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Post by Trihunter » Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:49 am

Got bored of waiting for someone else to do it, so here it is. Will add my own predictions once I get to sit down and look over all the entries.
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Post by patrickrowberry » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:05 pm


4-Violent Storm
5-Mean Bean Machine
6-Runaway Rabbit
9-Red Dragon
10-window cleaner
11-I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanto
12-Galactic Terror
14-Bone Hurting Juice
17-Pizza 2
18-Little Labyrinth
19-Botched Lobotomy
21-Darwinian Predator Gen II
23-Octopus Has No Friends

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Post by patrickrowberry » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:23 pm


1-Endless Clowns III
2-Blood Diamond
5-We Ran Out Of Sandwiches
6-Tidal Wave 2
7-This Side Down
8-Flash Flood
9-The Thieving Magpie
11-Tiny Torque 2
13-Need For Spin
14-DO NOT CROSS (Originally RED LINE but that name was taken lel)
15-Golden MADD v2.0
16-Ring Destructor
18-metal 3
19-Mini Urchin
21-Stream Edge
23-Duck Stab!

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Post by patrickrowberry » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:36 pm


3-Vovoka III
8-Mecha Shapeshifter
9-the fast and the grabber
10-Killjoy 4
17-Poised and Narrow
18-Disposal Unit
20-The Act Of Being Polite
21-Chronic Jobber

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Post by patrickrowberry » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:51 pm


2-Night Slasher
3-Fork Bomb
5-Xtreme pneumatiX
5-Vertigo 4
8-I.C.R. Speedwagon
9- 8 wheels o Terror
10-wedge me once shame on me wedge me twice shame on you.
12-T-Pose to Assert Dominance
13-Cookie Cutter
15-Taskmaster V3
17- Death's Head Sarsaparilla
18-Midas 2
19-Death Metal
20-Chemical Explosion Mini
23-The Big Spook
24-Tongue of the Fatman

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Post by Archangel » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:58 pm

italics indicate dark horses

FEATHERWEIGHTS – this is my work of art
1. Galactic Terror – This is the only one of the overheads that thought to armor their weapon to get them to the same point as the other spinners, and as such it takes the top spot of their number
2. Hoarfrost – see now Laz did what I should have done if I wasn’t an idiot
3. Bone Hurting Juice – oh hey look HFL entered a really good spinner in a spinner heavy division and is gonna win – well, Galactic terror deals with it well enough. Hoarfrost is capable of giving it trouble… it’s got a lot of very close matchups it wouldn’t’ve had if it was a midcutter and was willing to risk it a bit against the huge clones. Putting it here
4. EVO – bone hurting juice with less optimization
5. I can’t believe it’s not Tanto – Boto looked at all the rock paper scissors that was going on with armor bonuses and weapon locations and just said fuck it and put 12 armor everywhere on an 8 speed bot. and he’s right – who the fuck needs a weapon in this division?
6. Pizza 2 – midcutters swing at the mass of their opponents, undercutters go for the marginal areas to increase defenses. Put the two together, the midcutter can usually get the first hit in a much better location than the undercutter can. This has good reach and could go far
7. Post Traumatic Stress – the funny thing is you thinking I blundered
8. Botched Lobotomy – better wedging options, but that’s really not relevant at this speed. Wolf has proven experience with PTS
9. Mean Bean Machine – I mean it’s good but you’ll have to convince me that it’s a champion with the field so full of spinners
10. Runaway Rabbit – 7 speed and 13 armor is probably enough to do the trick most of the time vs the Hses, but Huges will give it trouble if they can get over the front
11. Chinesium - Looks to have shorter reach than other undercutters, potentially makes up for it by hitting higher?
12. OTSC – Joke’s on you this loses to Large
13. Darwinian Predator – thin front disadvantages it, could have gotten weapon armor bonus for the same amount of armor on the lifter config.
14. Leviathan – I must thank you all for letting me test whether or not an armor stacking spinner works against other spinners. Thank you for participating in this experiment.
15. Red Dragon – large gap in front versus spinners. Still has enough armor to take some matches with shaba’s good driving
16. Octopus – this sounds like it’s going to be a Huge that that means it sounds like it doesn’t have enough armor
17. Silcrow - This will work marginally better than Riptide – while riptide hits the right armor mark, but needs a bit more speed, this has enough speed to win the box rush matchups but not enough armor for other matches.
18. Riptide – show me that this works, I don’t believe you yet
19. Large – Jack is one of the casualties of the HUGE clone genocide, but I think he knew that going in and just decided to take it bravely.
20. Nikkousen – well Hii did stick to his guns at least
21. Lockdown – this is absolutely abysmal versus 90% of the field because it has no anti-HS config, but it does absolutely destroy Leviathan so that’s kinda funny
22. Spinnerfood – yeah this really needed some more wedges in this division
23. Little Labyrinth – you keep entering this in divisions that turn into spinner shitfests and it is very unfortunate for it’s winning record
24. Window Cleaner – non-invertable undercutter vs huge clones is almost as bad as running a 6/4/1/11 HS in versus TEN OTHER SPINNERS
25. Violent Storm – 9 armor with no bonus anywhere and only 8 speed verses 14 deathspinner

