Avanti! vs Cross Check

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Avanti! vs Cross Check

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:33 pm

Avanti!: Speed: 8 Traction: 7 Torque: 3 Weapon: 0 Armour: 12
Cross Check: Speed:8/Traction:7/Torque:2/Weapon:3/Armor:10(+1 wedge)

Using the underall Wedgelets

So yeah, try and be aggressive right off the bat, iirc my higher torque gives me a better acceleration which should be good for my planned manoeuvres, I can be the aggressor upon approaches too, probably up to a higher speed than he is. Having Wedgelets is fine, but when they’re decently long and quite towards the centre of your wedge, they are just begging to be angled in on, they’ll be the only things scraping the ground and with my Wedgelets being longer, it is pretty much a free token to get under, even if we go head on. I have four chances to get under him with my independently hinged forks whilst he has only two, even if he gets under one of my forks, I almost definitely get under him with one of my other 4, having the higher torque means I’ll be the one pushing him around when we do lock up, hopefully I can pin him against a wall or let that hazard chew on him, gotta win on damage, aggression and control after all in convincing fashion. The one glaring problem with his design is the big chain sprocket which drives the lifter is really quite exposed at the front and with all these head-on collisions, it’s just begging to have a Wedgelet bump into it and break the chain that powers it, rendering the weapon useless. I’m symmetrical upside down and right-side up, being tossed over shouldn’t really matter when I can just go right after him again like nothing has changed after a flip. If I get under him even slightly from the side, he will be beached up on my forks and unable to get off, making him easy to ram around the place, his wheels might stick out the back but with how incredibly low his ground-clearance is from the sides, he is quite vulnerable. Angle in at all times, using my quicker acceleration to get the upper hand, always facing him Wedgelets first and keeping that aggression up, not giving him an inch and reversing off of him if he gets under me properly, my wheels stick out the back and I should always have one touching something to drive off. Pin him every now and then to assert my dominance, but mostly just keep ramming him around the place, especially into that hazard, the more I can knock loose the better.
Best of luck!

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Re: Avanti! vs Cross Check

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:45 pm

Normal config

I’m going to assume he’s using his ‘Underall’ forks

So, a couple issues with the Underall wedgelets: they aren’t spring-loaded, like mine, and they are easy to angle in on once one is compromised. This means my wedgelets will likely get under at least one of his. If/when that happens, Avanti will have a hard time getting away. Also, Ethan is bound to be particularly confident, even cocky, against some RA2 bot. I will absolutely exploit this.

To start the fight, rush aggressively toward Avanti before reversing to a side just before we meet. If Ethan falls for the bait, I have free reign over Avanti to lift it and slam it into walls. ‘At least one wheel on the ground’ doesn’t mean too much when there are six wheels trying to push you into a wall. If Ethan doesn’t fall for it, resort to plan B and keep the bait in my back pocket if I notice his driving becoming particularly ballsy.

Plan B is to use my wedgelets to get a hold on his outer wedgelets, turn in, and charge full speed to slam him into a wall. If Ethan backs up, let him cede the control momentarily and get into position to try again. Make sure to keep myself near the center of the arena for optimal room to move, keeping Avanti between myself and a wall. Keep this up, poking and prodding until one of us makes a mistake. Vary my speed, depth and angle with each attack to keep Ethan on his toes, but making sure to not get too cute with it. Eventually, someone will make a mistake. If Ethan fucks up, charge, shove, lift, slam, repeat until he gets away. If I mess up, Ethan will try to do the same, so just try to gun it in any direction until I get away.

What this strategy does, in effect, is limit the amount of meaningful encounters we have, and thus, limit the meaningful encounters I can lose. While I can’t win a flat head-to-head wedge fight, I can get the occasional opportunity from a corner or side and make the most of it with a quick lifter and great drivetrain. Hopefully these few moments, being more visually dominant than a simple shove thanks to the active weapon, will be able to counteract Avanti’s likely wedge advantage.

GLHF Ethan. May the better brick win (and probably get its shit kicked in by Drew next round)
Team ETHER 12-11
CBC: 9-9

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