Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

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Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by That Kode Guy » Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:17 pm

[placeholder text; I'll make a fancy poster at some point, so hold your water, macs]

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: August 14th, 2022

Banned robots
Flying robots
Clusterbots that don't have the same motivation in all their parts

Sign-up Info

- Anywhere between 8-12 robots are entered in each weight class (Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, Superheavyweight) and are assigned stats using 30 points per bot. Points will be divvied up by 5 categories:

-Weapon Power

The battles will take place in a Round Robin style with playoffs afterward to determine the champion of each weight class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Look, I know a lot of you all are busy, or just not feeling the robot itch as much as before. I sympathize, for I've felt the same way. Therefore, you are more than welcome to not enter a full team. In fact, if you want, you can enter one robot. Just be sure to count the number of entrants so far so you don't go over the max limit of 12. However, EVERY weight class must have the same number of robots by sign-up end. I don't want to have to account for 8 heavyweight robots and 12 lightweight robots. :P

Role Play Rules

- You'll be expected to follow proper role-play etiquette; no directly referencing others RPs, whether in your reply RP, or bringing it up in the discussion thread. If you don't trust the staff's bullshit detectors, don't play.

- As a follow up to this, absolutely NO being completely arrogant, either in your RPs or in the discussion thread (i.e. "I'll probably pwn this guy all over the place"). This also applies to public complaining about results. Okay, if you want to know why you didn't win, you're perfectly fine with posting about it in the discussion thread, as long as there is some good degree of reasonability to it (which the staff will determine, not you). But don't piss and shit all over the discussion thread or the Discord servers with "how the fuck did I lose to him, that's retarded" or similar comments. You will get suspended from the tournament for the next week, have any RP threads you put up be ignored/deleted, and automatically go 0-4 for that week.

- Be concise, but specific; you have a 400 word RP limit to work with. It will be a soft limit... and by soft, I mean that if you go over by what the writers determine is okay, then you're toast. :V

- Use proper grammar and spelling - this isn't college, but no one is going to read an RP written entirely in leetspeak or whatever the fuck it is you kids do these days.

- Do not spend too long talking about stats/design - RPs are your strategy. The writers here aren't stupid, they've been around for awhile and can see when a stat allocation is poor or a design simply won't work. Instead focus on what you plan to do during the fight.

- Fight cards will be posted on Sunday usually (as are results, mostly), and you will have one week to post your RPs. If the fight card is, for whatever reason, late, you will still have a full week to RP.


Ruination: The Tempest returns to following the official ARC ruleset, rather than going off of its own playbook.

See it here --> ... _SAl_JtECk

Role play rules are briefly reiterated, just so you know. :V


Yes, you read that right. ArenA. As in, only one. No dumb gimmicky arenas this time around.

Only the tried and true Battlegrounds remains. Enclosed 48ft x 48ft square with 1 pulverizer in each corner (with 2 variants; pointy are in adjacent corners to blunt) and 2 sets of killsaws. No OOTAs.

Overhead view

Close up of blunt pulverizer

Close up of pointy pulverizer

Close up of killsaws

Note #1: The tournament hosts and main writers reserve the right to modify a bot's individual stats based on discrepancies with the picture of the design. The hosts and main writers also have the right to reject any robot submission, stat allocation or design aspect that is considered to be unfair or exploiting the rules in any way.

Note #2: The staff for this tournament are as follows:

Lead Writers
- Kody Kunz (me)
- Josh Noel

Writing Staff
- Siobhan
- Noah
(more to be added... hopefully; please let me know if you would like to write)

Note #3: In the previous tournament, I threw a blanket ban on dumb, offensive, and/or long names since I was pretty hardass about it. (who wants to write My Hands Are Abandoned Factories Manufacturing Heartbreak And Hate For The World over and over again in the results? Certainly not me) I will be a bit more lenient here, as we're p/ chill as a community whole right now... but I will still call a name into question if it's a bit pushy. :P

If you have any questions/concerns, whether it be about a match, the structure of the tournament, or hell, anything about it in general, feel free to let me know on here, Discord, or whatever medium you can find me on.

