Kings Heath Colliders Robotics

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Kings Heath Colliders Robotics

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:51 am

Hey there people of ARC my names Boto or Ethan (whichever you'd prefer to call me). I currently am the owner of 2 combat robots of my very own.
Jack The Flipper
Jack is a Fingertech Viper kit with a lifter add on which was going to be beefed up to be a Beetleweight but I decided not to as it would be pretty underpowered.
Career Record: 0 Wins 0 losses
Its never competed and probably never will.
Phantom Fox
Phantom Fox is a 150g UK Antweight/Fairyweight flipper originally built by Alex Shakespeare based off the MW flipper Maggot. She has quite the kick with a powerful servo motor and really tough polycarbonate armour. She's also got a fair amount of push and has no problems getting under the other flippers.
Career Record: 3 Wins 4 losses Draws 1
Antweight World Series 51: Phantom Fox vs Blellow (draw), Phantom Fox vs Blellow rematch (loss), Phantom Fox vs Bunny Ears (win), Phantom Fox vs Baby Hell (win), Phantom Fox vs Yoink! (loss), Annihilator: 6 rounds survived. Tag-Team with KillaByte vs VacAnt and
Team Captain of the IRL team, Kings Heath Colliders Robotics and Team Fox on ARC
Your Wedges still suck lol

Joint 3rd place in The New Blood with Raccoon XL

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