LIGHTWEIGHTS – like one person decided this was a spinner heavy division and then literally everyone entered a wedge
1. We Ran out of sandwiches – wolf stat spam preys on high armor control bots, and there’s a lot of them here. Its other matchups are also good.
2. Tidal Wave – This beats pretty much every bot in the upper ranks meta, so it has a great chance if it escapes quarterfinals – it might struggle in group stages a bit tho
3. Krakatoa – this is a response to the meta, and it’ll work
4. Trustfall – not super confident in this shape vs HS, but I can see how HFL could try to work it to his advantage.
5. Flash Flood – hard to go wrong with those stats: deals with anything standard well
6. Tiny Torque – struggles a bit more on wedge advantage than the other bricks
7. Duck Stab! – now this is the meta an actual huge clone does very well in
8. DO NOT CROSS – this is just like, better This Side Down. Fuck are smee clones the future?
9. This side down – actually has an even matchup vs Flash flood depending on config choices, despite the speed disadvantage
10. Golden MADD – everyone just kinda decided this was gonna be a wedge division so your deathspinner is now limited to quarterfinals probably
11. Ayame – I haven’t seen GF actually succeed with the fork wedge meta yet so I’m ranking him lower than more active players
12. Blood Diamond – a lot of people very good at driving wedges came out to play here this time. This is where you prove yourself.
13. Theiving magpie – flat wedge with no options makes me nerveous. Danielle has a way of making it work thou
14. Disposal Unit – this actually clowns other spinners since none of them are really fast enough to get at its wheels
15. Need for spin – not so sure about this vs the wedges everywhere
16. GPODAWUND - Long and thin with not enough speed relative to the meta to make up for it
17. Hexavortex – 16/9 shell, should beat most other spinners
18. Endless clowns – I have yet to be able to confirm whether or not the margins I’ve built this for work, therefore it is ranked lower
19. THE AMAZING WEDGE – yeah no not in this division
20. D-13 – accepting instant losses for a potentially better matchup vs control bots is something I’ve tried many, many times to no effect. Prove me wrong but I don’t think 15 weapon is viable
21. Ring Distructor – welcome to ARC, where drivetrain stats on spinners don’t exist. If they do, you end up like this guy and lose to spinners. Does beat disposal unit potentially, and a few others.
22. Metal 3 – 6 speed with 14 weapon is an interesting prospect but IDK how well it’ll work on a pinball
23. Stream Edge – this kinda exists in the middle of nowhere stat wise

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Post by Archangel » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:53 am

Middleweights: you all fucking entered 7-8 speed variety wedges fuck yall this is impossible to rank

