Mechanized Mayhem Week 2: Danger Zone vs Mirage

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Mechanized Mayhem Week 2: Danger Zone vs Mirage

Post by Madman » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:28 am


Mirage: 4 speed / 4 traction / 1 torque / 11 weapon / 10 armour - overhead spinner

Danger Zone: 6 speed / 5 traction / 1 torque / 10 weapon / 8 armour - flipper

  1. Note that I have a +4 armour bonus on my plow because my flipper has 10 power. This gives me enough armour to suffer no damage (even on corner hits) as long as I tank them with my plow. I've got a pretty significant speed edge, so this shouldn't be hard.
  2. Mirage is completely noninvertible if you just look at it. I flip it once and it's finished. Obviously, I wanna flip it.
  3. There's also no indication that its hinged wedge has limiters and, with the shape of my plow and how short his overhead blade is, I'll go wedge to wedge before taking a hit. If I lose, back off rapidly and let him chase. That'll press me against the floor too. Try again. If I win, I get under. Flip immediately.
  4. If the OOTA is there, I'll take it. I have the power to OOTA from as far as just inside the blue circle. I'm not gonna specifically hunt for it, though.
  5. He'll probably try to get around my plow. Just don't be dumb and stay pointed at him. He has perfect traction, but mine's not bad by any means and he's just too slow unless I really mess up and give it to him.
TL;DR: Come straight at him, plow first, quick and aggressive but not stupidly aggressive. Flip him over or OOTA (whatever's easier). Keep the plow facing him. Keep the pressure on. Avoid hazards.

GL Nick

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Re: Mechanized Mayhem Week 2: Danger Zone vs Mirage

Post by NickyDustyOwl » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:58 pm

I thought I was facing someone completely different so I assume there must of been a pull out or smth idk

Danger Zone is a flipper so I basically lost lol. Im going to try and head off to the side of the arena and get up to speed and try to side swipe the side of the flipper which should hopefully buckle it so it cant get under me so easily. I still wanna try and not be aggressive and just get my spinner up to full speed and try to find an opening on the side that'll hopefully lead to the flipper breaking off. With that out of the way his armor is only 8 so it shouldnt take long for me to KO it. However I dont wanna push to hard so I just wanna spin up and keep hitting it and hopefully KO it with 2:30 on the clock.

This isnt long enough but im calling it here. GG Madman you already won this lol
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