ROBOTS4 LWs: Cross Check vs ViberateR

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ROBOTS4 LWs: Cross Check vs ViberateR

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:51 pm

ViberateR: 4/2/1/16(15/15)/7
Cross Check: 8/7/2/1/11(+2 wedge)

Anti-HS config on

ViberateR runs both its weapons on the same motor. This means it can’t spin up one disc while the other is stopped, making it much easier to stuff. The speed is also low enough where my drivetrain can handily keep the discs from reaching full speed often. Because of this, my plow should hold up pretty well throughout the match.

When the match starts, box rush and slam ViberateR around. I’m not sure it matters which way ViberateR faces me, as my weapon isn’t all that exposed. Besides, it’s not doing much here anyway. Keep pushing ViberateR around, occasionally pushing it into the floor hazard. If the weapons get stopped against a wall or something, use the lifter to safely tip ViberateR over and rack up more control. Don’t give Rinzler 4 seconds of peace at all during the fight; I can’t let him get to full speed too many times.
Team ETHER 12-11
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