Butcher's Circus Round 1: Oreo Hurricane vs Not-A-Jules-Bot

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Butcher's Circus Round 1: Oreo Hurricane vs Not-A-Jules-Bot

Post by TDG does ARC » Sat Sep 05, 2020 10:59 pm

[rp=9/6/2020] So since it seems Billy didn't declare his anti HS config in time I'll be writing this assuming it has the default.

The fight starts, he is a little bit faster and more controllable but his armor is well over 6 points lower than my weapon so he'll be aiming for the back, I'll be expecting this and use the Tombstone strategy of whipping around into his plow, ripping one half straight off, now he's lacking armor but he isn't down yet, since I know the out zones are something to worry about I drive out for only a second to spin up then quickly get back into my corner waiting for him to try and hit me again, since I'm up against the wall at this point and waiting for him he'll most likely have no choice but to try and angle in where I can repeat the whip attack, I take a good shot from his spinner but he's now taken significant frame damage and I have sniped a wheel so he can't drive straight, now is my chance to really capitalize and I aim up and hit him on the the already damaged side and the get the other wheel, he's now very crippled, now I wait for him to crab walk off of the spinners knowing they'll be active soon and I don't have much traction, as soon as he's close enough I go for a ram shot, his other plow piece is ripped clean away, I ease into one of his 2 remaining wheels and snipe it, then I line up for 1 last ram attack and hit his side and last remaining wheel with full force, doing him in for good, as Oreo regains balance the count is starting and I win the fight by KO. Good luck : ) [/rp]
I'm a noob lol

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