ROBOT4 FW: Firewave vs Bedlam Yard

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ROBOT4 FW: Firewave vs Bedlam Yard

Post by Mystic2000 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:31 pm

Well then... this shouldn't be too bad.

Design: I'm pretty sure i have the reach advantage compared to his disc, plus my 360° coverage means that he really can't avoid getting smacked by my tribar no matter what he does. He also has some of the most exposed tracks i've seen since Crusher on Robot Wars Series 3, meaning that there's a decent chance i can get at least one or 2 hits on those over the course of the match, which would cripple him quite a bit should it happen. As a angled spinner, he also is subject to pretty bad gyro forces, which could easily destabilise him on a big hit, leaving him vulnerable for a follow-up shot on his chassis, or those sweet, oh so exposed, tracks.

Stats: He also has 5 armor on his chassis if i remember how this works, so even my pretty weak 12 weapon will be able to hurt him quite a lot if i land a hit on anything that isn't his weapon, he'll probably be able to some damage to me too, but my range advantage and 360° coverage should alleviate that, since if he can't hit my chassis, he can't really hurt me.

Strat: So the idea here is basically to just get up to speed, and keep hitting him until he destabilises or we have a clear shot on his tracks, if he destablises, rush in and land at least one strike before he settles down again, the hope being that we can hit his chassis/tracks directly and cause severe damage.
Be careful to turn off the weapon if we start mauler dancing to avoid flipping ourselves over, tribars are naturally pretty stable (see: SoW never having mauler danced despite landing and recieving some crazy ass hits, compared to designs like Tornado Mer or Apex) and we do have a srimech, but i'm not sure if i really want to know how reliable it is.


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