ICEcrown Week 3: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. Detroit Iron

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ICEcrown Week 3: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. Detroit Iron

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:25 pm

(1) Death's Head Sarsaparilla - The Monsterworks: 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 18 weapon (14+1 hammer / 4 turret) / 7 armour


(3) Detroit Iron - Tartarus Robotics Group: 8 speed / 6+1 traction / 4 torque / 1 weapon / 11 armour (+1 plow)

1) Two main stand out in this fight: his overwhelming drivetrain advantage, and the five points of damage I'll do every hammer blow. The first is largely negated by my turret. With four points, it can track an eight speed bot. He can't outrun it. The second, he has no way of really negating. My hammer's mounted on a raised turret and he's quite low to the ground, so it'll be firing downwards at him. His wedge has only one point, so it's slow to block and easily slammed back down, and also doesn't have a lot of travel.

2) Basically, he has no way of damaging me except for the hazards, and to get me there, he's going to have to push me. Not only do I have significant ground clearance, but a circular shape tilted on its edge at an angle is an absolute nightmare to control. And what can I be doing the entire time that he's trying to push me? Hammering, with a weapon that does five points of damage on a scale where six is a potential OHKO. His functionality should be affected immediately, and he won't last more than a handful of hits.

1) I'm under no illusions about my drivetrain. He's going to wedge me a bunch and it'll be easy, but I can counter any attempt to flank me and/or avoid my hammer by rotating it to face him. His struggles to control the circular shape of my bot will give me more time to score hammer blows.

2) The hazards, at full or near-full power, pose a danger so do my somewhat pathetic best to stay away from them. Whenever I have even one wheel on the ground, squirm away. Overall, drive away whenever I'm not on his wedge. Otherwise, the best defense, in this case, if offense. Keep that turret facing him and pound away. Five damage crashing into his top is going to gimp up his motors or tracks really quickly. Generally, don't waste shots. Fire away once he's wedging and trying to control me. If I'm wedged and my protective bars are scraping the ground, they'll act as sacrificial armour against the hazards.

GL, little bro. You're a shit, but I <3 U mang.
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Re: ICEcrown Week 3: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. Detroit Iron

Post by Madman » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:50 pm

IMMA sexy mothafucking genius!



rite, RP thyme.


Alex did stats, I kno it. He's goog that way.


So, dude went and snuck a turret on his boy like a lil bitch mere minutes before the deadlien just so he could pund detoir iron to scraps. cool. There's no way I'll approach this the way he expects, though. DHS has sacrificed everything else for that weapon and turret. It's drivetrain is kek. i'm gonna start the fight by totally ignoring it. ya, you herd that rite. see those four big hairy hazards in the corners? I,,a boop them all the way up to orange. WIll my wedge take 2 damage when they're yellow? yup. Is 2 damage much? nope. Do I have the better wedge regadrdless? Mhm. WIll the usbequent three damage utterly rek his wheels and will I have a second shot that'll do 4? ? See? Genuis.

I'm fast, so just unr out and boop them all, avoiding the drunken nudibranch that is DHS. Once they're up to orange, hit and un attack on him, last-second turning to get him to misfire. Shove him to the corner through force of impacts. don't just derp there and let him hit me when he's wedged because his plan is more obvious tham the end of the movie 300. oh ya his hammer has to have a flywheel if it's ICE powerds, so he can kidd chaining hammer shots goodbye becaus it had to spin up again.

If the hit n run thing doesn;t work, then once I have the hazards at scary level, raise my plow ( which also has more amrmour) to block the one shot he'll get in and push him into a hazards. Rinse and repeat, raising the plow each time. His torque is negligeble and I push faster than he can drive. The hazards should tear off his wheels. If they don't get heels right away, be patient. heels always falter. THEY WILL. Tearing into his bodywork's not bae deither. Wow, this was incoherent. Sorry. Still secy and brillaint.


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