vexed prediction thread

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vexed prediction thread

Post by patrickrowberry » Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:38 pm

1.Thundercaller; ( out controls all wedges and all other control bots and can tank the big hitter, I trust it can out rp the drums witch isn't hard then this is desented to do well)

2.This Side Down ( number 1 but with out that star quality it will do everything it needs to and is not a dark horse as it has a good match up agents mostly all bots )

3.Tiamat (its my machine but with armour will be interesting to see if I can tank the big boy this as that will determine if it makes it all the way or not)

4.Chimera VI ( a sold bot will do solid but does that weapon have 11 armour or 13 both work but 1 could bite him in the back )

5.Evaccania DOOM ( I like big drum's and I can't not lie, I hope you can't diene, when iny bity robot comes in, you get sprung)

6.M A S H E E N ( 5 bot done back in good old times back when we played arc on are bbc micro's )

7.Trilobite 2 (easily the best wedge because it can out speed the other wedges but still tank the hits this wins my dark horse award as this could be the robot to give a big up-set)

8.Fork the Wind (it's a coin flip wedges are stuffed but I'm scared of anything with a weapon)

9.Precision Engine ( the anti wedge but 8 armour on a bot that will still get 1 shot to most spinners seems a waste but could prove me wrong )

10.Omicron32 ( beats everything below loses to everything above )

11.Vivace ( tray is love tray is life that and being 1 of the best rp's with a wedge puts you headover heals above everyone else )

12.Molten ( so many fbs counters in this field the best fbs but it will struggle but 16 power and a decent shell could spring a upset )

13.Ayame (1 power flip eh why beat the wedges but with only 2 toque you may struggle to do mush to others need 3 torque )

14.Avanti! ( bland wedge has best forks and decent driver )

15:Taskmaster V5 ( meh wedge levees no impact on wired man)

16.Caffeine Machine ( the new guy is allowed to enter a wedge and should get a win under his belt hopefully )

17.Vortex ( a drum that kills it self to soon with not enough power in a heavy brick field)

18.MADSCIENCE (so 1 movement speed? or 16? I will never understand meltys shame everyone tanks this bot or can out spin in with there fbs or drums )

19;Moby Klick ( a control fbs, why? 12 power is so little in a field stacked with bricks and others can still get to your 9 armour )

20;Coulrogenesis (undercutter could cause some trouble but dies to every spinner and most people have the wedge to tank the hits and won't be fooled into your trick sadly )askmaster V5 ( 2 forks will do ok and wedge is decent

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Re: vexed prediction thread

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Apr 11, 2020 10:05 pm

sure fuck it why not

1 Trilobite! 2!
Bold prediction here, but it's impossible to get behind and also the fastest bot in the field. It's a perfect fit for this format and arena. It's a little bit on the lightly-armored side, but it's such a good deflector that it'll be tough to kill regardless.

2 Thundercaller
A bi-directional flipper driven by one of the sharpest in the field. It'll struggle a bit against spinners, but not badly enough to drive it lower than 2nd.

3 Chimera VI
It's Gabe entering a quintessential Gabe control brick. What else do you want me to say?

4 Ayame
Pretty well-suited for this event, honestly

5 This Side Down
It's a bit slow but it's uber-torquey and also has the patrician's choice of control weapons so i can only see it doing well.

6 Coulrogenesis
It's a bit on the slow side but it's got a damaging weapon and great maneuverability that will offset that greatly. This field is an undercutter's paradise.

7 Vortex
With it being so wide and having mecanums, it's going to be tough to pin it down and properly kill it without taking enough damage yourself to put you out of commission as well.

8 Avanti!
Probably the best 4wd solo-brick. It's as versatile as it is boring.

9 Tiamat
This thing's a total wild-card and i have no idea how it will do.

Incredibly slow and uni-directional, but it's got a strong weapon and a solid driver behind it which means it can pair well with most control bots.

11 Omicron32
A good bot with a lot of options, but i think it'll struggle against most bots with long hinged forks, which most of the bots above it have in some capacity.

12 Clustername
These two are going to be ridiculously tough to pin down, and instantly giving any team the numbers advantage makes them an incredible support to many robots, but they are downright screwed against any proper spinner.

13 Precision Engine
One of the strongest control bots in the field, and that's downright fantastic with how this format and arena are laid out. However, it has exactly zero options for fighting any of the horizontals (and some of the verticals) which may cripple it in a bad matchup.

14 Vivace
Too uni-directional for my tastes in this event. It's a solid robot, yes, but the field is stacked with much better bots for a 2v2 past this point and there isn't much that this bot brings to the table that the other control bots can't do better.

15 Caffeine Machine
pretty good shape and stats for a wedge, if a little bit on the slow side. This one's an unknown quantity because i haven't seen CodeSilver RP in a very long time, but he's also improved a lot as a designer since then.

16 Moby Klick
I'm unsure as to how effective FBS will be in this format, but I can see them being useful as mobile hazards depending on their teammate. I'm very interested in seeing this experimental stat spread, since I can see it being fairly useful against armor-stacking bricks if they let their guard down.

17 Molten
Of the two FBS, I think this one has the worse stat-spread for this particular event, and I rate Syl's rp skills higher than TBR's.

18 Taskmaster v5
yeah it's your standard brick-wedge, but most of the rest of the field outclasses it in one way or another. this bot's hard to rank because i think its results will hinge more on how it's able to synergize with its teammate than how well it can do by itself.

19 Fork the Wind
The high-speed, low-armor spread isn't as much of a liability in this format but it's got static 4wd wedges and no srimech so its effectiveness is limited even with that.

