Mechanized Mayhem S1: Sekhmet vs Armageddon

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Mechanized Mayhem S1: Sekhmet vs Armageddon

Post by TDG does ARC » Sat Mar 27, 2021 7:21 pm

Sekhmet: Speed: 6 | Traction: 4 | Torque: 2 | Weapon: 9 | Armour: 9

Armageddon: Speed: 5 | Traction: 4 | Torque: 2 | Weapon: 7 (1 drum 6 hammer) | Armour: 12

Aight so some of the oldest school looking bots are here to fight, neither has a wedge, neither has a deathweapon. So my strategy is to simply be aggressive, that blade is spinning downward and they don't have a flat surface to push stuff with so even though I don't have a wedge I should be able to get the better of a head on collision, hopefully causing them to destabilize and flop around, pushing power and speed is basically even so the idea for the entire fight is to keep them unbalanced and unable to get a good line up, even if they do my armor is well above what it needs to be to take basically no damage, whenever I can get them unstable I bring the hammer down to score those sweet aggression points and when the opportunity presents itself guide them into hazards for control, this 100% goes the full 3 minutes and I can grab a fairly close JD dub. Good luck : )
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