Let's have a good tournament y'all.



(stats and render to follow)

(stats and render to follow)

Industrial Bastardization
(stats and render to follow)


Current entrants:

LWs [11] || CLOSED
I Can't Believe It's Not Tanto || Botomatic1000
Venice Queen || ...Venice Queen :V
Failure Duplicator || YSMQTHLQYH
25 or 6 to 4 || Wolf51-50
Pink Wedge || patrickrowberry
Shade Fist || Badnik96 (stats/pic needed)
Burning Blue || British-Robotics
Flipkick ||Hooray For Lexan
Scrapper || Trihunter
Ayame || GF93
Whipscorpion || Mystic2000

MWs [9]
Juno || That Kode Guy (stats/pic needed)
Torschlusspanik || Botomatic1000
Antimatter || YSMQTHLQYH
Containment Breach || TDG does ARC
MORE PUZZLES || Wolf51-50
Bite Me || patrickrowberry
STUN || Badnik96 (stats/pic needed)
Black Hazard || Trihunter
No Tomorrow || Mystic2000

HWs [10]
Misato || That Kode Guy (stats/pic needed)
Xtreme PneumatiX || Botomatic1000
Chimera || Venice Queen
Taisabachi || YSMQTHLQYH
Rampage || TDG does ARC
Fork The Wind || patrickrowberry
2-face || TurtleBack!
Project Nightfall || Badnik96 (stats/pic needed)
Compound Fracture || Hooray For Lexan
Apocalyptic || Tcrrr (pic needed)

SHWs [8]
Industrial Bastardization || That Kode Guy (stats/pic needed)
Industrial Discipline || Botomatic1000
Multicrap || YSMQTHLQYH
Not So Huge || patrickrowberry
Deep Dish Destruction || Tcrrr (pic needed)
Phantasmic Slammer || Badnik96 (stats/pic needed)
Chieftain || GF93
Hartmann's Youkai Bot III || Trihunter

Ready to go:
10 LWs
7 MWs
7 HWs
5 SHWs
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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Botomatic1000 » Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:36 pm

Oh god, is it entry time already?
Team Riptide: Advanced Robot Combat

Lightweight: I Can't Believe It's Not Tanto
2WD solid brick with interchangeable Wedges. Most likely will be swapped out with something else
Speed: 8 Traction: 7 Torque: 3 Weapon: 0 Armour: 12

Middleweight: Torschlusspanik
Drum spinner, 2WD, yada yada yada
Stats to be decided

Heavyweight: Xtreme PneumatiX
2WD Low-Pressure flipper, I am probably going to make a new version though.
Speed: 7 Traction: 6 Torque: 2 Weapon: 3 Armour: 12

Superheavyweight: Industrial Discipline
4WD Hammer/Pusher thing, might be replaced with something else I have planned...
Stats to be decided

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Venice Queen » Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:42 pm

// will write up to 2 fights/week if needed //

Lightweight // Venice Queen


Speed: 10 // Traction: 8 // Torque: 2 // Weapon: 1 // Armor: 9 (+2 front)

4-bar flipper. relevant things are hinged before someone chews my ass off in an rp about it. all. wedges. (ok technically the ABR wedges are shock mounted but like no one ever treats that as any different nd they still do ground scrap-ey stuff)

Heavyweight // Chimera


Speed: 7 // Traction: 7 // Torque: 2 // Weapon: 5 // Armor 9 (+2 weapon)

4-bar flipper. silver wedge/forks hinged, limited 25 degrees up 5 down to prevent weird folding incidents. 5 inches tall - accommodates for compact shape by having minimal CO2 storage (air tanks hold enough air for 5 flips), and an onboard compressor. this gives it functional infinite flips, it just can't really do more than 5 in a row.

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:49 pm

Oh yeah i forgot to mention, i am willing to chip in with the writing

So anyways, time for unfinished signups:
I am entering a bot in all four weightclasses, have some work in progress pictures and a draft of their stats for 2 of them for now.