1. MURDERFACE THE SOUL DESTROYER – relies heavily on not getting angled in on, might struggle against some verts, but overall solid
2. Dragonfist – dragonfist’s design means that you basically have to armor stack to beat it. There are armor stackers, it will lose eventually
3. Immolator – too many forks too close together, will get punished for it eventually. Unsure about the armor values here – this again kinda falls into a muddled middle ground of stats that I don’t trust. I guess with only 2 solid strong Hses it should work out ok for you though.
4. Ritual – get on the goddamned sacrificial table you
5. Manglerfish – obviously I think Ritual is the better statted of the 2 since it’s mine, but that is why this is a spot below it. Honestly IDK which will work out better but I need some way to get an order on these predictions
6. Abyss – Visual Assault could keep an even matchup versus this, the control bots here should be able to manage it well enough: but it’s still a good division for a power vert
7. Convict – good division for a power vert
8. Hellcat – honestly Laz’s usual plan for beating other wedges with hellhound is to just be smarter than them. He’s going to struggle against the likes of immolator, murderface, manglerfish, etc. because they are just as smart as him and are WAY better equipped for the matchup than he’ll be. Not like it’ll be easy for them but he loses somewhere in playoffs most likely.
9. The act of being polite – Jobber with a better shape
10. Chronic Jobber – has the right statline to deal with a lot of the division
11. Killjoy – wedge disadvantage without the speed to back it up hurts ths
12. FREE ICE CREAM – 1 power lifter benefits you a lot more when the division has more spinners than wedges
13. Vovoka – good wedge options, has a setup to face spinners without letting them get potshots at the wheels, will still get value traded by like, disposal unit and immolator maybe though since they have similar drivetrains and actual active weapons. Also comes into most wedge matchups at disadvantage. If wolf rps to perfection he can turn a lot of Ls into Ws
14. Midas 2 – will run into wheeliing problems but it’s actually got a decent chance versus wedges unless it gets flipped
15. Jackal – lets give our anti-vert setup a really easy to hit part hanging off the front, what could go wrong? Main issue is lack of speed combined with a non-impactful weapon. Could do well, but will likely flounder against hellcat, wedge verts, and saws
16. GBJ – T-pose isn’t good because it has a wide flat front, it’s good because it has 2000 fork options. You have zero fork options and are going to be eaten alive by all the other 2WD wedges with similar to better drivetrains or vertical spinners
17. Upchuck – same issues s GBJ but it has a flipper at least
18. The fast and the grabber – 2 armor. Good drive and weapon though, body isn’t the most optimal of shapes for every matchup.
19. ANGLUAR MOMENTUM – overhead spinner with torque :heckno:
20. Disposal Unit – I accidentally rated this in lightweight too, and tbh it would have done better there. You’re gonna see this get smothered a LOT because of the wedge disadvantage, but it’ll take a few fights
21. Toasht – this actually deals damage to pat’s bot. not really fast enough to merit that long of a fork setup as its only config
22. Mecha Shapeshifter – the success of a bot like this is entirely based around how well the builder can choose configs for each matchup. This bot has the stats and the configs, theoretically, but it also has wheels in the middle of its bot without the speed to consistently get around opponents fronts, so it’s going to struggle.

Heavyweights: there should be way more verts in here, we just all like wedgebots too much

