CBC3 LW Championship: Blood Eagle vs Tidal Wave 2

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CBC3 LW Championship: Blood Eagle vs Tidal Wave 2

Post by Madman » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:55 pm

Blood Eagle: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour

Tidal Wave 2: 5 speed / 4 traction / 1 torque / 14 weapon / 6 armour

The bottom line from last fight remains the bottom line. I do 6 damage to his weapon and 5 shock damage. He can’t go weapon to weapon with me or let my weapon hit him at all without taking crippling damage of some kind. The goal here will be to get that hit.

As far as counters go, he has four options: a ballsy rush where he puts it all on the line and tries to OOTA me, the same rush but with getting a shot at the rear of my body or my wheels as the goal, trying to use the central rings to get past my blade, and trying to force an error or opening from me by baiting and circling.

Start in undercutter mode, since it means that where our blades meet his will be travelling close to horizontal and won’t be able to uppercut mine effectively. Move out of my starting square, keeping my blade facing him. Once it’s up to speed, advance inexorably, staying away from the walls and paying attention to arena positioning and attack angles to try to give myself recovery space while he smacks into walls and hazards. I’m a bit slower, but it’s 7-6, so this is by no means impossible. I have obscene reach, so be wary of baiting but also don’t be afraid to let him start getting around a tiny bit in the direction where my weapon torque will help me spin right into his side like Tombstone. Preference is still for head to head if I can get it because I’ll annihilate him.

Weapon contacts are both of us hitting each other out of plane. Due to the position we’ll hit at, I should get knocked mostly backwards more than flipped while he goes more sideways and potentially flips sideways. If I can see I’m going to end up wrong-side-up, I’ll at least land in overcutter mode, which will make settling down easier with my weapon in less danger of smacking the floor. The moment that I have my wheels down, run without shame to avoid his follow up attack, keeping my weapon facing him if possible and spinning back up. The second I’m back up to speed, go on the offensive. He wants a hit? He’ll get it.

Finally, if I see him trying to use the danger zones, back off a little bit to create space between their edge and myself and let him ride them. When he gets off, I have a buffer zone and he has to close that distance, giving me time to react and put my weapon between us. If he tries to run for the first two minutes in the hope of a last-minute OOTA, chase him, appear to give up a bit early, and then get myself in a position well away from the walls so that, if we meet, his weapon’s still biting it, but he’s not getting that OOTA hit that he wants.

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Re: CBC3 LW Championship: Blood Eagle vs Tidal Wave 2

Post by Hiicantpk » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:21 pm

Shields on. Starting upside down (resting on the top supports of the weapon with no wedgelets)

So we're on Vertigo again, a large arena for plenty of time for each of us to spin up and plenty of area to be knocked away from impacts. I do have the slightly better traction though so hopefully that can come into effect after impacts.

I'm starting inverted without the wedgelets to get under, as wedging ability doesn't really matter against BE. I am also going to spin my weapon the proper way as if I was right way up so the drum will impact downwards.

Head out aggresively and go for that first weapon-to-weapon hit. The first impact may in fact decide the match, which is why I'm opting for a risky strategy. Their weapon has 11 armour compared to my 14 weapon, which is in the territory of possibly bending the blade on impact. What I'm hoping is the initial impact will bend the blade downwards or at least force it into the floor (Kinda like what happened in Tombstone v Minotaur except my drum is turning the opposite way), and either that impact itself or the resulting out-of-control-ness of BE will do some other sort of self-damage. BE is at the weapon armour difference that it'll start to wear down after many hits, and I'm hoping many of those hits will be the blade impacting the floor.

After the initial hit, and if BE's blade is bent, spin up and try to gyrodance over to the right side. Otherwise stay upside down and spin my drum in the proper direction so it will hit upwards. If my drum is dead at this point, I guess im stuck on whichever side I'm on so head out, try to angle my shields on strafing passes so the impact from them hitting me throws them onto the central IED.

If my drum is still working and their blade is not, they're pretty helpless and I can start going to town. If their weapon is still functional though, I'll need to be more careful with the next hit. Take long slow (as slow as I can go, 75% speed) charges at them and don't try to fake them out or anything. If they try something fancy with rotating their blade into the side of me, the impact should turn my bot towards them and the drum should impact.

If It comes down to a shoving match, hopefully I'm right way up and can use my wedgelets to at least try to get under and push.

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