Freshmen Fight League: Charlotte: The Astonishing Shelob Vs Green Eggs and Slam

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Freshmen Fight League: Charlotte: The Astonishing Shelob Vs Green Eggs and Slam

Post by Colon_The » Tue May 04, 2021 3:37 pm

C:TAS: 6/4/1/10(only 7 for the spinner)/7
Green Eggs and Slam: 7/6/1/0/13

From what I’ve heard they decided not to FF *insert happiness noise*
  • I want to start with my bot’s track starting facing sideways , now with my shell they can’t see that, I expect a box rush so I will just drive away when they get close and have them drive into the wall.
  • After they hit the wall I want to rush in with one of my fork/wedglet wedges and get under them, then drop spinner into them, I want to try and hit the thwack arm.
  • As always I always want forks facing them if they have a wedge facing me since they have a more powerful drive train my forks is the only advantage I’ve got, but if they start to spin I want to turn my wedge towards them and try to deflect them and/or get under and push them around.
  • I also want to have my vert down and facing them to scare them a bit, but bring it up when they no longer have the wedge facing me, I will try to have the spinner as low as possible to try and hit them and lift up their wedge, then try to get under them in the split second their wedge is slightly in the air.
  • If they get under me I’ll either try to swing my weapon down and try to hit them, or if I am amble to reach them spin my weapon around and swing violently whilst my shell spins and spits flames, to either dislodge myself or intimidate my opponent.
  • If I get under them and am pushing them around I want to push them into the drums and try to keep them there as long as possible, whilst hitting them with my vert.
  • If I get the chance, say I have them pinned not on the drums or they are disabled, I want to have my fire forks turned to them, I want grill their Slam and cook their eggs
Good Luck to Green Eggs and Slam, I hope you do better after this round.

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Re: Freshmen Fight League: Charlotte: The Astonishing Shelob Vs Green Eggs and Slam

Post by NickyDustyOwl » Thu May 06, 2021 9:01 pm

Right I decided to not pussy out so lets have some fun

His bot is....interesting to say the least. So im going to do my usual, come out fast and jock into position. He has some exposed angles between the front and the side that I can get under. Try to get under from there and since he has Tank Treads and those are mostly suspect to getting torn up by killsaws. Take him to the killsaws. Grind up that bottom plate like a girl in a-(REDACTED). Anyway, back up and then try to get under him from said exposed side and this time toss him into the drums. While he is on the drums. im going to do a first in this comp, im going to SnS. By the time he is off, I should be up to speed to whack him a good one time. After that get other him once more and this time ram him into the The Razor and hopefully this does something???? idk man. Try to get under him once more and just try to push em around until the one minute mark, once I get there. Ram them into The Razor once more and hopefully it gets them out of the arena

Good luck Colon
I do RA2 most of the time and im funny sometimes

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