CBC4 Competitors Table

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CBC4 Competitors Table

Post by attackfrog » Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:42 pm

Use this to quickly look up what robot is whose and what it is.

CompetitorFeatherweightLightweightMiddleweightHeavyweightEntry Post
The Monsterworks Finishing Move Magnolia Pico Magnolia Grande II Glacier III (Link)
Tcrrr Puffy Cloud Boring Gray Wedge Pizza 2 Swamp Thing (Link)
Badnik96 Black Salvo Shade Fist Unnamed & Untamed Electro-Death (Link)
Botomatic1000 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanto Mastodonsaurus The Act Of Being Polite Xtreme pneumatiX (Link)
Superbomb122 Chinesium II National Security Icebreaker (Link)
Trihunter Gas Gas Gas Scrapper Tower Of Grey Petaflare (Link)
YSMQTHLQYH Vindicator Apeirogon Pressure Flop II Padoru Machina (Link)
attackfrog Lil' Yeetums Bluetooth Carapace Dat Boi (Link)
hide King Crimson Spinnerfood: Bites the Dust Killer Queen (Link)
Hiicantpk Nikkousen Remi 4 Fork Bomb (Link)
Shaba117 KILL EM ALL (Link)
Madman Black Dog III Blood Eagle Hoarfrost IV Santangelo (Link)
The_Angry_Goat Broken Tooth Space Bee The No Fun Machine (Link)
V900 Untitled Goose Robot Final Mecha Catbot Acrid linkinparknumb.mp3.exe (Link)
carpedav000 Wasp 2 Golden MADD 2 FusterCluck (Link)
Hooray For Lexan Ori Skoll Defenestrator (Link)
GF93 Taipan TSA 2.1 Paradox Dreadnought Mk.4 (Link)
Killjoy CIRCUITZ Momma Bear (Link)
Nighthawk87 Long Arm of the Law (Link)
Billy5545 Angry Bird: Seed Killer Gen II Eagle's Hawk (Link)
MinoTARD Diamond Head Mass Destruction (Link)
Wolf51-50 NRG II 25 or 6 to 4 Diablo Genesis III Outrage 3 (Link)
British-Robotics Irritant Fork Factor V-Trigger Wallop (Link)
patrickrowberry gabrial wheelosaurous Lilly frog and jack hammer pink wedge 2020 (Link)
Hoppin Voltaic (Link)
Rocket Trilobite Dragonfist Tabor Mk. 4 (Link)
Dream Team Mimi-Chan Nick Cage &
Here Comes the Sun

Frogbot 2000: ROBOT2 Middleweight Champion!
Speed Bison: Ruination IV Superheavyweight 2nd Place

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