Ruination: The Upheaval - Results!

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Ruination: The Upheaval - Results!

Post by That Kode Guy » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:20 pm



Hoarfrost vs. Flash Flood

Two wedgebois with near identical setups get three minutes to out-underneath-get the other with some clever driving on both sides. When Flash Flood wins the wedge war, it manages to kick Hoarfrost into the air, which occasionally spends a moment or two spinning around on one wheel before settling back down. When Hoarfrost wins the wedge war, however, Flash Flood takes some aggressive slams into the wall. We see more slams than flips throughout the fight, but with no hazards, this was always going to go the full three minutes.

Aggression: 9-6 Hoarfrost
Damage: 8-7 Hoarfrost
Strategy: 9-6 Hoarfrost

Hoarfrost takes a 26-19 Judges' Decision

La Valette vs. Ayame

La Valette

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Re: Ruination: The Upheaval - Results!

Post by That Kode Guy » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:09 pm

Well I don't know how the formatting for the previous result posts got so fucked up but here are the semi-finals.


La Valette vs. Hoarfrost

So LVs sideways plan slows Hoarfrosts box rushing, but not for long. Having all the speed forces Valettes hand before Alex is really ready, but what can you do? A huge CRASH and wow that really did a number on Hoarfrost! The front plow is hanging on but only just. He’s still quick enough to speed back in and push Valette into the wall before that deadly weapon is back in play. He methodically crashes into the spinner bot over and over again doing a pretty decent job of keeping Valette smothered. It takes awhile but Valette finally manages to wiggle far enough away from the wall to break the cycle. Of course that leads back into a rough echo of the beginning and another shot from the weapon tears off the remains of Hoarfrosts plow and sends it flying across the arena. Laz doesn’t let that deter him too much and manages to get back into the act of repeating slams though it’s noticeably tougher without a wedge. Valette gets free in time to set up another weapon hit that seems to finish of Hoarfrost but it’s too close to the buzzer to count him out.

Aggression: 13-2 Hoarfrost
Damage: 12-3 La Valette
Strategy: 10-5 Hoarfrost

Hoarfrost wins 26-19

Nick's Fuzzy Rules vs. Anti-Virus

Without any active hazards there really isn’t much too actually write about that’s very interesting, and if you think I’m putting a lot of detail into lots of boring wedges and rams… I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! Since NFR’s wedge isn’t trash, he does get decent mileage out his 2WD advantage. Of course since both these drivers are pretty crafty, it’s not like every wedging someone scores results in a decent slam into the wall and all that good stuff. There’s no lack of slippery escapes. The main excitement comes from the occasional sparks that come from NFR’s saw. The fight goes on in a more or less back and forth fashion until the buzzer sounds. Now we get to figure out who “won”.

Aggression: 9-6 Anti-Virus
Damage: 10-5 Nick’s Fuzzy Rules
Strategy: 8-7 Nick’s Fuzzy Rules

Nick’s Fuzzy Rules wins 24-21


Magnolia Pico vs. Harbinger

Harbinger wisely chooses not to go through with the matc - wait, what? THIS IS A PLAY-OFF RESULT YOU DIPWAD. Oh whatever. :V

Magnolia Pico wins by a forfeit.

Marauder vs. Clown Recluse

Aaaaaaand pretty much the same shit. :V

Clown Recluse wins by a forfeit.


Wedgelord vs. Neglected Waterbug

Wow, okay I have to write for two fucking weak-ass drums, one in each fight? Go suck a fat green Toad cock. In any case, this might have turned out better for the Bug bot if not for the fact that when Neglected Waterbug gets under Wedgelord (and believe me, he does get under him quite a bit), he's unable to really do much other than knock him back a tiny bit. He can't even really push Wedgelord anywhere because his torque value is insufficient, and Wedgelord easily escapes. Wedgelord's fun is when he's the one who gets under, and starts ramming the bug around into various wall debauchery. Yeah, I like using words like that out of context, wanna fight about it? Well too bad, there's one going on in the arena. Which comes to a close as Waterbug takes a tumble into the corner. But the hammers are turned off. That's zero hammers in the arena that are working. And that's terrible.

Aggression: 10-5 Wedgelord
Damage: 9-6 Neglected Waterbug
Strategy: 8-7 Neglected Waterbug

Wedgelord ekes out Neglected Waterbug in a 23-22 split judges' decision and advances to the Finals!


Meanstreak vs. Infrared

Okay, so I think it was agreed on that Meanstreak's dumb - uh I mean drum - gets the +4 bonus, so it's 12 armour, I think. That was decided on before the tournament began. Anyway, the fight begins with Meanstreak looking to flank Infrared like a bitch. Repeatedly. I think Laz is expecting a gyro here, but Infrared's drum actually is not spinning fast enough to where it's being a major problem. Despite all this, well, Meanstreak IS fast enough to where he can actually flank around Infrared eventually, and he gets a minor hit on the tire that pops Infrared back a little, but does virtually nothing else. Meanstreak comes in for another hit but Infrared's already got the front in a position where it would be hard for Meanstreak to get him side-on again, so Laz just keeps circling until he can get into an advantageous position again. He seems to, but Infrared manages to get at least part of the front pointed at Meanstreak before the hit. So Infrared gets popped a little again, while Meanstreak gets knocked away by a more sizable amount. He almost gets knocked over onto his back. but manages to stay upright. Infrared is coming right at him, however, so he has to resume his flanking again. He gets another little side pop later on, but Infrared manages to catch him head-on a little after that and this time Meanstreak goes flying over onto his back. Laz drives Meanstreak straight into Infrared, in the hopes that he'll get flipped back over. Well he does, but it doesn't end well for him. In the process of both weapons serving to throw Meanstreak into the air, Infrared is still spinning fast enough to catch one of Meanstreak's tires as he lands and shear a large chunk of it off, compromising its mobility by quite a margin. With that, Meanstreak finds it much harder to flank Infrared and we get a few more weapon-on-weapon hits before the end, the last of which knocks Meanstreak ass-over-teakettle across the floor.

