Dardanera vs Shock Therapy

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Dardanera vs Shock Therapy

Post by Billy5545 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 10:49 am

Dardanera: 5/5/1/11/8
Shock Therapy: 5/3/1/14/7

We both have the same speed and torque, so one thing that we can leverage statwise is that we have far superior control than them. Even with the new rule, a lower control should still mean that the opponent still oversteers more even if it doesn't always lead to their side being open for flanking. In addition, their stronger weapon power, while we are aware it can potentially one shot us while ours need few hits, can backfire on them because this means they will gyro more, as well as taking longer time to spin up. Our weapon also has more range from the wedge than theirs.

Don't try to get under immediately at the beginning. Instead, chase and try to pressure them while preventing ourself from getting outwedged by them. We want to bait gyro from them to slow them down, as well as expose themself to a hit by us. Despite what we said about them potentially one shot-ing us, fortunately we still deal enough damage to seriously mess them up especially with corner damage, and our weapon is better at reaching their chassis and chaining hits. If we can't get under by gyro however, try to angle in on their wedgelets, which our wedge should be able to. If this still doesn't work, then try to go head on. Again, our weapon range should be decent against their eggbeater, and our weapon can still tank hits from it. The size of our weapon should also ensure that they are thrown more than us.

Once we get a hit in, immediately chain them. Try to beat them until they die, but target the wedgelets or wheels in particular. See if we can also disable the weapon. Don't let them recover and interrupt their self-righting, trying to attack too if they successfully self-right and is about to land back on their feet.

Drive well. Watch out for any tricks and don't fall for any baits. Try to exploit enemy weaknesses while not showing our own.

Good luck Badnik

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