Butcher's Circus Round 2: Triple 6 vs Tower Of Gray

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Butcher's Circus Round 2: Triple 6 vs Tower Of Gray

Post by Trihunter » Tue Sep 08, 2020 4:14 pm

Tower Of GrayTriple 6
Speed: 7Speed: 6
Traction: 6Traction: 5
Torque: 1Torque: 2
Weapon: 9 (5/5/5)Weapon: 7
Armour: 7Armour: 10
Config: StandardConfig: No :)
Oh boy.

Ok, so, fairly simple plan again. Get under, lift and OotA. Nice and easy to understand. Shaba's probably doing the same. So the core point is analyzing who's able to pull that off better...

Immediate points in my favour are twofold: We have wedgelets and they don't, and we've a drive advantage, letting us get a better angle of attack and capitalize on it. As soon as we're under, grab on and lift, sticking them against the wall. T6 has higher Torque, yes, but it can't use it if it's off the ground, and even if it gets its front two wheels down, we're matching in equivalent Torque like that. It's important that on any given approach, we keep T6 facing our wedges and arm, so we can get under them, giving us more control of the match, and pressure for an OotA. When positioning, see if we can bait T6 towards the spinners, keeping us away from the danger zone of the OotA areas, whilst also potentially messing up their approach with the spinners.

Either way, get them to the outer wall, before going for either a normal lift-n-punch, or, given a proper grip and positioning, a technique I'm pilfering off of Defenestrator: a back throw OotA, hoisting T6 over ourselves and out. At the very least, it'll put them upside down, or throw them loose in an awkward position, giving us time to regroup, predict their approach from their self-right, and snag a more secure grip, perhaps on their side or back. Ideally, we sneak the grabber down underneath the flipper after they fire it to try and dislodge themselves, but any secure grab works just fine. Maybe see if we can catch their horn and use it for some leverage.

tl;dr: Bait away from OotA zones, outwedge, grab hold and go for a big yeet.
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