Death or Glory vs Dead Baby Cannon

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Death or Glory vs Dead Baby Cannon

Post by hide » Fri May 15, 2020 10:55 am

Mecanums + -2 traction + giant fuck-off blade = oof

But seriously, I already meme on him drivewise, regardless of his mecanums. I can angle in decently enough, and provided I drive cautiously and carefully, he shouldn't be able to hit me. It took him 2 minutes last match to kill a melty, you think he can touch a better controlled speedwedge with 7 (really 6 because mecanums) torque? I don't think so.

So, his win condition (getting a hit) is extremely hard. Meanwhile, what do I have to do to win?

Flip him.

Now, let's elaborate on how I can do so:
1. Full on ram him: 9 speed+6 torque=huge impact. I also believe I deal 9 ramming damage at full speed, which is a factor.
2. Use the housebots: ramming him into the housebots can tip him over too.
3. Ram him into the statues: same deal as housebots.
So, I have 3 fairly easily achievable methods to flip him, as well as the ol' "meme on him with the drive" trick. Once again, I can do that stuff easier than he can fulfill his win condition. He can say this is a "one hit match", but the person that needs the one hit cannot get it at all.

Anyways, start out the match with the DBC style, 8 speed box rush, get to full speed, angle in on DoG and ram it as hard as I can. If it looks unsafe, strafe away and look for a better angle. If not, go to town on him and push him into the housebot to tip him over. If he isn't tipped over then, back off, get a better angle, and full-on ram him again into a conveniently located hazard, whether that's a housebot or a statue. If not, back off, get a better angle, and ram again!

I'm gonna be unpredictable and cautious in my approach: no attacking from the same angles. I'll mix up the timing, too: don't get into a rhythm where he can catch me.

Of course, I'll also avoid the blade for obvious reasons.

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