Oddestsey: The Seven Lords (Sign ups)

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Oddestsey: The Seven Lords (Sign ups)

Post by V900 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:04 am

Name: Bob
Gender (as applicable): Duck (presumably male)
Species: Duck (circa year 2018 + 248 thousand)
Physical description: It's a fucking duck. Well, kind of.

Mostly light-beige feathers, red-brown ones on the head. Bright orange beak, various red tendrils on each side of said beak that makes it kind of look like a mustache (their practical purpose is essentially to be extra cells to aid in healing after injuries). He seems to wear a fez at all times, but it's actually a part of his body with no nerve endings at all. He's 3' 2'' tall.

-I'M THE TRASHMAN: Due to a birth defect, Bob's diet consists of dirt, rotten garbage, gasoline, used tobacco products, battery acid, so on.
-Easy Like Sunday Morning: Due to the things Bob eats, his sweat smells really bad! It smells so bad, in fact, that specimens that maintain a sustained ~20 ft proximity when sweat is being produced will begin to have nervous system failure after several minutes.
-Flight: Ducks have wings ya dumbass.

Bio: Well first off his favorite food is Hawaiian pizza (pretty much on par with the other stuff in his diet I listed tbh), so you can already tell he's a real smarmy asshole. You can blame that on people never heeding those "DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE" signs. You know, the ones that are always printed in big red bold text?
You wanna know what else would turn anybody into a smarmy asshole? If they were eating some primo garbage and accidentally jammed a syringe into themselves, granting the ability to vibrate through objects. Would that be wack or what?

Otherwise, his personality is not too complex. Give him things he likes, he likes you in return. He does, however, get dis-proportionally angry over slights. For example, someone made him believe that fried "CHICKEN" is actually made of duck instead. Needless to say, Bob is now banned from every KFC in his area for trying to peck the manager's eyes out. If that isn't an excellent display of irrationality I don't know what is.

Before getting succ'd into the multiverse or whatever, Bob lived a life as a semi-intelligent lifeform. Think somewhere between a (insert political group you dislike here) and a human in terms of his species' average intelligence. Knowledge of tools and how to logically solve problems are more-or-less up to human standard. Advanced language and emotional intelligence... not so much. Ducks have evolved to a primarily predatory species, mostly hunting after fish and birds. That's usually what they eat, anyway. Bob eats literal trash, so he has to adjust his lifestyle accordingly.
Therefore, Bob's role in future duck society (I can't believe I'm typing that out) is what humans would probably call a "bounty hunter". He lives a nomadic lifestyle, chasing down food for others who can't, and then returns it for a reward (usually temporary shelter). I couldn't think of a good way to sufficiently shitpost this section up so I'll just slap an Alex Jones reference in: He's a pioneer. His heart's big. He likes to EAT. And he's COMIN'.


-『Pizza Time』: Bob is adept at dodging attacks. To achieve this, he begins to vibrate with such an intensity that things such as fists, bullets, swords, copies of Over The Hedge on Blueray and other objects simply phase through him. To avoid being telefragged, any objects intersecting with him when 『Pizza Time』's effect is cancelled are placed immediately outside of his body and lose all momentum.『Pizza Time』 has a cooldown period equal to 3 times the duration that it was last used. If you haven't figured it out by now, 『Pizza Time』 is enabled by the so-called "fez" on Bob's head.
A D20 Roll: 17. I picked a number instead of rolling it btw :v:

This was supposed to be a joke character like Madman/Laz's but w/e

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Oddestsey: The Seven Lords (Sign ups)

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:49 pm

I made a character spreadsheet so I would remember who you all are.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Ta daaahhh~~

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