1. T-Pose to Assert Dominance – Hellhound can’t avoid this front
2. Night Slasher - This has the armor to take a few hits, but will need good rping to secure wins against spinners. Good matchups elsewhere
3. Death Metal – oh hey look Shaba got configs
4. Hellhound – people are sick of this and it will show, also has actual counters this time since it’s not a fucking rookie event
5. Mania – very good options against most of the field
6. Xtreme Pneumatix – 2WD flipper with a forks option
7. Wasp – knowledge of if this can do better than this position is unreachable due to lack of data on rinzler’s RPing – the base concept has flaws which can be turned into strengths if you know how to rp it, but I need to see that happen first
8. 8 wheels of terror – not the most maneuverable looking of bots but it makes up for it in speed
9. Tabor – there’s kinda this pile of wedgebots in the middle, and this is the best one against spinners but weaker against other wedges
10. Vertigo – no consistent anti-wedge plan. Mitigated somewhat by low hazard arena
11. Wedge me… - very strong control matchups, and can box rush spinners.
12. Tongue of the fatman – this does well against low weapon bots and spinners, both of which abound in this division. Will lose to tabor, night slasher, etc.
13. Taskmaster V3 – too much armor stacking focus to succeed against other wedges
14. Cookie cutter – not good enough stats for the biggest of spinners bit it’ll do pretty well
15. wedges so my chances are good but they are also RNG based[/i]
16. ICR speedwagon – really don’t see the advantage of 2 flippers, and 12 armor would have been a very nice guarentee
17. Nightshade – I think it’s a hair too slow to work as well as you want it to but I could be wrong
18. Fork Bomb – can take some wedge fights, but has no chance in spinner matchups
19. Death’s head Sarsaparilla – let’s put all of our resources into a 1 shot 50/50, that always works! Shell helps in a lot of matchups at least.
20. Avast! – neither config solves the not being able to beat stronger spinners than it problem
21. The Big Spook – I instantly die to less than half the field and hard punish armor stacking, but it's up to RNG whether or not I get there
22. Squee-G – this has a lot of hard counters and the Terrorbird shape is extremely suboptimal for spinner fights since if the bar bends in the slightest it’s game over (compared to a tombclone that can keep it going)
23. Chemical Explosion – Same issues as Squee-g
24. Frostburn – I actually think this can take some wedge fights
25. Dardanera – so the thing about the witch doctor shape is that it sacrifices wedge strength for hitting the opponent with the weapon first. This has a suboptimally shaped wedge and struggles to hit if it doesn’t get under, and the weapon and armor aren’t in a good stat spot to deal with spinners.
26. WANA SMASH – this does exactly nothing to the field

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Post by V900 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:36 pm

Lists are in no particular order aside from the category they are in. I didn't include any bots that don't have a pic as of writing.

Bots that will easily make playoffs and have a good chance of winning the entire thing.

* Mean Bean Machine - No verts, no problem. Let's see if the writers have my shell work as intended.
* OTSC - Wherein YSM submits to the borg and makes a championship-tier brick.
* Bone Hurting Juice - the last thing my mom sees when she tries telling me big chungus isn't funny
* Jackal - Loses to Bone Hurting Juice in finals when the spinner catches those slots in Jackal's plow. And yes, GF93 WILL complain about it on Discord.

* Blood Diamond - How much you wanna bet adding "Blood" to the name and the red-black color scheme was Laz's idea?
* We Ran Out Of Sandwiches - I can't actually tell what the weapon's supposed to be.
* Endless Clowns III - Speed. I am speed. Speed and also massive amounts of shock damage. Not enough spinners to inflict that shock damage, so you're good.

* Vovoka III - W0lf saw T-pose's statline and went "yea that's mine now". It works for Vovoka though, sooo...
* MURDERFACE THE SOUL DESTROYER - Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose.
* Ritual - Wins all of it's group matches and then loses to Murderface or some other brick with better traction.
* Manglerfish - Base design is kind of suboptimal, but it has a bajillion setups and HFL is RPing for it so I'm going to assume it's good.

* Night Slasher - saw nerf incoming when this wins lol
* T-Pose to Assert Dominance - Fun fact: putting lens flare eyes on your robot gives it an extra point of speed and traction. It's a rule the writers secretly agreed on before the tournament and honestly idk why more bots didn't get in on it.
* Death Metal - Every tournament until you like it.
* 8 wheels o Terror - Will get blammed in semis by someone who can exploit either the 2 spd:tra disparity or the narrow profile, but otherwise decent.
* Vertigo 4 - Lack of semis-tier spinners in HW means this'll do really well.

== 9/10 IT'S OKAY ==
Bots that will likely make playoffs but probably won't get past semis.

* Galactic Terror - It's a all-weapon no-speed deathspinner, so it'll either do really well or really not-well. I think Badnik can make it work for a playoff round or 2 before he gets cucked by a 13arm brick.
* Post Traumatic Stress - It's a all-weapon no-speed deathspinner, so it'll either do really well or really not-well. I think W0lf can make it work for a playoff round or 2 before he gets cucked by a 13arm brick.
* Lockdown - It's a clamp, and clamp good. Watch it get mauled by spinners though.
* Darwinian Predator Gen II - I'm still not entirely sold on Billy's strategies, but this should do well enough.
* I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanto - This is a good opportunity to mention that I'm copypasting these names instead of typing them out.
* Pizza 2 - Looks like shit, but sure won't perform like it.

