Machina Non Grata vs Black Salvo

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Machina Non Grata vs Black Salvo

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:55 pm

Black Salvo; 9/8/3/0/10 (+2 wedge)
MNG: 7/6/2/5/10

Alright so his drive is kind of scary because it outclasses mine, but he still can’t flank me, and we have the same traction differential. Where I lack in drive, he lacks in weapon; if I can get my quite powerful flipper into play, the match changes drastically.

Start the match by trying to create space between myself and him to gauge his approach. If he’s driving cautious, go on the attack. If he’s going aggressive, evade in an attempt to compromise his charge. Considering that his drive allows him to dictate the early portions of the match, it’s crucial to figure out how he plans to attack me early on.

Either way, getting under him comes down to wedge reach. Both of us have quite a bit, but my wedgelets are skinnier and easier to get behind his leading edge. In addition, my flipper’s ‘spatula’ allows me to get leverage much more quickly when I’m under. He will be unable to monster truck from there, thanks to the horns on top of the wedge.

If I get under solidly, flip and attempt to chain him around the arena and on top of a wall. It’ll be easier to track him while he’s up there, given the limited mobility and count-out timer. When he comes down, be in a position to get right back under and flip him around some more.

If he gets under me, attempt to J-hook away, using the flipper as a last resort to free me from his grasp if need be, then get my wedge pointed back in his direction ASAP. If I’m ever flipped, self right. It’s not that hard with my flipper.

Stay away from the hazards, if I somehow end up on the wall, drive the fuck off immediately.

TL;DR: Counter his movements, get under, flip, flip, flip, etc.

GLHF Badnik!
Team ETHER 12-11
CBC: 9-9

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