Thundersnow VS Mimi-Chan (Butcher's Circus Round 1)

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Thundersnow VS Mimi-Chan (Butcher's Circus Round 1)

Post by GF93 » Thu Sep 03, 2020 7:41 pm

Default Configuration, no teeth on bottom row.

Looks like I've got ARC's very own Queen of Meme for my first SHW bout in a while! She's obviously capable of moving at speeds that make the Flash look like a lethargic slug by comparison, but she's 1 everywhere else and doesn't fare well from being rammed or flipped over. So... go figure?

Keeping that in mind, I'll use this fight to test the waters with the OOTA Zone; they say you need a +4-powered flipper to chuck someone out, but I think it should also be possible with a well-timed ram/lift into the ramps with my 3-powered scoop and high drivetrain. Move out quickly, keep the front facing Mimi, get to the side/corner, and flip her over with my scoop. Then, once she's on her back and helpless, get back under, get a good run-up with her toward the ramp, and right as I'm about to hit it at maximum speed, raise the lifter to slam her over the wall with the momentum, ala Storm 2 against Steel Avenger. If I can't OOTA her within a few attempts, don't worry; either turn her over again if needed and let her be counted out, or take advantage of Mimi's 1 armour to slam her hard enough into the wall to crush her. In terms of defence; just mostly keep the front to her, keep under and her flipped as much as possible, don't let the floor spinners mess up the trajectory... and don't get too complacent!

Good luck!
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