Dead Baby Cannon vs Night Slasher, RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE

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Dead Baby Cannon vs Night Slasher, RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE

Post by hide » Sat May 30, 2020 7:41 pm

DBC: baby/baby/baby/baby/baby
Night Slasher: saw/saw/saw/saw/saw

Badnik will try to downplay his drive disadvantage, saying stuff about how I only have two more points of drive than him, etc. Unfortunately for him, that is not his only disadvantage:

1. He has -2 traction, and 2WD, which is inherently inferior to 4WD.
2. I have 6 torque, with the acceleration that comes with it. He has...2 torque.
3. I have 4WD mecanums. He, obviously, does not.

So, no matter how much he downplays it, the stats (and the design) of our bots paint a very clear picture of a mobility advantage in MY favor. Then, assuming he doesn't talk about mobility, he'll probably talk about the damage his weapon can deal to me. In which case: so what? DBC is extremely hard to catch (Poison Arrow couldn't touch me and it took TRiP 2:34 to get a shot on me), and even if he can, it's not like he one shots me because his weapon is a EC saw, not a spinner. So even if he gets his saw down for a bit, I can still continue the match (see Petaflare vs Padoru Machina).

So, TLDR: as with most of my matches, I have a decent drive advantage, it'll be very hard (if not outright unachievable) for him to catch me, and when it comes to a control match, I can (and plan on) beating him handily.

So plan: do my usual trick (blitz through the rain at 8 speed to nullify the traction penalty), get over there, and exploit my mecanums. I can strafe at high speeds, and with his aforementioned drive disadvantage, it'll be hard for him to track me, let alone catch me. However, as he has to catch me in order to deal damage, he'll have to try. I can exploit this: I'll move unpredictably (albeit safely to make sure I don't get sawed), and bait him into making the wrong moves. I can change my movement pattern on a dime, and he can't stop it.

So, my strategy will to be to shake him up, and stay out of his reach, until he oversteers (again, pointing to his -2 traction) and it's 100% SAFE to go in. Once it is, I'll hit him fast and hit him hard. Those big wheels are surely vulnerable to two 2-damage hits (especially considering the double-damage wheels take), so feed them to H-Tek Sweeper as often as I (safely) can. That's going to be my main goal: dominate him control wise (while showing adequate caution), while keeping him off his toes with unpredictable driving (final note: never, never NEVER fall into the same driving patterns: always be unpredictable).

As always, GL
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