Failure Duplicator
  • Speed: 4
  • Traction: 2
  • Torque: 1
  • Weapon: 16 (-1 each)
  • Armour: 7
More images
Upside down in overcutter mode
The eggbeater and the undercutter do the same motor thing.
Eggbeater is on a hinge so like it works when the bot is upside down.
Undercutter becomes overcutter when upside down, more like mid cutter because bot is think but you get what i am saying.
Side wedgelets are hinged, aren't free enough to get stuck under the bot but they do articulate enough to sorta kinda work when upside down. I can mount them backwards to use them properly with the overcutter mode (i should probably make a render of this)
honestly i should redo all the renders, i can already see the mistakes and i should get a proper metal texture for the underside
Yeah i don't really have a middleweight rn, expect me to play hot potato with my old bots until 2022/08/14 23:59
  • Speed: 1
  • Traction: 1
  • Torque: 1
  • Weapon: 18
  • Armour: 9

WIP2.png (2.99 MiB) Viewed 374 times
  • Speed: 6
  • Traction: 4
  • Torque: 2
  • Weapon: 8 [7 spinner / 1 clutch transfer flipper (4 effective power)]
  • Armour: 10

Super Heavyweight
WIP1.png (568.96 KiB) Viewed 374 times
  • Speed: 6
  • Traction: 5
  • Torque: 2
  • Weapon: 7 [5 spinner (one point of armor bonus to pneumatic arm) / 2(1 lifter / 1 clamp / 1 flamethrower)]
  • Armour: 10
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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by attackfrog » Wed Apr 27, 2022 1:18 pm

To whom it may concern,

It is my great aspiration in life to create one or more robots to enter into this most august tournament.


Frogbot 2000: ROBOT2 Middleweight Champion!
Speed Bison: Ruination IV Superheavyweight 2nd Place

[attackfrog on Sketchfab] | [attackfrog on Tinkercad] | [Index of Visual Guides]

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Trihunter » Wed Apr 27, 2022 1:24 pm

Cool Story Brobotics

LW: Scrapper




Speed: 4 / Traction: 2 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 16 / Armour: 7
You'll need to organize to bring this thing down. But don't even THINK about starting a union!

Fresh from upscaled deployment in D12, Scrapper's ready to rumble. Again, nothing too fancy to say here, aside from it being invertable and having a backup wedge, just in case.

MW: Black Hazard

RabbitTank (No forks)


KeyDragon (Forks)

Speed: 5 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 13 (Alt: 11) / Armour: 7 (Alt: 9, +2 wedge)
Super Best Match! Are You Ready?

Your bog-standard 2WD vert, but with an innovation of sorts. The front and side wedgelets are carefully positioned so all four should correctly press at once without compromising downforce. The front and side wedgelets, as well as the wheels on top, are all removable.


SHW: Hartmann's Youkai Bot III

Rorschach in Danmaku (6-Toothed Disc)

Id/Ego (2-Toothed disc)

Danmaku Paranoia (Tribar)

Speed: 4 / Traction: 2 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 16 / Armour: 7
Have you heard?
If you use that phone there...
You can have your wish granted...
But once that wish is granted...
That person will...
be killed.

Edginess aside, HYB's back. Again. Running back the more durable tribar config for extra range when needed, a reworked chassis design allowing for precise inverted movement, and a redistributed drivetrain, granting the inverted blade a downwards angle.

