Jackal VS OTSC v2.0 (D12 Quarter-Finals)

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Jackal VS OTSC v2.0 (D12 Quarter-Finals)

Post by GF93 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 4:19 pm

Standard Setup with Wedge/Forks.
We're identical in drivetrain stats and his armour's tougher, but I crucially have my weapon(s) to flip/shove him with. Regardless of which way up he is as well, he won't be able to get me as far up the wedge as I can with him, and I'll always have at least two wheels touching the floor at any time; I'll generally find it easier escaping/countering. I also have a potential means of KOing him by stacking him onto his side with either end of my lifter (with how little the mounts jut out and the thickness of the side armour, his wheels likely won't have enough grip to tip him back over), and despite him having two different wedge setups depending on which way he is, his corners are vulnerable on both; my forks are also small enough to go between the gaps in his fork side and should be able to get under the flat side in most cases.

In any case, be the aggressor throughout; taking advantage of my weapons to control the flow of the match and generally keeping him forced on the backfoot throughout. Move out quickly, watch where he approaches from, and mix up mine accordingly. Either attack from the corners, feint a corner approach then dodge/counterattack the side when he turns in, and if I'm feeling daring, use my wedge to either slot the forks between his (if he's upside-down) then turn to force my way under, or press down slightly and use them to try and get under head-on. If it works, great. If not, don't panic; escape by reversing and either j-hooking/feinting it one way, then immediately swinging the other way.

Mix up my attacks/counters to keep him guessing, combo him with flips/rams, herd him into the walls/hazards, and force him into the drums; ideally wheel-first to cripple his mobility ASAP. Copy his movements to prevent him escaping when underneath (be ready to catch him if he tries monster-trucking), pursue him if he runs, actively stop him from mounting attacks, don't fire the weapons unless definitely underneath, and avoid hazards unless taking him to them myself. If can soften him up enough, stack him on his side against the wall to finish him, staying nearby in case he falls back down. Self-right immediately then escape to stop him taking advantage if flipped.
In any case, hopefully this should do the job. Good luck!

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Re: Jackal VS OTSC v2.0 (D12 Quarter-Finals)

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:22 am

Jackal: 7/6/4/4/9 standard config w/wedge/forks
OTSC: 7/6/4/0/13 standard config

Yeah so the lifter moves the front wedge and the arm thingy that is itself attached to the front wedge, right?
We have the exact same stats on our drivetrains, i have 2wd while he has 4wd so if i get under i can push him but he cant say the same.
He can not use his weapon to lift me entirely of the floor, if he tries i will slip off those little forks and get under him for free. He can't use his clamp to clamp and lift because the mechanism doesn't allow it, it wouldn't work anyways so idk. He could control me completely by using his front as a ramp and getting me on top of him, then using the clamp to throw me somewhere, he can't OOTA me this way and i am inmune to the hazards tho. Just don't charge directly at him if he tries this once.
If we are in a pushing match and i am under i should be able to chose where we go, so aim for a drum hazard, he takes 3 damage from those and those very exposed rear wheels should be toast in one easy hit.

As to how i get under, start inverted and head straight on, i should be able to more or less cancel out any angling of his if he tries.
Our forks align perfectly so none of them touch each other and all and those little forks of him are useless if they don't have anything to get under.
If his forks actually work as forks then the rest of the wedge isn't actually flush with the floor, thus i get under it easily. Even if that isn't the case somehow i still have the wedge advantage.
If i get flipped just go with the flat wedge, try to get in at an angle but don't count on it.

If he gets under me and tries to lift just back off, unless that proves to not work somehow i guess.
If he gets under and does not lift, especially if he uses the clamp, then we should engage in an even pushing match that ends up being a huge waste of time. Do engage in the waste of time unless we are over halfway through the fight and i haven't done anything good yet.

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