* Flash Flood - I would rank this higher if it had more ground clearance.
* This Side Down - I told Tri to use Phat Slug's statline and he actually did the absolute madman hahaha
* Trustfall - People aren't going to realize what it's party trick is until after they lose to it. Except for the one guy who does and takes you out of playoffs.
* Tidal Wave 2 - Has a lot of uncertain matchups, but IIRC this has gotten into finals something like 2 out of the last 3 tournaments he entered it in. Small enough drum to avoid gyroing too.
* The Thieving Magpie - Not sure why a 5 power flipper needs 2 torque, but don't fix something that isn't broken I guess.
* Tiny Torque 2 - everyone gangsta til tcrrr hit us with the minecraft spinning pig rp Image

* Disposal Unit - Should make a good run once all the horizontals die off in groups.
* FREE ICE CREAM - I tried the 1/1/1 thing with Trashman back in CBC3 and only got into R1 playoffs. This will probably do the same.
* Abyss - It has Riptide's problems but this is slightly better off because of the 16 weapon and less obnoxious drum size.
* DRAGONFIST - I think a good handful of people have this bot's number by now and know how to counter it. Said people will also have at least one 13 armor spinner killer setup.
* The Act Of Being Polite - You have to look really closely for the weapon nub, but it's there. It's W:L record depends on how many of the writers decide to go "lol no get rekt" on it.

* Tongue of the Fatman - How this bot does is entirely dependant on whether the bots that counter it get into playoffs or not. Namely The Big Spook, Vertigo 4, Wasp, and Death's Head Sarsaparilla.
* The Big Spook -
* Mania - Really doesn't need 10 chassis armor, but should do well anyway.
* Cookie Cutter - You had me up until "front wedgelets are hinged".
* Death's Head Sarsaparilla - This would get rejected in signups if anyone but MW!Alex entered it.
* TABOR MARK 4: FAN4STIC T4B-FOUR - Wins matches until the guy writing it realizes that the bot can't actually move when the turret-plow is pressed anywhere but the front.
* Xtreme pneumatiX - Those horns aren't stopping anything.
* Taskmaster V3 - Like SPINNERFOOD, moves down tiers if hide decides to not RP for it. Otherwise a generic brick that will win a generic brick-amount of matches.
* Wasp - No idea if carpdewhatever will give this thing good RPs or not, so it can move up or down a tier depending on that.

Bots that may or may not get into playoffs.

* Silcrow - The Big Spook except in the wrong division. I forget if this tourney has that "anything about 9 speed penalizes your traction" rule or not, but if it does, throw this into the uh oh stinky tier below.
* Runaway Rabbit - You're one tournament too early for this to wreck house.
* Violent Storm - It has an alright matchup against other wedges and a horrendous one against spinners. Will probably barely miss playoffs.
* LARGE - See this one will actually win matches because it has more than literally a single point of speed. Not a ton of matches, mind you, but more than Leviathan.
* RipTide - It's performed okay in past tourneys, but the meta caught up to it and IDK if it'll deliver the same results. "It's hallow" also doesn't excuse the fact that your drum makes up half the bot's size.
* Nikkousen - Multibots are always going to be niche, but this one could do okay.
* Red Dragon - Flat wedge and too much chassis armor, but eh. I'm sure Shaba's got a plan.
* SPINNERFOOD - It's wacky and I like it, but ehhhhhhhhhhh I dunno... too many spinners in the field, probably. This could either move up or down a tier depending on matchups and whether hide actually RPs for or not.
* Chinesium - actual chinesium would be 4 armor and also coated in lead paint

* D-13 - One of my more eye-candy/thematically accurate bots, but I really should have angled the front and/or made it 16 weapon. I think there's enough horizontals in the field for the 15 armor Thunderhead setup to carry me into playoffs, but no doubt I'll run into This Side Down or Blood Diamond or something.
* HexaVortex - Shell spinners are probably some of the worst RA2 bots you can try and enter in ARC because of how many angles they have.
* Mini Urchin - idk about that wedge but the spinner will do spinner things
* Need For Spin - LET'S BEYBLAAAAAADEEEEEEE gonna lose cus melty lol
* GPODAWUND - 5 weapon drums don't get +4 armor anymore btw
* Golden MADD v2.0 - 16 weapon is going to kill at least a few bots, but doesn't have a win condition against any standard bricks.