Official participant in ARCcon Europe
ROBOT 2 FW Shitbot Showdown winner
ROBOT 2 MW Shitbot Showdown winner
ROBOT 2 HW Shitbot Showdown winner
ROBOT 2 Most Trophies (Runner-up)
Official voter in OSCARC 2018
Best Meme 2018 (Mimi-Chan)
ICEcrown Champion (Steelhead)
CBC3 SHW Runner-Up (Hartmann's Youkai Bot II)
CBC4 LW Runner-Up (Scrapper)
ROBOT4 Sportsman Runner-Up (Split Personality)

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by TDG does ARC » Wed Apr 27, 2022 2:30 pm

Oh hey ARC is alive again

Lightweight: TBD

Middleweight: Containment Breach
containmentbreach2.png (186.52 KiB) Viewed 351 times
SPEED: 6 | TRACTION 6 | TORQUE 3 | WEAPON 2 | ARMOR 13 (+1 frontplate/wedgelets)
Wedgelets hinged, sewer snake type top hinge lifter

Heavyweight: Rampage
Rampage-bot-2021 (1).jpg
Rampage-bot-2021 (1).jpg (152.48 KiB) Viewed 351 times
SPEED: 5 | TRACTION: 4 | TORQUE: 1 | WEAPON: 11 | ARMOR: 9 (+2 wedge)
For the sake of lulz the wedge lip is hinged, also invertible (stfu this isnt real life :V)

Superheavyweight: TBD
Just here to have a good time

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Wolf51-50 » Wed Apr 27, 2022 3:23 pm

Until I can regain the time and motivation to making new bots, you're gonna get some old boomer bots instead :V

LW: 25 or 6 to 4

Hey, in my defense, it's never fought before 😛


2WD tribar drisc spinner. Each blade is labeled with the number 25, 6, or 4. Big red wheels for added traction. Meant more for punting and flinging instead of slicing. Won't kill ya, but you might have your tires slashed. White forms are connected to the red wedges and are shock mounted.
Self rights using the spinner as a kickstand, mostly invertible

Speed: 6
Traction: 5
Torque: 1
Weapon: 9
Armor: 9 (+1 front including weapon)




Big spinner yayyy
Gyro walker that uses the momentum from a single tooth disc to pivot on one foot. Weapon moves side to side like Wrecks or Gyrobot using a motor on it's green supports. Has three points on the floor to keep it stable. It is indeed quite the puzzle itself, as it's one of the more unpredictable bots in the field, and it's not exactly easy to flip either, as the body is designed to stay upright due to the weight of the weapon and the angle of the body. Flipping it will usually lead to it rolling back onto it's feet. There are also some static rings on the back just in case
In the case that it is flipped over, it can use the disc to self right and fling itself through the air

Speed: 0 (4)
Traction: 2
Torque: 0 (0)
Armor: 11
Weapon: 17
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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by patrickrowberry » Wed Apr 27, 2022 4:06 pm

pink wedge ( grabber)
8/7/3/2/10 (+2 to wedge) ... -819313128

bite me (crusher )


pic coming


fork the wind

(fork config) Image

(wedge config) Image

4 wheel drive with a medium wheel base and hinged forks

(can self right with vert)

stats 7,6,2,8,7 (with forks) 7,6,2,5,10(+ 2 to wedge -3 to base armour=7, for wedge set up)

not so huge (huge clone vert)

stats: 5/4/1/14/6

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by TurtleBack! » Wed Apr 27, 2022 6:07 pm

Coming soon

MW: Coming Soon



*not actually made by me, it’s a commissioned bot made for me lol*

A dual wedge bot that focus on absolute aggression!

Speed: 8
Traction: 7
Torque: 3
Weapon: 0
Armor: 12

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Badnik96 » Wed Apr 27, 2022 6:11 pm

Team Ignition

(all stat loadouts are formatted as speed/traction/torque/weapon/armor)

LW: Shade Fist
one last hoorah for the best lightweight i own that hasnt won a title yet

ground game focused vert project

HW: Project Nightfall
rotator's edgy sonic oc

SHW: Phantasmic Slammer
ok fine you tugged my arm
Team Ignition
Redline: Robot Bastards 1 LW champ
Pyrite: FRR Backlash LW champ
The Debilitator: Cherry Bomb Classic 1 LW champ
Sling Shot: Bot O' Rama 2016 Sportsman champ
Doomerang: Robot Fight Night HW champ

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by British-Robotics » Wed Apr 27, 2022 6:26 pm

Count me in for this! Entrants will be made soon!

