Awards at the Cherry Bomb Classic 3

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Awards at the Cherry Bomb Classic 3

Post by The Monsterworks » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:20 pm

The Awards

The Tartarus Cup

In honour of Tartarus Robotics Group's rookie run to the semifinals in 2016's Pressure Drop, each year, the Tartarus Cup is awarded to the most promising rookie team. Rookie being defined as having competed in three or fewer events on ARC.
The nominees are...
Code Red Robotics: Possibly ARC's youngest member, TCR came into the event having little clue what he was doing, but left with a greatly improved understanding of the game and a couple of major upsets under his belt.

Team Design Flaw: Maxi had shown hints of being good at this before, but in the final event of his rookie season, his team really came of age, with multiple playoff appearances including a semifinal run, top shelf RPs, and some major upsets scored.

Team Eagle Robotics: Playoff runs weren't in the cards for ARC's second absolute rookie, but just the fact that Billy was in contention in multiple divisions until late in the game shows that he has solid fundamentals that'll serve him well going forward.

Nighthawk Robotics: Fielding only a two bot team, this rookie outfit used solid designs and RPs as well as audacious stat spreads, to insert itself into the playoff picture early. The payoff was a brief playoff appearance, but surely with better to come.

The Covenant Cup

As a nod to the overwhelming historical dominance of the now-retired Team Covenant, this award is given to the best-performing team of the event taking into account titles won, bots into the playoffs, and overall winning percentage.
The nominees are...
Alpha Robotics: Languishing near the bottom of ARC's infamous dirty dozen coming into the event, Drew stepped up his game in a big way, making the playoffs with three of his four bots, enjoying an undefeated regular season with Fenrir, and earning Diablo Genesis III a spot in the championship with results pending.

Team Blood Gulch: Entering the tournament with middling expectations, ARC's oldest active team went on an immediate tear to prove all and any doubters wrong, boasting easily the best record of any team by the close of the fourth round. Despite an only average playoffs, Josh solidified his ranking and proved that he still has plenty left in the tank.

Ice Cubed Robotics: Alex was one of only two people to bring a full four-bot team into the playoffs. After starting slow, he went on a late regular season tear that saw him accumulate more ranking points than any other team. While his championship finals appearance resulted in heartbreak at the altar yet again for perennial powerhouse Dreadnought, Ice Cubed Robotics reaffirmed its status among the sport's absolute elite.

Team Instant Regret: Starting slow, The number one ranked outfit quickly picked up steam, heading into the playoffs with a full slate of four machines. While HFL was surprisingly shut out of the title picture this team, each of his bots were very much contenders and he still walks away with more than enough ranking points to justify his continued dominance.

Interrobang Robotics: Starting the tournament in fifth position, Gabe seemed like a man on a mission. Despite the deadweight of a novel but ineffective SHW, Interrobang Robotics dominated with its three other machines, including the undefeated Chimera. With Scion in the MW finals, another title is very much a possibility.

The Monsterworks: Having given up his LW spot, Alex entered the tournament with only three bots and a tall order if he wanted to retain his number two rank, much less gain any ground. All three bots made the playoffs, two with undefeated records. All won at least one match, with Black Diamond claiming the team's sixth overall title with a rare perfect season.

Tartarus Robotics Group: On the verge of retiring, Laz was a last-minute entry with only two machines. Machines of destiny, they proved to be. With both suffering only a single, inconsequential, loss in the group stages, they proceeded to romp through the playoffs following dominant regular-season runs, with both fighting for titles in the final week and favoured to win.

Crouching Frogger, Hidden Bomber Cup

In honour of Aquatic Robotics' and Team Stealth's amazing 2018 season improvements, this award is given to the team that showed the largest improvement during the CBC season.
The nominees are...
Team 57: This veteran Canadian outfit has spent the majority of its tenure in a strange sort of ARC limbo: generally a cut above most of the field but not quite able to solidify a place within the Dirty Dozen. With its two serious entries this year, that may have finally changed, and a maiden title could be in the offing for perennial contender Tidal Wave 2.

Code Red Robotics: Code's new here. We get that. Code's young. We get that. This tournament saw him go from being a pesky, clueless kid to a legitimate ARCer, though. Most impressive, depending on the championship result, might be that he stands as the only one to have beaten the terrifying Blood Eagle.

Team Design Flaw: While most of us got the sense that Maxi would end up being pretty good at this, his run in CBC3 exceeded all expectations, outperforming those of far more experienced teams and making this hot prospect seem like a lock for a (very near) future berth in the Dirty Dozen.

Team Worst Swordsman: While Cassie didn't end up having as strong a playoff run as she probably would've wanted, her team made the leap from being fringe to contending. Virtually none of her bots were seen as free wins, and one was even viewed as a title favourite going in. This was a strong performance from a team on the rise.

