ROBiT2 prediction thread

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ROBiT2 prediction thread

Post by Wolf51-50 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:57 pm

Week 1

The Beast From the Wesr vs The Mafia - Normally I'd go for the Beast in this one. But with that much armor on the main bot, what can BftW do? Other than disintegrate the minibots that is.

Private Iron vs Tree Surgeon - Big scary disc vs a...chainsaw? I'll stick with the vertical disc. TS also doesn't have much armor to work with

Bruxish vs Buzzcut - Not only does Buzzcut have the better wedge, it's also not going to be sliding uncontrollably like the stock market on a bad day, unlike Bruxish and his -4 control

Riptide vs Hat Garage - Those flails might make some trouble for that punching bar, but the Hat Garage is a tough mofo in the armor department, and one of these two has a wedge.

Epic Waluigi vs Apocalyptic Peacekeeper - Tight one, but I'm gonna go with my bot for reasons :v

Captain Trips vs Runaway Rabbit - Any spinner, ANY spinner would have a hard time with Runaway Rabbit. But Trips has the wedge advantage, and the only way RR can escape it is with an OOTA.

To Fry vs Vorpal Bunny - To Fry is unpredictable as fuck. But it's facing against a former champion that literally no one wants to take on (except maybe Hat Garage). So ya, being a gyroscopic mess hasn't worked before and it definitely won't work now.

Vicious vs Salamandra - Sally makes it out of this one. Yep, even as a sawbot. Vicious can be within reach of that sawblade if Dylan's not careful. He usually is though, and there's not much to bite on to after that.

[Twin Typhoons vs Der Metzgermeister - Love the design of DM, but 8 armor on a wedge is ick.

Spashdown vs Icebreaker - Weapon armor is a wonderful thing. If Icebreaker had one more point for that, this might just have gone in his favor.

Hobart vs Bluebot - srimech? I don't see a fecking srimch :v. I question the effectiveness of the flails, especially if it spins down. I mean spinning down did work once for Nightmare, but that was against Malicious Mischief lol.

Lilan vs Flash Flood - Don't get me wrong, Lilian is gonna pound the fuck out of the top of FF. But if Badnik keeps it out of reach, which I think he will, Gabe's not gonna have much going for him

The Theiving Magpie vs Terpischora - Close fight. Edging towards Terpischora bc wedgelets, but I'm not gonna pick one or the other for certain

Backstab vs Ramshock - hard to control your opponent when it can monstertruck every time you wedge it.

Burger Princess vs Killjoy II - Burger King fries are gross. Also sawbots deserve to be viable damnit

Krakatoa vs Dreamchaser - Krakatoa's gonna get under as often as Laz shoves dicks in people's mouths


Axtinguisher vs Neurotoxin - too much armor, not enough weapon.

Gigaflare vs Blue Max - crushers are lulz even with a wedge to protect them. Especially against one of the best spinners in the weight class.

Neophyte Redglare vs Dragonfist - Press flip to oof

Hati vs Frogbot - I can see Frogbot getting an OOTA here, especially if Hati has to keep self righting.

Smackdown vs Outrage - 3 body armor on a cardboard bot. It doesn't get any more realistic than that.

Dredd vs Flame Grilled - How many hits does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Dredd? The world may never know. ...and neither will TBR

Vortex vs Harpy - Vortex just doesn't have enough weapon. Harpy might get some shots to it's wedge, but it's probably gonna dominate all match.

Black Dog II vs Champ - No, you're not gonna just miss his wedge entirely :V


Magnolia Grande vs Neuromancer - Sometimes 10 weapon armor on a lifter is enough. This isn't one of those times sadly. Even if Neuromancer does flank at some point, it's also gonna get hit at some point.

Lambastor vs Boy Flaily - NO MORE FLAILS. JESUS CHRIST :V

Death Metal vs Hellhound - This isn't the first time these two have fought. Hellhound has won every time. Though I will admit that Shaba's strategy has gotten stronger and stronger against it.

Coronal Mass Ejection vs Tongue of the Fatman - Looks like it'll usually win against CME's wedge. And when it does, holy shit. Probably gonna end in an OOTA

Tulta Munille vs Vertigo - This one is close. Idk about this one. So I'm leaving it blank :v:

Tabor Mk II vs The CMC - This is one of Pat's better bots tbh. Tabor can't put her turret in three places, and self righting is gonna be fun for Rocket. Yep, I know. Ecstasy clones are annoying as shit lol.

Highland Fling 2 vs Carbon Z - I mean...glunk shells are pretty useful for wedging, but there's not much that can be done against 12 armor. And you can't really self right once it actually does get under you, so umm...

