Billy's/Team Eagle Robotics Showcase

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Billy's/Team Eagle Robotics Showcase

Post by Billy5545 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:51 am

Decided to make a showcase in ARC now. It will showcase any bots I have, including RA2 ones as I do a lot of RA2 more than CAD, though bots from other sources, as well as other art stuffs, will sometimes appear too.

So to start, since I want to go bot dumpy but too lazy, I'm just going to link my showcase in GTM to show my RA2 bots. Here it is: ... d-and-try/

Please disregard my DSL-S builds, as well as my very first showcased bot. You can start seeing my good stuffs once you reach page 2.

In addition, I'm going to link my creative showcase, that will show my CAD bots, as well as art stuffs: ... -showcase/

Finally, just to note, but after posting this, I'm going to start bothering to post my RA2/CAD/etc bots here rather than linking my showcase page in GTM.

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