LW: Burning Blue

First off this robot is not a multi-bot for starters, it's designed to deal with spinners and bar spinners. Also, he's got the pace and strength to deal with other opponents.

The weapon is a four-bar flipper

The robot can run inverted, and self right without any issues, the wedglets have built-in hinges to help give the machine the upper hand to win the ground clearance battle

Speed: 6 Traction: 6 Torque: 2 Weapon: 4 Armor: 12

${} by ${model.user.displayName} on Sketchfab

MW: ???

HW: ???

SHW: ???
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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Apr 27, 2022 9:18 pm

I am become compete, shatterer of briquettes

Lightweight: Flipkick

Speed: 4
Traction: 4 (3 because plasti-wheels)
Torque: 1
Weapon: 12
Armor: 9

Anti-Spinner Config: Weapon 10, Armor 11 (+2 wheels)

Flipkick is a Full Body Hammersaw, aka shameless ripoff of Starchild and Starfather. Basically it's an overhead thwackbot like Gabriel except the sword or hammer or whatever is replaced with a spinning disc. The disc is pretty light, a little under 6 lb, but that's similar to what regular hammersaws can run. It can smack opponents HARD from overhead and behind. The wheels are flexible UHMW and pretty thick. The little feet on the tail are shaped so that they keep the disc off the floor but should let it hit something as tall as most bots.

No the disc won't hit the ground:
But it will hit a bot:
Because this weapon can deliver hits to the back corner of an opponent passing under it, I can use the weapon spinning either "up" or "down." I have three disc options. One has a tooth that can only spin one way (but can still attack either direction by treating one orientation or another as "right side up"). The second option can be spun in either direction, letting me use the preferred attack direction if the standoff feet get chewed up on one side. The third option is also bidirectional, and is about 25% lighter than the other discs, freeing up weight for the heavier anti-spinner wheels.

Weapon Disc Options
Middleweight: ???

Heavyweight: Compound Fracture

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Weapon: 3 (2 in anti-HS config)
Armor: 11 (+1 front wedge) in Anti-Vertical Config. 11 (+1 top panel) in Anti-Controlbot Config. 12 (+2 front plow) in Anti-HS Config.

The TL;DR: It's a chunky brick lifting wedge with ground clearance for days lol. It's fast, it's powerful, it has a lifter that actually works, and it's hard to high-center and harder to kill.


Controlbots Can Die in Hell Config:
Area covered by armor bonus highlighted in blue

Config-Specific Info. This config has subconfigs of different wedgelet options so click on this for all the images.
Uses the normal 8" wheels, symmetrical lifting forks, and an AR500 top plate which resists overhead attacks (+1 armor bonus) and moves the center of mass back to slightly help with lifting.

The symmetrical forks are completely symmetrical top to bottom. It can't self-right in this config but it doesn't matter because it's identical running upside-down and right-side-up. The forks are steel and very sharp. The forks are curved up at the rear ends to keep opponents' forks or wedges from hitting the lifter chain.

To prevent square-waving, the frame has a set of UHMW end caps with rounded pivot points. If the bot tips forward while lifting these touch the ground before the lifter sprocket hits or the front wheels leave the floor. The bot's center of mass is far enough back with any of the armor configs that the bot can lift around 190-205 lb at the tip of the forks without tipping, which is enough to lift a 250 lb opponent in most cases because some of its weight will be on the floor or it will be far enough back on the wedge that its center of mass won't be that far out.

In addition, I have three different options for hinged outriggers. First is a double-sided set with a prong above and below the chassis. They're shaped so that the top prong is swept back and won't interfere with wedging an opponent, and the bottom prong sticks out enough to completely prevent square-waving, and they can rest in a position like this with the bot right-side-up or upside-down. If they get knocked into the wrong position they lift the front wheels in the air, but they're not actually stuck under the bot: driving backwards a little will put them in the correct orientation. The second set of outriggers is for matchups where being flipped over is less likely. These stick out a little farther which makes them less likely to get folded under and getting them un-folded might require doing a "pushup" with the lifter and then driving backward and letting go. If I'm upside-down they stick out in front, but because they're free to rotate an opponent's wedge can push them upward until they hit the stops. I can still wedge, push, and use my weapon, and the frame end caps still mostly prevent square-waving. The third set sticks out further and has sharp steel "shoes" to help get under opponents. They don't do anything to stabilize the lift, but the end caps should still work for that.