* Immolator - Fork setups gonna get gyro-baited + angled in on, the wedge setup's not quite bulky enough to take on spinners.
* GBJ 2: MY ONE WEAKNESS! - Tri will try the plow setup once and then ignore it for the rest of the tourney when it inevitably immobilizes on its face.
* Toasht - Quirky weapon choice, but forks are way too long.
* Mecha Shapeshifter - The statline's there, but the design isn't.
* Upchuck - I think you went out of your way to make the most generic flipper possible.
* Chronic Jobber - Why have a rear plow if it's just going to be 7 armor anyway?
* Harpy - Fast, but also hinged and less-than-stellar plow armor.
* Convict - Mediocre matchup against spinners. Mediocre matchup against wedges. Mediocre matchup against controlbots. Maybe you could say it's matchups are... painfully average?
* Killjoy 4 - Got tripped up for a moment and thought this was a LW. Really needs an alt config or 2 to do well if NG decides to enter it in CBC4.
* Poised and Narrow - No wedge means you're not going to control the match against anything but non-undercutting horizontals.

* Squee-G - 16 weapon will win it at least a match or two, but I don't see it going any farther than R1 playoffs.
* Fork Bomb - Thanks for taking one for the team and being our guinea pig. Whether people enter hammer-saws into future tournaments is entirely up to you. No pressure.

== ==
Will end up with more L's than W's for one reason or another.

* window cleaner - 11 weapon, 5 body armor, armor-bonused wedge only has 9 armor, etc
* Leviathan - 1 speed means that literally any bot, including the 3 speed deathspinners, can cleanly flank this. It's invincible, sure, but that'll get old when you lose by JD for the 5th time in a row.
* Little Labyrinth - Gigantic 8 armor iceberg that has no plan [as far as I know] to kill bricks. Next.
* Botched Lobotomy - All the drawbacks of an overhead with none of the benefits.
* EVO - I'm almost certain Hoppin's gonna dip from the tourney after the first week or 2, so this goes here. Would be in championship-tier otherwise.

* metal 3 - um
* Stream Edge - That 12 weapon is actually 11 because of multi-weapon rules. It might cheese a win, but there's too many designs that hard-counter this, especially with 5 chassis armor.
* Ring Destructor - 16 weapon rings are barely viable as is. What chance does a 15 weapon one have?
* Duck Stab! - Did you guys just like, get off to Epicer Waluigi THAT much?
* DO NOT CROSS - yeah no "up to the L's" is still 50% of your bot's surface area

* the fast and the grabber - are you recognizing a pattern yet

* wedge me once shame on me wedge me twice shame on you - I was actually gonna rank this one a lot higher, but then pat had to go and explicitly state that the red legobot with the dove soap wedge is a 4WD static wedge. Ya hate to see it happen.
* Avast! - Imagine editing your signup post 37 times and ending up with this.
* Frostburn - I think this has the same general strategy as Stream Edge, but is actually even LESS viable because the area of attack is so small.
* Dardanera - "Dardanera is designed to be both powerful, as well as tanky", isn't actually either of those.
* Chemical Explosion Mini - Almost makes you forget CE won a tournament once.
* Midas 2 - 6 speed 3 traction on a wedged vert, that's gonna a solid YIKES from me.
* Nightshade - Too slow for a long and narrow wedge-reliant design. It works for Tongue of the Fatman because I have 2 fuckheug wheels angled at the back, but this won't see the same success with getting it's weapon into play.
* Akoben - Same as EVO except it actually belongs in this tier because of not being invertible.

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