Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

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Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

Post by Cha0sFerret » Sat May 19, 2018 3:02 pm

<small>What happened to the Spring Corps reboot?</small>

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Congratulations on your acceptance into the Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau&#33; As you know, this land is protected from otherworldly evil by the Lord's will, but there are some entities who find their way into the world by way of the corrupt and the soulless who pervert His will for their own gain. This is where you, as part of the DSIB, come in. Your role in the protection of this land and her people is important, and your contributions will be celebrated.

Please come to the attached address on the 27th of this month. You will meet the rest of your team there and be briefed on your first assignment. Be prompt, as your coach is scheduled to depart from the meeting location immediately after briefing.

Best regards,

Phillip C. Winthorpe
Chairman of the Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau

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Okay, so we're looking at some early 18th century style religious/supernatural/monster-of-the-week tomfoolery here. Whatever their reasons may be, your character has applied to be one of the land's few professional demon hunters, and has just received the above letter in the mail.

Some notes so you don't screw yourself over in character creation:
  • The region is very religious, in that religious can be interpreted as "vaguely Christian."
  • Magic is a thing. It's very rare that anyone is able to use it, and those who can are invariably accused of witchcraft and/or heresy when they are found out. You have been warned.
  • Technology is limited. If it didn't exist before ~1720, it probably doesn't exist here. That said, I'll be lenient if you really want to use some specific type of gun that didn't exist until the 1730s or something like that.
  • You don
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Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

Post by BrianTheAmerican » Sat May 19, 2018 6:33 pm

NAME: Floyd O'Bairr (Real Name: Henry "Nightcrawler" Stone)

SEX: Male

AGE: 32

BACKSTORY: Alone, Henry set out to rebuild his father's life's work. He challenged the leader of a small band of mercenaries and took control, then led the "Men of the Night" as they hijacked trade caravans and stole valuable cargo. He quickly became a infamous criminal known by the name "Nightcrawler". As his notoriety grew, his men mutinied. He was abandoned, arrested, and sentenced to death. He escaped custody during a demon attack on the police escort transporting him to his execution and has been living undercover since.

Long Rifle - .50 cal, muzzle loading, flintlock - effective range up to 300 meters
Pistol - .50 cal, muzzle loading, flintlock - effective range up to 25 meters
Tomahawk - wood handle, steel head, bearded blade, armor piercing spike - effective range melee (in hand) or up to 20 meters (thrown)
Survival Knife - fixed blade, 4" blade, 8.5" overall - Primarily used for bushcraft but can be used as a weapon in a pinch
Oil Lantern - casts bright light in 30 foot radius and a dim light for an additional 20, 6 hour burn time between refills
Ammunition and Charge - .50 cal lead balls, Black Powder - enough for 50 shots
Canteen - 1 liter water capacity
Rope - 10 meters, twisted natural fiber, 3/16"
Matches - 2 small books of 20 matches
Flask - 8 oz, filled with standard whiskey
Cloak - hooded, waxed canvas, waterproof
Vest - wool
Shirt - cotton
Trousers - wool
Overbelt - leather, used for securing equipment for easy retrieval
Sling Pack - 25 liter carrying capacity, leather, waterproof, general purpose
Overboots - leather, waterproof
Gauntlets - leather, waterproof
<hr />

Perception - A history as a thief and bandit taught Nightcrawler to look where others may not

Acrobatics - Sly and nimble, Nightcrawler has a habit of getting himself out of tight situations

Combat Experience - Living a life of violent crime has given Nightcrawler the knowledge and experience necessary to keep cool in face of danger; allowing him to aim more carefully and reload more quickly than the average fighter
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Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

Post by Alexjh » Sun May 20, 2018 4:55 am


NAME: Lissandra Burrows
SEX: Female
BACKSTORY: Born into a fairly affluent family, Lissandra was sickly as a child and ended up a precocious reader. When she was 15, her father purchased the contents of a library of a local eccentric Lord who had died with no heirs as a gift for her and thought nothing of it. However, it turned out that the collection contained extensive works on the eldritch and arcane which she absorbed this fascinating new area of study really readily, and now at the age of 30 she is a world expert. Not that she thought anyone knew?
- Her own notebooks in which she has been condensing the knowledge of her book collection into something more portable for planning to write her own updated volume.
- A pair of spectacles
- Various writing and drawing equipment
- A pocket knife
- A fairly generous allowance from her father
- Her dog Damocles. He's a big woolly and muscular mastiff type thing who is very protective of her and generally obedient.


SKILLS (3 total points, unused points become additional stat points)
- Arcane Languages - she reads a number of arcane languages and can at least recognise some key words in the more obscure ones.
- Research
- Anti-magic Chants - In her studies of texts from more distant lands, she has come across a few "chants" which can be muttered under the breath to variously protect against different magics. Most notably - the Song of Oithremayeruk which makes the user and those directly holding hands with them invisible/inaudible to magical beings, the Reckoning of Thau which given enough time can break enchanted objects and magical barriers (the more powerful, the longer it will take) and The Divine Circles of the Heron Princess which creates a 2m cylinder centered on Lissandra that deflects magical energy off it in a different direction. All of these require a lot of concentration and she cannot carry out any other task while using them, including even walking.
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Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

Post by Cha0sFerret » Sun May 20, 2018 12:49 pm

Both of these look good&#33; Keep 'em coming&#33;
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Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

Post by Archangel » Sun May 20, 2018 5:41 pm

NAME: Riley McColough
SEX: Male
Age: 57
BACKSTORY: Riley has made a life of mercenary work across the country, in his home in Ireland, and on the continent. He
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Demonic and Supernatural Investigation Bureau (sign ups)

Post by MadBull » Wed May 23, 2018 2:48 am ... 46e024.jpg

Take a look at that&#33; That's a Reforged, a Dungeons and Dragons prestige class that comes pretty close to what I am going for here. If that doesn't quite meet the

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