ROBOT4 MW Week 4: Dardanera vs Apeirogon II

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ROBOT4 MW Week 4: Dardanera vs Apeirogon II

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:59 pm

Apeirogon: 5/4/1/12/8, i wab point taken for arm thingy
Dardanera: 5/5/1/11/8 or 5/5/1/9/10(+2 wedge)

Billy did not declare and i win by ff.

Anyways if that doesn't happen this is the RP.
He got perfect control against my good but not quite perfect -1 control, everything else drive equal.
In the high armor config he is at most dealing 1 damage so nothing is happening. The main one may bend my wedges with 3 damage after multiple hits but that's about it. With his weapon placement and my wheelguards he can't hit my wheels at all btw.
If he goes for the normal config it wont be long before i bend his wedge up and with that spinner placement he probably wont be able to hit me, going weapon to weapon is about even but i can easily hit in between his discs to cheese him.
His only way to self right is to hit the floor and hope to land upright after, if he ends up inverted and losses weapon momentum he wont be able to self right or use his weapon. If this happen turn around and use my flipper thing from my back to either hit his weak bottom plate or bend up his front further, this also makes it way less likely for him to get flipped by my hit.
While he is bouncing after a flip try to head in, the risk isn't that great and a hit on those massive easy to hit wheels is an instant win.

Don't do dumb shit, gl hf.
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