StarStruk vs ICR Speedwagon - I'm not sure how many hits ICR can take. Yes I actually believe in the hoop of shame, especially since it took until the semis for Starstruck to get flipped in CBC, and the one that flipped it still got fucked in the process :v
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ROBiT2 prediction thread

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:23 pm


The Beast from the West vs The Mafia: Reminder: configs can't change your body armor. Even in tank config The Mafia has 5 chassis armor, so if Beast can chain hits at all it's done for. Even if it can't Beast has better control and a better wedge.
Private Iron vs Tree Surgeon: Tree Surgeon's wedgelets and PI's poor traction give will make it very hard for it to get a hit in. But, given the drivers I think it'll happen at some point, and when it does it's over.
Bruxish vs Buzzcut: 7 speed / 3 traction = Bruxish isn't getting more than one or two lucky flips, which won't give it the OOTA it needs.
Riptide vs Hat Garage: Riptide can't do any damage at all, and Hat Garage's puncher can fit between its skids and wedge it.
Epic Waluigi vs Apocalyptic Peacekeeper: Looking at AP's wedge, I think EW can just climb up it and get its spinner into the gears for the clamp mechanism.
Captain Trips vs Runaway Rabbit: Captain Trips has a better drivetrain and a better wedge. Runaway Rabbit's flipper is dangerous, but CT can get a low wall OOTA too and overall I think the Cap'n has the advantage.
To Fry vs Vorpal Bunny: I know, picking my own bot, but this is a really bad matchup for To Fry.
Vicious vs Salamandra: Well, I expect Vicious to be an absolute nightmare to try to smother, and Salamandra likely won't ever get its saw into play, but Vicious won't be able to cause any damage and will lose aggression.


Twin Typhoons vs Der Metzgermeister: the twins aren't fast enough to pull off any flanking maneuvers, but it doesn't matter because smothering a melty and getting DM's disc into play will be very hard and its wedge can't hold up for 3 minutes.
Splashdown vs Icebreaker: There's nothing these bots can do but hit each other, so Splashdown's 1-point of extra "weapon" armor will probably be the deciding factor.
Hobart vs Bluebot: Actually these drivetrains are pretty close, and both bots can take weapon-to-weapon hits. Note however that any chassis contact from Bluebot will end it, and I'm still not convinced Hobart won't hit itself.
Lilan vs Flash Flood: Lilian can KO, eventually, but it needs a lot of hits to do so and it's at a pretty big drivetrain and wedge disadvantage. It'll definitely win the damage score heavily, but I still see FF taking a close decision.
The Thieving Magpie vs Terpischora: Picking my own bot again, but being able to get 3-point corner damage on a flipper's wedge isn't insignificant.
Backstab vs Ramshock: Drivetrains are pretty evenly matched, neither weapon will be able to be used that much as a weapon, but Pat's pressing lifter will give him the advantage here. Don't underestimate the Lego Brick.
Burger Princess vs Killjoy II: Again, there is no way that plow is under 33% of Killjoy's area. Even if it is he's got poor traction, can't do any damage, and will take a serious beating from Burger Princess.
Krakatoa vs Dreamchaser: Whichever config Laz uses, Krakatoa has a better wedge and a better drivetrain. I also see potential for Dreamchaser to wind up stuck upside-down.


Axtinguisher vs Neurotoxin: Axtinguisher can't do damage, is outsped, and is outwedged. RIP in flames.
Gigaflare vs Blue Max: This'll be close; Blue Max is poorly controlled, but it's pretty quick, and could be hard to smother. Gigaflare can't use its weapon with the config that can survive. However, it's just too brick-y to get KOed. Unless Blue Max pulls some starting inverted shenanigans, I don't think it can take this.
Neophyte Redglare vs Dragonfist: Those flails might bounce up and damage Redglare's top forks, but otherwise this will be a gigantic smotherfest.
Hati vs Frogbot: An OOTA will be fairly difficult for Frogbot to pull off, but its wedge advantage and pretty good drivetrain could still give it the JD. This'll be close, though.
Smackdown vs Outrage: At least one of these bots will explode on the first hit, and Smackdown will be one of them.
Dredd vs Flame Grilled: Can FG even reach over that plow?
Vortex vs Harpy: It's basically brick vs. brick. Neither's doing any damage. Vortex has a better wedge, but Harpy has a significant drivetrain advantage.
Black Dog II vs Champ: BD has a slight drive advantage, a better wedge, and a really dangerous weapon. Champ will spend most of its (sub-3-minute) lifespan airborne.