Double-Sided Outriggers
Single-sided Outriggers
Sharp Outriggers

Here's how far the double-sided outriggers can fold under. Reversing should get me out of this position.

Demonstration of lifting something.
Verts Can Die In Hell Config:
Lifter range of motion
Config-specific info. Click here if you're curious how self-righting works.
Uses the normal 8" wheels, with a special set of anti-vertical forks and outriggers, plus a set of UHMW+Steel end caps for the front of the frame rails to keep people from hitting them - these and the outriggers are part of the armor bonus, the srimech bar is not. That's right, this has a srimech bar! This could *technically* lift a robot but it isn't really designed for it and Compound Fracture is designed to function as a rear-hinged lifter. There's also a pair of thick UHMW blocks on the sides of the bot to protect against chain-sniping and act as ablative armor (no armor bonus)

The anti-vert config is still invertible as-in all four wheels are on the ground and I can drive and maneuver normally, but the wedge doesn't work inverted, so this has a self-righting bar that works pretty much like Sewer Snake's. This can technically probably lift an opponent but it's awkward and my lifter is designed to work rear-hinged, not pseudo-front-hinged. The bar also pops up a bit due to getting pinched against the front of the frame at the very end of the lifter's upward travel.

Self-righting for Compound Fracture is a little different than a normal Sewer Snake Mechanism due to the presence of the outriggers. They don't get in the way, and in fact they HELP it self-right more easily with these long forks. Observe:

1: Inverted. The plow rests on the ground, the outriggers flop down to their travel limit. The srimech bar
flops onto the ground.

2: Self-righting begins. The lifter depresses, forcing the srimech bar down and the chassis up. The outriggers start to touch the ground.

3: Chassis continues to raise higher, outriggers are still free to rotate downward so they don't interfere.

4: Lifter has reached its travel limit. Chassis is near vertical, momentum and gravity carry it past this point. The bot's weight is now on the top "horns" of the plow, which it pivots on because the outriggers are still free to rotate.

5: The outriggers finally reach the end of their travel. The robot's momentum continues to carry it forward, now pivoting on the tips of the outriggers.
The srimech bar is still on the floor but it's no longer pushing the bot, just resting on the ground under its own weight.

6: Now the forks hit the ground, by this point the bot is falling and the center of mass should be far enough back that nothing stops it from continuing to fall.

7: Bot falls onto its wheels. Raising the lifter and/or giving a little backwards throttle puts all four on the ground.
Horizontals Can Die in Hell Config:

Config-specific info:
ABR plow lol. Gasp, the wheels are smaller! The drivetrain stats are unchanged: the wheels are 25% smaller diameter but come with sprockets that have 25% fewer teeth so the top speed and torque are exactly the same. Also it still has a inch of ground clearance which is more than a lot of bots. The plow doesn't reach out as far so the "tip speed" of the lifter is lower and hence lower effective weapon power, but the lack of pokey things lets the plow structure be MUCH stronger. The plow is 1/2" higher than the top of the wheels to prevent skip-ups.

This plow is supported on the outside of the frame rails as well as the inside, so instead of outriggers it has stubby blocks of UHMW that mount to the bottom of the frame rails. They don't need to stick out that far to let me lift an opponent without tipping since the lifter arm is a bit shorter, and they also protect the chain from hitting the floor.

This config also has a SS-style srimech, just in case it somehow gets flipped. It's very low profile, and lets the bot keep all four wheels on the ground when inverted. The self-righting bars literally just slide along the frame rails, and have slippery UHMW or Teflon tape on them to make that contact low-friction. The lifter can depress up to 105 degrees in this config.