Other Awards that still need formatting
Galaxy Brain (Actually) Award: Best RPer - Team Design Flaw, Team Instant Regret, The Monsterworks, Interrobang Robotics, Tartarus Robotics Group, Ice Cubed Robotics

Phil Swift Award: Most destructive - Blood Eagle, Chronic Jobber, Triple 6, Carbonemys, Hartmann's Youkai Bot, Dragonfist, Shade Fist, Fenrir

Deathroll Balls of Steel Award: Most resilient - Diablo Genesis III, Tiny Torque, Santangelo, Black Diamond, JEVIL, Dreadnought mk. 4, Lifter 2: Electric Boogaloo, Final Boss

Field of Dreams Award: Favourite arena - Vertigo, Stormhavn, The Woodshed, Shooting Star

Field of Screams Award: Most hated arena - Asylum, Shooting Star, Gothiq

The Masterpiece Award: best render - Evil Destroyer, Psychosis, IDCMF, Santangelo, Eudial, Vortex 3, Killjoy III

Golden Keyboard: Best Fight - Dreadnought vs Trashman, Phobos Anomaly vs Evil Destroyer, Triple Six vs IDCMF, Long Arm of the Law vs Death Metal, Terpsichora vs Blood Eagle, Santangelo vs Triple Six, HYB 2 vs Final Boss (Rematch), Black Diamond vs Dreadnought

Bombshell Award: Biggest Upset - ISaN def. Chronic Jobber, ISaN def. Dragonfist, Tiny Torque def. Blood Eagle, Santangelo def. Triple 6, Dragonfist def. Jawsome

Golden Magpie: Best Darkhorse Run - Diablo Genesis III, Triple 6, Carbonemys, Tabor, Long Arm of the Law, Final Boss, Petaflare

Howling Cup: most shocking favourite elimination - Dragonfist, Harpy, Cruelty, Fenrir, Phobos Anomaly, Dysprosinator

Gold Leaf Clover: luckiest run - Hartmann's Youkai Bot, Final Boss, Carbonemys

Giant Screw: worst luck - Dragonfist, Starfish Prime, NKC, Storm Worm, Petaflare, Fenrir, Manglerfish, HAN-D

Vicious Metabastard Award: best design - Dreadnought mk. 4, Blood Eagle, Triple 6, Black Diamond, Scion, Diablo Genesis III, Santangelo

Ferox Award: most innovative - NKC, Evil Destroyer, Phobos Anomaly, Vortex 3, Petaflare, Psychosis

Golden Duck: most aggressive - Santangelo, Compound Fracture, Cuddle Time!, Shade Fist, Harbinger, Cruelty, JEVIL
Mastodon... Extinction (HW)
Osiris... Armageddon! (MW)
Elrathia... ROBOTS (LW)
Magnolia Pico... Ruination 4 (MW)
RipTide... ROBOT2 (FW)
Black Diamond... Cherry Bomb Classic 3 (HW)
Abyss... ROBOTS 3 (MW)

The Monsterworks: 214-57 (.790) ...Probably up to no good.
Cherry Bomb Classic IV: 25-4
Finishing Move: 6-2
Magnolia Pico: 6-1
Magnolia Grande: 6-1
Glacier III: 7-0
ROBOTS 3: 21-6
Sixpounder: 3-4
MADSCIENCE: 9-1 Champion!
Abyss: 9-1 Champion!

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Re: Awards at the Cherry Bomb Classic 3

Post by Archangel » Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:30 am


Tartarus: Design Flaw

covenant: Monsterworks

Frogger: Worst Swordsman

Galaxy Brain: End of the Line LLC

Phil Swift: Blood Eagle

Deathroll: Santangelo

Field of Dreams: Gothiq

Field of Screams: Shooting Star

Masterpiece: Killjoy

Bombshell: ISAN v Dragonfist

Golden Magpie: Triple 6

Howling Cup: the entirely of team Instant Regret

Gold Leaf Clover: Final Boss

Giant Screw: The entirety of team Instant Regret

Vicious Metabastard: Tidal Wave

Ferox: Psychosis

Golden Duck: I'm always givin myself the aggression awards boyo give that shit to CT!

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Re: Awards at the Cherry Bomb Classic 3

Post by Madman » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:23 pm

Tartarus: Nighthawk Robotics - Maxi's a good guy, but he's not a rookie. Nighthawk had a tough group and made it out. He knows what he's doing.

Covenant: Tartarus Robotics Group - it seems conceited voting for yourself, but I had the highest winning percentage of any team, the most points, and the most titles, despite entering only two bots. This is a no-brainer.

Crouching Frogger: Team Design Flaw - This is the award that Maxi deserves. He made the jump from innovative noob to legit contender and I think he's gonna stay that way for a long time.

Galaxy Brain: Team Design Flaw - Me, Alex, Gabe, Noah, HFL, and a lot of the usual suspects had our standout RPs, but Maxi won multiple fights that he had no business winning due to good RPs. This is a no-brainer.

Phil Swift: Blood Eagle - its mix of reach and sheer destructive ability made it the most fearsome lightweight in the most stacked field this division's ever seen. Every one of its wins was by KO.

Deathroll: Santangelo. This was a brick. It tanked tons of damage, facing off against the division's four most dangerous spinners, and never once was in danger of being KOed.