Magnolia Grande vs Neuromancer: Ehh... 10-armor ABR plow vs. 15-power bar really should go to the bar. Neuromancer does have a MASSIVE drivetrain advantage, though, so this'll be close.
Lambastor vs Boy Flaily: I see 5-point corner damage in Lambastor's future.
Death Metal vs Hellhound: Goddamnit Laz. Where's the brick emoji on this forum?
Coronal Mass Ejection vs Tongue of the Fatman: TotF has stupid-looking toed wheels so the writer will probably cream his pants and make it win :V
Tulta Munille vs Vertigo: Uhh... welcome to ARC On Ice&#33; If Tulta uses its VS like not-an-idiot its wedge and drivetrain advantage might give it this.
Tabor Mk II vs The CMC: ALL of CMC's minibots outdrive Tabor. Even a turret can't make its wedge be everywhere at once.
Highland Fling 2 vs Carbon Z: If Carbon Z doesn't drive like an idiot he can get under HF's skirts, and even if he doesn't his armor is so insane that HF can't take out wheels.
StarStruk vs ICR Speedwagon: This'll be close. ICR will take some pretty serious damage. I doubt it will get an OOTA, even over the low wall, because I don't think Starstruck's hoops will even fit in the 2-foot gap. However, it can control the vast majority of this fight, so I think it has a better than even chance of taking this.
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ROBiT2 prediction thread

Post by V900 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:58 pm

Did some predictions for how my bots will perform. Question marks indicate that I'm not entirely convinced about them:

<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd>&nbsp;</dd></dl><div>Epic Waluigi:
Win vs Apoc. Peacekeeper
Win vs Salamandra
Win? vs Captain Trips
Lose vs Vorpal Bunny
Win vs to fry
Win vs Runaway Rabbit
Lose vs Vicious

Burger Princess:
Win vs Killjoy 2
Win vs Ramshock
Win vs Terpshennadennadingdong
Lose vs Backstab 3
Win vs Thieving Magpie
Lose vs Krakatoa
Win vs Dreamchaser

Win vs Flame Grilled
Win vs Outrage
Win vs Smackdown
Win vs Vortex 2
Lose? vs Black Dog
Win vs Champ
Win vs Harpy

Tongue of the Fatman:
Win? vs Coronal Mass Ejection
Win vs Magnolia Grande
Lose vs Hellhound
Win vs Boy Flaily
Lose? vs Neuromancer
Win vs Lambastor
Win vs Death Metal

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Re: ROBiT2 prediction thread

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:27 pm

Quarter Final Predictions:


Buzzcut vs. Apocalyptic Peacekeeper: Buzzcut’s quicker, and while it’s just a wedge, it’s an effective wedge, whereas Apocalyptic Peacekeeper’s clamp has serious balance issues.
Riptide vs. Epic Waluigi: Two fast vertical spinners. Weapon-to-weapon is, like… 1-0, but Riptide can tear wheels off Epic Waluigi and those parts are pretty exposed.
Hat Garage vs. Salamandra: Salamandra’s saw ain’t doing anything here, and Hat Garage has a drivetrain advantage, plus its punching bar can outrange Salamandra’s wedgelets.
Vorpal Bunny vs. Private Iron: The most destructive bots in the class face off! Both of them have the potential to KO each other, but Private Iron has to work quickly to knock VB off-balance and hit its rear, because neither its wedgelets nor its weapon will last long – and its poor control ratio may work against it there.


Flash Flood vs. Splashdown: A group stage rematch, and the results are unlikely to change. Splashdown can’t do any damage to Flash Flood’s front, and it’s facing a VERY fast robot.
Lilian vs. Thieving Magpie: Lilian can’t do that much damage to TMP’s top – not enough to KO, at least. It’s also out-wedged and out-sped. This will most likely end in a JD unless Magpie can get an OOTA, but I think TMP will take it.
Twin Typhoons vs. Terpsichora: As long as Terpsichora can keep the twins separated, its sturdy plow will let it knock them around at will, and if it can hit one not on the teeth it could cause a lot of damage.
Der Metzgermeister vs. Burger Princess: Der Metz isn’t a good design for fighting horizontal spinners, and it’s facing the most powerful one in the class.


Frogbot vs. Outrage: Outrage in theory has the power to KO Frogbot, but spaghettiboi will probably break in half again.
Hati vs. Flame Grilled: Basically Hati vs. Axtinguisher 2.
Neurotoxin vs. Harpy: Wedge advantage + lifter/clamp > 1-point speed advantage.
Dragonfist vs. Dredd: Aside from Dredd having ridiculously good frontal armor, its plow is the perfect shape for keeping flail spinners from hitting anything vital.


Magnolia Grande vs. Neuromancer: Neuromancer kind of got a lucky break getting Magnolia stuck on the arena last time, but it’s unlikely to happen again.
Tongue of the Fatman vs. ICR Speedwagon: These are both good flippers, but TOTF has the better wedge and is known for its crazy haymaker OOTAs.
Coronal Mass Ejection vs. Starstruck: Let’s be honest, CME has been sucking against horizontal spinners, so it’ll probably happen again :V
Vertigo vs. Carbon Z: Carbon Z’s basically a hard counter to Vertigo’s design.

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