Mechanized Mayhem Week 2: Twirley Coyote Two and a Bit vs Dead Man's Hand

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Mechanized Mayhem Week 2: Twirley Coyote Two and a Bit vs Dead Man's Hand

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:20 pm

Twirley Coyote Two and a Bit (using the Bar): Speed: 4 Traction: 2 Torque: 1 Weapon: 16 Armour: 7
Dead Man's Hand: Speed: 6 Traction: 4 Torque: 2 Weapon: 10 Armor: 9 (+1 front plate)

First things first is to get up to speed, no way is 6 going to be enough to box-rush me anytime soon, all I have to do is keep facing him when I'm up to speed. This match shouldn't be too hard, he only has 10 armour at the front and 8 everywhere else, against a 16 power weapon, it'll crumble, his weapon supports at the front are really narrow and thin with the weapon barely sticking out. Chances are, I will always be hitting them with my weapon, instead of the drum, it should only last 1-3 hits before his weapon completely seizes up, before he can put it to any good use. His robot has plenty of bits that stick out that will be oh so easy to bite into, throwing him across the arena with almost every hit, meaning that I will always have a chance to face him again and spin my weapon back up to speed, ready to approach him, getting some aggression points on the board. With every head-on impact with his weapon supports, I will also be hitting his wheelguards on the deflection, meaning I'm getting two hits in before we are flung away from eachother. I'll be sticking towards the middle of the ring, always facing him, having my weapon up to full speed, he simply cannot survive the full three minutes with all the shock damage I will be sending through his chassis. Once his weapon is gone, I can really focus on just tearing into those wheelguards of his, were it is highly likely that I could even buckle the thing into his wheels, leaving them locked up, making him a sitting duck to my assaults. If somehow he manages to get that drum into play then it shouldn't be much of a worry, with 4 teeth and such a small diameter, the chances of it getting any decent bite are next to none, let alone the fact that he probably doesn't have the speed, nor the weapon power to successfully juggle me and if he tries to flank me he will be in for a shock once I turn and wham straight into his wheelguards, possibly tearing them off! Stay aggressive in the center of that arena, avoiding the hazards and walls like the plague whilst spinning up and facing him at all times.

Best of luck!

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