Field of Dreams: Gothiq - cool theme, interesting hazards, the pipe organ was fun, and the hazards weren't overkill.

Field of Screams: Asylum - this thing needs to go, fam. The doors are just no. The cramped spaces are just no. The hazards are weird and not that effective.

The Masterpiece: Santangelo - ya, I'm shamelessly self-voting here. Santangelo was sleek, clean, and futuristic while being a faithful homage to the britflipper design.

Golden Keyboard: HYB vs Triple 6 - For a match that started slowly, this had lots of drama and a thrilling finish that had me scrolling to reach the end.

Bombshell: ISaN vs Dragonfist - People literally took the result of this match completely for granted and, on paper, it looked like a huge mismatch, but Maxi's brilliant use of the arena gave him the win and kept the monster that is Dragonfist from the playoffs.

Golden Magpie: Triple 6 - nobody expected anything from this bot, but it went undefeated in the groups, broke Dreadnought's longstanding OOTA record, and only lost in the semis to the eventual champion.

Howling Cup: Dragonfist - this thing was basically penciled into the finals before CBC3 even began. Even with a tough group, everybody expected it to squeak through and then be unstoppable, until it ended up on the wrong end of an idiot triangle.

Gold Leaf Clover: Carbonemys - yes, the turtle was an absolute monster, but it could not have had a better group and QF matchup, devoid of dangerous spinners and hard counters until it met DGIII in the semis.

Giant Screw: Manglerfish - this was as good an HFL bot as any, but it just drew the toughest group possible, including its only real hard counter Carbonemys. After battling through an eliminator to reach the quarterfinals, it drew the turtle once again.

Vicious Metabastard: Black Diamond - Alex built this bot with a specific stat spread in mind and entered it in the division where he knew it'd have a chance. Having plans for basically every contingency, it's pretty much an apex flipper design for ARC.

Ferox: Evil Destroyer - this thing is dumb and would never work IRL, but in ARC, the sheer number of options that it has for attack and the angles it can create made it insanely dangerous.

Golden Duck: Santangelo - this was up in every spinner's face every single fight, a relentless, unstoppable brick of sheer aggression and meanness. It wasn't just aggressive. It was effectively aggressive.
Tartarus Robotics Group: Infinitely wise and merciful since 2016
(don't ask about before that)

Black Dog ||| Hellhound V ||| Blood Eagle ||| Santangelo ||| Hellhound VII ||| Hoarfrost

Mechanized Mayhem: 0-0
Heavyweight: Danger Zone (0-0)
CBC4: 26-5
Featherweight: Black Dog III (6-2)
Lightweight: Blood Eagle (7-1)
Middleweight: Hoarfrost (9-0) CHAMPION!
Heavyweight: Santangelo (5-2)
Current Roster: 183-40 (.821)
Black Dog (ROBOTS - MW*, ROBOTS3 - FW, CBC4 - FW): 26-5
Blood Eagle (CBC3 - LW*, CBC4 - LW): 15-2
Danger Zone (Mechanized Mayhem - HW): 0-0
Detroit Iron (ICEcrown - SHW): 6-2
Hellcat (Thunder Underground - MW): 2-0
Hellhound (R: Extinction - HW, Pressure Drop - HW, RB2 - HW, ROBOTS - HW, New Blood - HW*, ROBOTS 3 - HW*, Thunder Underground - HW): 46-11
Hoarfrost (RB2 - MW, Armageddon! - MW, Ruination 4 - LW, Thunder Underground - LW, CBC4 - MW*): 23-5
Krakatoa (Robo-Con - LW, Ruination 4 - SHW, Thunder Underground - LW): 11-2
Meanstreak (RB2 - LW, Ruination 4 - HW): 10-3
Santangelo (CBC3 - SHW*, CBC4 - HW): 13-3
Sundancer (Ruination 4 - MW, R: Revival - MW, REDDIT - HW, R: Evolution - FW): 21-4
Talons Out (ROBOTS - FW): 10-3
Thundercaller (Vexed!): 1-0
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Hellhound - #1
Black Dog - #2
Blood Eagle - #11
Sundancer - #24
Hoarfrost - #49

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Re: Awards at the Cherry Bomb Classic 3

Post by Trihunter » Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:47 pm

Votes! Might tweak these eventually.

Tartarus Cup: Team Design Flaw

Covenant Cup: Tartarus Robotics

Crouching Frogger, Hidden Bomber Cup: Team Worst Swordsman

Galaxy Brain Award: Team Design Flaw

Phil Swift Award: Blood Eagle

Deathroll Balls of Steel Award: Santangelo

Field of Dreams Award: The Woodshed

Field of Screams Award: Asylum

Masterpiece Award: Vortex 3

Golden Keyboard: HYB 2 vs Final Boss (Rematch)

Bombshell Award: ISAN vs Dragonfist

Golden Magpie: Triple Six

Howling Cup: Dragonfist

Gold Leaf Clover: Carbonemys

Giant Screw: Manglerfish

Vicious Metabastard Award: Black Diamond

Ferox Award: Psychosis

Golden Duck: Cuddle Time!
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