CCL: Deadshot Vs Benjiro: The Babbling Buvak

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CCL: Deadshot Vs Benjiro: The Babbling Buvak

Post by Colon_The » Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:17 am

Deadshot 6/4/2/10/8

Me 6/4(+1)/1/11(1-9-1)/7

- I raise my spinner are up and at the level of his hammer arm (but not the hammer) and drive into him, I want to take that hammer off, though I might lose my spinner or lifter in that hit, I will hopefully take out their hammer. If it doesn’t break off in that hit, I try to drive out of the hammers path, spin up, and charge again until the hammer breaks off. I also want to charge at an able, so my spinner can face the weapon arm, but their hammer won’t be facing me. So if the charge at and angle (trying to do what I said on me) I charge.
- If my spinner breaks, or both my spinner and their hammer break I will just turn into a regular lifter and just control the fight, try to get under them and prevent any more hammer hits, I will try to control the fight, flip em on their head, use the drums, I specifically want to push them into the drums/arena hazard when they are on their head.
- If my Spinner arm breaks, will be a horizontal, try to take off their forks, so I could control better, take off a wheel if I can, or just turn off my spinner to turn into a lifter.
- I would turn off the spinner and turn into a lifter if they start to land hammer blows and I begin to take some serious damage. You also might be thinking “if the spinner arm is broken, how are you going to move the lifters over it” simple I move the arm with the lifters, it’s not like the spinner arm goes stiff after breaking, it just won’t move if the want it to. If it is jammed, just wedge them into drums and just try to avoid hammer.
- Best case scenario my spinner, and arm survive and their weapon breaks I put my weapon arm back, lift them up with my secondary lifters, and bring my weapon down onto them and push em around while doing damage win my spinner
- I have less torque so I’d lose a pushing battle, but I think I can get under them/I think I have better ground clearance with my long forks.

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