Charlotte: The Astonishing Shelob Vs Black Lagoon

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Charlotte: The Astonishing Shelob Vs Black Lagoon

Post by Colon_The » Sat Jun 05, 2021 2:19 pm

C:TAS - 6/4/1/10( only 7 for spinnah)/7
BL - 4/3/1 (suffer a 50% reduction)/16-⅙

BL doesn’t even have to trpe more than a word to beat me. But I’ll try anyway.

- I’m Faster so If they start to drive toward me when I don’t want them to I’ll just back away.
- I will use my Horizontal spinnah and try to smack their side, (Omni wheels preferably, but If I can’t reach I’ll settle for weapon bearings).
- If I can’t actually reach them without using one of my wedges, I risk it and try to get under them with my Spatulas, I will not push in completely, just enough that my weapon could reach them, and make sure they don’t get to my chassis, if they start to push up too much, I back away quickly.
- After every hit I want to back away, reset, wait for BL to drive towards me, go for another hit, repeat. If I destroy the wheels on one side, I go for the other side.
- If my spatulas are destroyed, switch to Forks, then switch to wedglets, and accept my fate and run into BL, weapon first for my immediate destruction.
- If they expose their side to me, I’ll capitalize and drive into their side with my horizontal, The drive away and do my strat, unless they continue to expose their side, if they continue to expose their side I’ll do it again.
- If I get on my side I want to point out there is a self-destruct button on my head and I want BL to push it.

Let’s face it, It’s over, but I hope I have a chance, one good hit or at least have BL push the self destruct button.

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