The ARC Rankings: Third Edition

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The ARC Rankings: Third Edition

Post by The Monsterworks » Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:35 am

The Rankings

So this is take three for the rolling rankings. It's on google docs to make it easier to edit (you may request editing access at any time) and harder to lose. However, we need to set some ground rules first to avoid confusion:

  1. Rankings will be updated only when an entire round of a current tournament is completed. The completion of that round will be noted in brackets beside the tournament name. This is to prevent people from entering data and then others from re-entering it accidentally.
  2. Only results from full-combat, 1v1, competitive events with an entry field of eight or more may count towards the rankings.
  3. To avoid points inflation, points earned will eventually decay starting two months after the month in which an event concluded and this decay will always be entered on the first Saturday of the month. For example, two events conclude in December: one on the 4th and one on the 28th. Points Decay will begin on the first Saturday of February for both.
  4. Thereafter, points decay will take place at two-month intervals. At each interval, one-fifth of the initial total will disappear. As a result, ten months after an event concludes, any points earned from it will have disappeared.
  5. The initial rankings were an exception to this. Given the difficulty of calculating decay for their various start and end dates, they were all considered to have ended in January of 2019 and points decay began in March.
  6. When entering points decay into the rankings table, you will notice that there are two columns under each tournament. The left column is for decay and is set with a formula to reflect points decay. Please enter points in the righthand column.
  7. Should there be no activity in an event (no fights or results) for a six month period, that event will be considered to have concluded. No further points may be earned from that event and points decay will begin from the month that it was considered to be concluded.

Earning ranking points works as follows, taking into consideration that there are two general types of events:

Dual Stage Events

regular season win: 50 points
regular season loss: 10 points
forfeit: 0 points
playoff qualification: 20 point bonus (120 for a bye)
playoff win: 100 points
playoff loss: 20 points
playoff forfeit: -10 points
championship win: 200 points
championship loss: 40 points
championship forfeit: -20 points

Single Stage Events

win: 80
loss: 15
forfeit: 0
championship win: 200
championship loss: 60
championship forfeit: -20

The Rankings themselves can be found here.

They are up to date as of February 16, 2020.
Mastodon... Extinction (HW)
Osiris... Armageddon! (MW)
Elrathia... ROBOTS (LW)
Magnolia Pico... Ruination 4 (MW)
RipTide... ROBOT2 (FW)
Black Diamond... Cherry Bomb Classic 3 (HW)
Abyss... ROBOTS 3 (MW)

The Monsterworks: 214-57 (.790) ...Probably up to no good.
Cherry Bomb Classic IV: 25-4
Finishing Move: 6-2
Magnolia Pico: 6-1
Magnolia Grande: 6-1
Glacier III: 7-0
ROBOTS 3: 21-6
Sixpounder: 3-4
MADSCIENCE: 9-1 Champion!
Abyss: 9-1 Champion!

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