CBC3 SHW: Cruelty vs. Overcleaver

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CBC3 SHW: Cruelty vs. Overcleaver

Post by attackfrog » Sat May 11, 2019 8:40 pm

Cruelty: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8773&start=15#p70769
OverCleaver: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8773#p70761

Cruelty's using its Duck!-style ram.

This is a match between a wide, flat robot with a ram on the front against another wide, flat robot with a spinning bar on top. Assuming Overcleaver is short enough to actually make contact with its bar, it's still only going to be doing 1 damage. Meanwhile, Cruelty is twice as fast as it, and has better control and a lot of torque to push Overcleaver around.

I'm going to get all up in Overcleaver's business (from the side, preferably, for ease of wedging. I'll tank the couple hits or so that it will take to stop the bar, then start shoving Overcleaver towards the nearest wall to slam it against that wall as hard as I can. I'll reverse a bit, slam again, reverse, slam again, and see how that goes.

If I get a good purchase on some part of Overcleaver while pushing it around, I'll try lifting it up too to show that I'm not just a brick :V

In summary: Come on and slam! (...Overcleaver against the wall) And welcome to the Jam! (...Overcleaver's blade.) Hey, you! What you gon' do?

Good luck, Billy!
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Re: CBC3 SHW: Cruelty vs. Overcleaver

Post by Billy5545 » Sat May 11, 2019 9:27 pm

For this fight, we want to end it on a high note by ruining Cruelty's win and chance even though OverCleaver is already gone. For our strength, our wedgelets are hinged, and we have great torque for a spinner. As for their weakness, they have exposed wheels, some clearance on their wheel area to wedge into, and weak lifter that won't be able to OOTA or move quickly.

For our strategy, we will try to angle in kn Cruelty's plow, and if they outwedge and tried to lift us, get away immediately to the back sideway. Keep doing it until we manage to outwedge them, where we will then push and slice into their bottom, hitting all the wheels. If we get a shot at their side, hit their wheels and chassis, as it's pretty close to the plow. It has 8 armor thanks to the armor weight going into the plow, so we should deal 5 damage multiplied by 2, for 10 to the wheels, and 5 to the chassis besides it. We want to use our bar's diameter to hit both at the same time. Stop attacking once they can't move much. Make sure we don't screw up on driving, and don't fight too close to the wall. Also spin our bar to self right by Tornado Mer dance if we got thrown on our back.

Good luck Attackfrog

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