Obnoxious boring technical info I'm obligated to add to all versions of Compound Fracture because it's a meme now
The drivetrain is 4x Maytech 6374 motors with 4:1 Banebots P8 gearboxes, with an additional 2.67:1 or 2:1 (depending on wheel config) chain reduction driving 8" wheels (6" in anti-horizontal config), giving a top speed of 18 MPH. I didn't put chains between the front and back wheels because Charles Guan found that the backlash of the drivetrain causes the motors to fight each other like that and burns up controllers, and also because they'd be exposed. Sandstorm runs the exact same motors at a lower gear ratio without any coupling between front and back wheels and works fine.

The wheels are a similar design to Copperhead's, with machined nylon cores cast in a thick polyurethane tire. There's not quite as much rubber, but IRL they should still be pretty beefy and able to have chunks taken out of them without disintegrating or shredding the tire. Which sadly doesn't really translate into ARC stats. They're on 1-3/8" diameter solid steel dead shafts, which should be obnoxious as hell to try to bend.

The drive chains are technically exposed and technically yes something could hit them from above, but it's not an easy shot to hit with any consistency and there's four of them.

The battery packs are on either side of the bot between the front and back wheels, and are separated by a few inches and in isolated metal boxes, and either one powers all the drive motors and the lifter and is a bit over-specced. So I think this bot could pull a Duck/Black Dragon and keep driving with a battery on fire, at least for a while. But hitting those isn't easy either: the frame rails are 1" of aluminum and 1" of air at the thinnest, plus 2" of ablative UHMW in the anti-spinner configs, or 1/4" of AR steel on the bottom and titanium on top in the anti-vert config, 1/4" of AR steel on top in the anti-controlbot config, and 1/4" of AR steel plus foam plus another 1/8" of AR steel in the anti-hammer config.

The weapon is driven by a Maytech 6396 with a 64:1 P8X gearbox, then a 1.83:1 chain reduction. It has a friction clutch, which consists of the final output sprocket sandwiched between two friction material discs with a big rubber disc spring. Putting the clutch in this location means that the chain is protected from shock loads as well as the gearbox.

The weapon axle is a 1.5" steel dead shaft, which is close to what a lot of HW spinners run IIRC. In most configs this is doesn't extend past the outside of the frame to keep something from hitting the end and bending it. The outriggers are on a smaller 1" dead axle that's welded to a steel plate that bolts to the frame rail, so they could be torn off without
breaking something important.

The plows are all 3/8" wear-resistant steel, except the symmetrical forks used against hammers, which are 1/4" thick. The anti-horizontal plow isn't quite as thick as what a few botslike Sandstorm have run IRL, but I don't think those bots have as much reinforcing structure behind the face of the wedge. This should be hard as hell to warp.

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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by Mystic2000 » Thu Apr 28, 2022 3:27 pm

welp, guess we're doing this again

Team Myst Inc

LW: Whipscorpion


yes i'm trying this dumb thing again, melty with hinged forks a the tail doubling as a punch bar to keep people away so i can get up to speed and push away wedges looking to pin/escape pins in general

Weapon: 3
Armor: 9 (+2 "hammer" at the end of the tail)
Traction 2
Torque: 1
Speed: 15

MW: No Tomorrow


tracked big disc undercutter, tracks make me take half knockback because based ARC physics, also back forks to troll control bots and verts looking to attack the rear

Speed: 4
Traction: 2
Torque: 1
Weapon: 16
Armour: 7

HW: Greenwar

the 4th place vert from pat's comp bout to get a rebuild

SHW: Pathos

my ancient lifter brick rises from the depths, gonna try to see if i can make it mildly interesting tho
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Re: Ruination: The Tempest - sign-ups

Post by V900 » Thu Apr 28, 2022 7:57 pm

oh goodness gracious

TBA spot for all 4 classes and willing to write a match or 2 per week, as per usual 😎

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