I Can’t Believe it’s Not Tanto vs Green Hornet

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I Can’t Believe it’s Not Tanto vs Green Hornet

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 10:31 pm

Using the plow and heavy stoppers

Box rush him like the filthy wedge I am right from the get go, my speed is more than enough to catch up to him before he can spin up, especially with a massive, solid flywheel like that which is only 14 power too. Big solid discs like his are so easy to smother when compared to bars and such as there is more surface area for you to press up against. He has bolted on teeth which aren’t always the best, just watch any Supernova fight ever, they tend to sheer and fly off whenever they hit something seriously meaty or solid, like the wall, the arena hazard or maybe even my wedge which would leave him either unbalanced and wobbly or without any teeth at all. With my high armour I should be able to tank him until the cows come home. My big steep wedge and solid stoppers will easily deflect his spinner away, meaning he will show his backside to me after he hits it, rather than him being able to get to a wheel, even if he does, I have twelve armour all around, I am very much tough. He doesn’t have the control to consistently hit the same spot multiple times so shouldn’t be getting too many repeated hits, 14 power HSs are always pretty weak anyway. If I get under him from behind then he won’t have any wheels on the ground and his disc will just be grinding against the floor, sliding down with every second as I ram him into walls and the hazards. Always keep aggressive, coming at him wedge first at all times, smothering and giving him a violent tour of the arena. As long as I keep on him, I should easily win on aggression and control, possibly even score some points on damage too if I get him into that big hazard enough, he hasn’t got the best armour of course.
Best of luck man.

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