20 Blue Max II
I've never seen any robot with this particular shape do much of anything that isn't near-instantly spin out of control and self-destruct. In this 2v2 format, this becomes even more of a burden which is why it's at the bottom.
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Re: vexed prediction thread

Post by Archangel » Sun Apr 12, 2020 2:33 am

GABE'S VERY OFFICIAL PREDICTION THREAD DEFINITELY NOT DONE WHEN I WAS HALF AWAKE. Top 4 are the bots I expect to actually rank top 4, so we can get an idea of who I think is picking. after that, I'm ranking by their overall chances in the event: bots that lose a lot of regular rounds can be ranked high if they're built to fill needed niches in playoffs.

1 - M A S H E E N - this pairs insanely well with pretty much any control bot and doesn't have the chance to rebound violently into its ally's rear and accidentally kill it like a shell does.
2 - Chimera - 13 armor front, perfect control and enough speed to keep up with a 9/9. can beat verts consistently. mid-power 4-bar lets me more reliably aim my flips either towards allies or over walls. I got it a l l baybeeee
3 - Thundercaller - chimera with worse control and better chassis armor. nearly interchangeable, obviously i think my version of the statline is better
4 - Clustername - absolutely crushes any team that can't hit them. dies instantly if it runs into a team that can. there's only one good shell, so this is good.
5 - Tiamat - this tanks spinners alright (though they can hit the side supports still), and has very favorable matchups against wedges
6 - Trilobite: fast enough to not get hit in the ass by a spinner that can kill it, which enables it well.
7 - Vortex - this bot forces its ally to be completely independent as well. if both bots can manage that I think they might actually be an unstoppable pair forcing 1v1s
8- Molten - it's a 4/2/1/16/7 spinner in a 2v2 competition it'll go places
9 - Vivace - 13 armor is a breakpoint that gets you 5 ranks higher. eat my ass 12 armor wedges
10 - Caffeine Machine - You'd better be decent at rping so I dont like an idiot for putting you here :P
11 - Blue max - it'll kill its ally half the time and the other half of the time it's an arena hazard. will 100% get picked, probably in the last round by the first rankers once the more reliable spinners are.
12 - Precision Engine - Sacrificing spinner tanking with an entire bot slot IMO just isnt worth it in standard rounds. this gets picked late for playoffs though, similarly to Blue Max
13 - Fork the Wind - 8/7/1/5/9(+2 front) would have made you Better Trilobite. you're still decent but I ain't picking an ally that disintegrates near spinners.
14 - Ayame - 8/7/2 - low power weapon pushbots in general aren't a good idea unless they also tank like a motherfucker: good luck pushing one opponent to your ally and not having the second opponent catch you in the ass. this isnt the tankiest from the front but it wont get immediately assblasted if it takes a hit there so I rate it highest.
15 - This Side Down - again this takes too long to set up but at least it has good armor
16 - Avanti - Taskmaster except it doesnt die if it gets hit in the ass
17 - Moby Klick - 12 weapon shell with no repeated hits weirdchamp. suddenly becomes very very good in the exact situation where it's the only available choice for an alliance to counter Clustername or precision engine
18 - Taskmaster - 8/7/3 - I would have kept to a +1.
19 - Coulrogenesis - loses spinner duels, gets stuffed by the plethora of 12+ wedges. has an outside chance of synergizing with a team in playoffs though because the 12+ wedges arent actually super pickable
20- Omicron32 - tries to do what chimera does with torque instead of weapon. I dont trust, prove me wrong

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Re: vexed prediction thread

Post by CodeSilver23 » Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:47 am

I'm gonna see what I can do here, given I eat, drink, and breathe statistics/analytics/predictions.
1: This Side Down- has an answer to each weapon type in this comp.
2: Chimera- same as above, except will have more issues when up against a brick and an hs.
3: Molten- armor is a bit low, but in this comp there aren't too many bots w/ damaging weapons, so it works out.
4: Clustername- will be an absolute pain in the ass to go up against.
5: Vortex- scariest weapon in the tournament.
6: Caffeine Machine- I truly believe I can out-wedge most of the comp, and it also helps to be 100% invertible.
7: Avanti- basically Caffeine Machine except you have to choose between the anti-hs and the anti-wedge.
8: Tiamat- can definitely be a huge asset, but it would be nice to see it have a higher weapon stat.
9: Vivace- really nice wedge, but its gonna steer like one of those outdoor carts at Lowe's.
10: Trilobite- I have no clue wtf this is, but it's in the top 10 of all the other predictions so here you go.
11: Thundercaller- a solid anti-hs, but I don't see how you're gonna be getting anything on the flipper.
12: MASHEEN- weapon is gonna do stuff, but it's got a LOT of free real estate on the sides fo wedges to just go ham.
13: Blue Max- will go kamikaze and make things easier for its teammate.
14: Fork the Wind- really needed an anti-hs wedge.
15: Ayame- this bot worried me when I saw it... and then I looked at its weapon stat
16: Purple Haze- It'd do well if every other bot wasn't a wedge.
17: Omicron32- the anti-hs wedge will be useful for teams in need during the later rounds.
18: Moby Klick- won't do much damage, but it's really fast for a shell, so who knows what'll happen.
19: Precision Engine- will get ruined against the verts and horizontals.
20: Coulrogenesis- best tactic is to give the opposing drivers epilepsy.
21: Taskmaster- there's nothing that stands out about this bot that another bot wouldn't have.
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