Night Slasher vs. Poison Dart Frog

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Night Slasher vs. Poison Dart Frog

Post by Badnik96 » Sat May 02, 2020 4:40 pm

7 speed, 5 traction, 2 torque, 5 weapon, 11 armor (+3 front)

4 speed, 2 traction, 1 torque, 15 weapon, 8 armor

with this much of a speed and armor advantage, plus his complete inability to get under my front forks without flanking ability, i should be okay here. rush in at the start with the saw arm pressing down to keep my nose on the floor. get under him, bring him to the wall and let the sparks fly. even if he climbs up the wedge, the only things he's chewing on are the rubber bumpers i have installed to keep bots from attacking my chassis, so i should be alright in that regard. he's not fast enough to properly escape the wedge if i charge forward as soon as i'm underneath, but watch out for any cheeky j-hook maneuvers regardless.

It takes 20 seconds to cut through his armor, and there's a 30-second pinning limit. you do the math, i should be slicing up his innards with every pin since there's nothing for him to bite and he doesn't have the drive power to muscle out of it. keep slashing until he stops moving.

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