Ori vs King Dedede (ROBOT4 Sportsman Week 1)

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Ori vs King Dedede (ROBOT4 Sportsman Week 1)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:05 am

Ori: 8/7/2/3/10 (+1 shock-mounted top panels)
King Dedede: 6/5/3/8/8

Using anti-hammer config.
Per the rules he needs fourteen hits in the same area to get through my chassis armor, eighteen to get through the top panels. He gets 1 bonus shock damage but that works out to 1 at most. That big hammer head gives him a better chance of hitting the same general area multiple times, but it also makes it very hard for him to NOT hit the panels.

Rush him down. Attack from an angle where he can’t hammer me if possible – he’s got a good drivetrain but his long wheelbase could make turning a little awkward. I can outwedge his hinged plow, and depending on how high its hinges go it could get in the way of his hammer, which has limited reach as it is. Flip him ASAP and stay on him, either getting to his sides when he self-rights and trying to slip the side of my wedge under him while leaving space for my flipper to retract, or getting under him and blocking his self-righting with the raised flipper arm. Dedede’s easy to high-center from the front and fairly easy from the sides, which nullifies his torque advantage. He’s got the hammer to jump around but he doesn’t have the reach to easily hit me while doing so. Push him around for a bit to run the clock down, then flip him again and repeat.

Also note: it looks like his hammer’s resting position is vertical? Or if not then not much behind there since the slot in his chassis doesn’t go back much. Having that heavy hammer head above him raises his CG so it’ll be harder for him to maneuver without tipping.

If he gets under me my angled front will make it easy to turn so his pushing spins me away. Supplement this with very sharp J-turns to spin away to his side.

He needs a LOT of hits to threaten me. Keep him from getting them by making him spend half the match upside down / on his side, airborne, or beached on my wedge. Throw him into the purple spinny when I can to even out the damage scores / mess up his wheels and wedge.

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