CCL: Final - Ori vs Death Metal

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CCL: Final - Ori vs Death Metal

Post by Shaba117 » Fri Aug 06, 2021 8:31 pm

Ori: (Spirit Smash config) - Speed 7, Traction 7, Torque 2, Weapon 3, Armor 11 (+2 plow)

DM: (Angled-edge bar) - Speed 4, Traction 2, Torque 1, Weapon 16, Armor 7

Starting upright

I lost a close one to Ori last time because I was focusing too much on keeping to the center of the arena and using my more blunt-edged toothed bar that caused more recoil, along with more deceptive/defensive maneuvers...not this time!

Changing to angled bar to cause more 'cutting/piercing' damage rather than blunt force (and the ensuing recoil!)

Spin up, but head towards the corner of the arena where the hole is in the Razor. Now, it is not determined which side I'm starting at and if I'm on the far starting square, then just meet Ori head on and then try to have him follow me over to that corner. I know, I'm *purposely* going near the corner AND the Razor...but it's still up. I can safely be in this area until 1:30 into the match where the wall will drop to 3 feet and I will be in its OOTA range. Now, the hole itself...will likely not be an issue for me, but Ori is compact (think of S3 Tantrum). I'll try to position myself in a way to knock Ori through that hole while it's still in play during the first minute...or at the least send it repeatedly into the Psycho Exes.

If that doesn't work and the match progresses past the 1:30 mark, then back off from the Razor and try to keep my back towards the opposite (hazard-free) corners. Meet head-on with Ori and try to weaken it over time. It may start losing some drivetrain accuracy and speed and I will use that to capitalize on a corner/wheel to disable Ori further. Also, the wall will end up fully lowered at 1 foot and I could land a shot that could send Ori over that.

Note: The angled-edge bar can change spin direction and this will be the extent of 'trickery' that I will employ in this match to easier catch a wheel/corner.

Power down the weapon until stabilized if airborne from recoil and avoid the Razor side of the arena after 1:30. Also, try to avoid the Wild Flings, but that is lesser priority.

So yeah, this is it...the Final match of CCL - GL and let's have a great fight, HFL!

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Re: CCL: Final - Ori vs Death Metal

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Aug 06, 2021 8:31 pm

Shaba’s using the angled bar this time so I’m pretty sure she’s gonna try to cut into my ears.

Okay, my strategy’s still pretty much the same. Be aggressive without being reckless, ram and smother, throw her into the hazards, and try to get her out after 2 minutes. However if she’s inverted I need to be extra careful to avoid letting her hit me in bad locations, and GET HER UPRIGHT ASAP.

However, if she starts inverted then unless she turned her bar upside-down on the mounts her blade bevel is inverted and looks close in steepness to the INSIDE edges of my ears. She might just strike with the “flat” of the bevel and not have the edge dig in, especially once initial hits shave off some metal / curl the edge back. If she’s inverted I want to hit her with the center of my plow so she strikes either the face of the inside edge of the ears; be careful to avoid getting hit on the outside edges since those are steeper.

If she did turn the bar upside-down, then she’ll cut in better when she’s inverted, but when she’s upright the bevel will be inverted and the lower part of my plow should deflect it pretty easily.

I know there’s going to be “Billings Bait” maneuvers from her. Try to bait her into turning early by just bumping the throttle and then braking, and/or sit in one place until she moves to attack me and THEN ram her. Mix in genuine attacks: if she’s showing me her side go after the weapon. If she’s showing me her back she’ll probably turn in the direction of her counter-torque, so veer off to the side to anticipate which way she’ll turn and catch her weapon. If she goes the other way she’ll be fighting her counter-torque to try to turn more than 180 degrees before I fly right past her.


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