ccl: Chemical Reaction vs Deadshot

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ccl: Chemical Reaction vs Deadshot

Post by patrickrowberry » Wed Jul 21, 2021 2:15 am

him: Speed: 5 Traction: 4 Torque: 2 Armour: 7 Weapon: 12

me: 6/4/2/8/10 (+2 to wedge)

hi arc's version of amethyst he will try get under me and take out my wheels but the issue as long as he hits my wedge he does no damage we as every axe hit i do will do 2 damage per hit he can spin up weather or not a box rush so i'm going to take this in a very odd approach

may strategy arcs to jab style boxing i will keep him at long reach and keep throwing long punches keeping centred and keeping in the middle of the arena as much as possible i want ot throw long axe attacks then slightly retreat then keeping my gaud up making sure tbr keeps at long range to wither he is disk or wedge first let him be the aggressor if necessary and don't be fancy with my shots just direct blow after blow keeping him at arms reach if he does get under try turn out of it angling out and get back to the centre keeping him at a distance and go again


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Re: ccl: Chemical Reaction vs Deadshot

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Jul 23, 2021 6:39 pm

Disc weapon for this fight

Deadshot’s axe has a weapon that won’t do a lot of damge so that’s one thing I’m not worried about. My weapon however is still strong enough to make some damage. So I actually want to create some damage to Deadshot’s front and try to buckle or dent up the side/corners.

The rest of Deadshot’s armour is also vulnerable to Reaction’s weapon power, so I’ll need to focus on hitting Deadshot as much as I can. Deadshot’s traction may hurt him to have the proper grip to try and catch me.

Try and cause as much damage as possible and just keep on hitting him with the disc.

Good luck and may the best robot win

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