ARC Betrayal Game!

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ARC Betrayal Game!

Post by MadBull » Tue Aug 06, 2019 5:06 am

Right, gonna give this another try. With no other RPG's going on at the moment, and with the setup of this baby being small and self-contained, I think I'm gonna have a blast doing this.

Oh, and most of you will die. Quickly.

Here are the rules.

1) You post what character you wanna play, more on that later.

2) I will assign one of you to be the "killer". I will privately contact you. We can discuss your motivations together. People eager to be the killer can privately send me a request.

3) Every round, one player gets killed. The first round that will be an NPC, so that everyone gets to roleplay for at least 1 round. During each round, the killer privately tells me who they want to kill that round.

4) Every round, each player reads the post of the host (me) for that round, and makes an RP-post to further the story. At least one RP-post per round is mandatory, building on events with more posts is welcomed. Post can be a short paragraph or a lengthier story. Also once per round, you most publically point to your 2 main suspects, either in an OOC, or by including them in your post in bold. It is crucial the killer plays along with this and also mentions 2 suspects. With only 4 people or fewer left, you must mention but 1 suspect per round.

5) Whenever a player reaches a pre-ddetermined number of votes (usually depends on how many people signed up for the game), they are forced to reveal themselves. The killer would have to admit they are guilty, and innocent players have to "officially" say that they are not the culprit.

6) People revealed as innocent may continue to play as normal, but obviously it's entirely pointless to vote for them. If an innocent player is forced into a revelation, the killer gets an additional kill at the end of that round. Usually, when someone is named as innocent, they are killed off in the next round, because otherwise it's just an extra player who can't draw attention away from the killer; however it doesn't have to be this way. The killer might also use the extra-kill to get rid of one of the other players.

7) The game ends either
- when the killer is exposed. (reaches the number of votes or gets paranoia-killed)
- when the killer has managed to kill everyone but one other player
- when it's mathematically impossible for the killer to still get caught

NOW, for the storyline... you all attend a robot combat event! As for your person, I am still making a character sheet for you guys to fill in. You can go as yourself or as a fictional character. Either way, you are gonna bring a combat robot too, so if you want you can already start posting THOSE. They can be a CAD of a fictional robot you made, or a real life combat robot if you want to. I don't care about weight classes, this isn't about the robotic combat itself after all. Show interest and post what bot you will bring!

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Re: ARC Betrayal Game!

Post by CodeSilver23 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:49 pm

Sounds cool. Guess I'll join. I'll be competing with my bot Cascade, which is a four-bar flipper.
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Re: ARC Betrayal Game!

Post by MadBull » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:15 am

that is fine for now, thanks

working on the character sheet, people who wanna enter their robots?

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