imo.
  • Not Your Average Bot: What even is that statline. Basically would only do well as a 6 speed wedge, which admittedly isn't that bad in this format.
Actually Peak Old-School Designs
  • Indiana: The Irate Imugi: Mom come pick me up I'm scared
  • Sekhmet: Not sure about that weapon power. Will probably get some good glancing hits, but it just plain loses every control JD.
  • Armageddon: Very on theme. Unfortunately too many people took this event a bit too seriously.
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Re: Mechanized Mayhem S1 Predictions

Post by Mayfly » Tue Mar 16, 2021 6:01 am

Seems like my heat is pretty balanced, I could squeak through in 2nd.
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Re: Mechanized Mayhem S1 Predictions

Post by Mayfly » Tue Mar 16, 2021 7:19 am

Come on Man Tier: Son Of Wyoming, Twirly Coyote
Good But Fair Enough Tier: Man, I Love Fishing, Something Strange, Ultra Destructa
Pretty Decent Tier: TurtleBack! Satanic Panic, Torraka, Dead Mans Hand, Thunderstruck!
Decent Tier: NYAR, Elevation, Amnis and Iron, Mirage, Doom Buggy
Just Not Very Good Tier(I still love all these): Armageddon, Indiana, Wyvern, Sekmet,
Poor Decision Making Tier: Poor Decision Making
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Re: Mechanized Mayhem S1 Predictions

Post by patrickrowberry » Tue Mar 16, 2021 1:05 pm

1) Thunderstruck! (Trihunter)
2) Doom Buggy (Ice)
3) Ultra Destructomatic Two And Three Quarters! (Rocket)
4. Twirly Coyote Two And A Bit (Botomatic1000)
5.indiana The Irate Imugi (Colon_The)
6. Poor Decision Making (Mystic)
7. Elevation (British Robotics)
8.Something Strange (Wolf51-50)
9. Sekhmet (Noisy)
10.Dead Man's Hand (Superbomb122)
11. Man I Love Fishing (V900)
12. Amnis & Iron (patrickrowberry)
13. Toraka (GrimmRonin)
14. Not Your Average Bot (Mayfly)
15. Wyvern (Archangel)
16. Satanic Panic (Hooray For Lexan)
17.Armageddon (That Discord Guy)
18) Son Of Wyoming (YSMQTHLQYH )
19) Mirage (NickDustOwl)
20) Turtleback (Turtleback)

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