Aggression: 12-3 Meanstreak
Damage: 14-1 Infrared
Strategy: 9-6 Meanstreak

It looks like both HW matches finish with 23-22 split judges' decisions; with that, Infrared downs Meanstreak and moves on to the Finals!


Tax Cutter vs. Danger Noodle

Noodlydoodly is out quick, TC emerging more slowly, and we get a major weapon-to-weapon impact, sending the two spinning away. TC takes a moment to settle itself back down on its wheels, but Noods appears to have recovered a little quicker. More weapon hits follow, The Noodster doing his best to keep on the attack, but starts juddering slightly, as it sounds like something is rapidly striking the ground. Another hit sees TC kicked a bit further up into the air, wobbling around as the gyro forces keep it weapon-side up, but Nood Nood is now throwing sparks from one side of the drum, something must have been knocked out of alignment. A slowed Noodler weapon takes another hit from TC to knock it out entirely, but the same hit appears to have disabled the triblade on the Covenant machine as well! Both bots resort to a pushing match for the remainder of the fight, and not much happens until the buzzer as a result.

Aggression: 9-6 Danger Noodle
Damage: 9-6 Tax Cutter
Strategy: 8-7 Tax Cutter

Tax Cutter scrapes through on a 23-22 Split Decision

Khnum vs. Speed Bison

Forks-on-forks action in this fight, where SB appears to have the edge when they interlock going head-on, slowly edging Khnum back a little when they aren't grappling one another to a stalemate. Curiously, when SB veers out and attempts to angle in on Khnum, the boxier lifter simply floors it past Bison and runs away before attempting to re-orient toward its opponent. Neither really seem to get too much of an advantage during the fight, exchanging lifts and running into one another for the three minutes.

Aggression: 10-5 Speed Bison
Damage: 8-7 Khnum
Strategy: 9-6 Speed Bison

Speed Bison takes a 26-19 Judges' Decision

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Re: Ruination: The Upheaval - Results!

Post by That Kode Guy » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:37 pm


Hoarfrost vs. Nick's Fuzzy Rules

The box is locked, the lights are on, it's ROBOT FIGHTIN' TIME!!!

Or, rather, wedge fighting time. Honestly, it's not much of a stretch. Hoarfrost does what a wedge does, and does it well. Nick's Fuzzy Rules also does what a wedge does, and also does it pretty damn well. What a hoot! The difference, however, in this fight of the wheely annoying wedges (har har har) is that, while Hoarfrost has the superior stats, he does not have the design advantage here. Gabe is right on the money; there are moments in the match where Hoarfrost just slightly wheelies and exposes ground clearance. He isn't able to take advantage of it often since Hoarfrost's speed gets him out of sticky situations, but NFR does manage to exploit this a few times and get some good slams and pins. Conversely, Hoarfrost tries to abuse geometry and, uh, kinda fails because NFR only has slightly slower stats and can turn in time to meet him head-on. :P He does, however, trick Gabe a few times with the reversing tactic, get under and punish NFR with some wall slams that woo the crowd. Don't worry Laz, I'm not a complete asshole.

And... bzzzzzt, end of match.


You know, for a wedge vs. wedge fight, that wasn't too bad. For a final though, it could have been better, but then I could have written it better. :V Oh well, judges?

Aggression: 8-7 Hoarfrost
Damage: 8-7 Nick's Fuzzy Rules
Strategy: 8-7 Nick's Fuzzy Rules

And that's that! With a tight 23-22 split decision, Gabe claims the Ruination: The Upheaval lightweight championship with his bot in the BLUE SQUARE, NIIIIICK'S FUZZYYYYY RUUUUUUULES!!!



Magnolia Pico vs. Clown Recluse

The box is locked, the lights are on, it's ROBOT FIGHTIN' TIME!!!

...not that there was much of a fight. Clown Recluse immediately goes on the offensive and gets a few hits on Magnolia's wedge while Pico just swings and misses. And then Magnolia manages to score a direct hit to the chassis... ouch. Thanks to that, Clown Recluse becomes either a little unbalanced or some damage was done to his receiver. Either way, he starts jittering. He stays strong though, and gets a couple more hits with the disc while avoiding Pico's axe, before Pico gets a more solid hit and this severely cripples Clown's movement. This is enough for Pico to move in more and start wailing on Clown Recluse, hitting the body multiple times. HFL keeps fighting but he knows it's a losing battle, and one more hit is all it takes to put the clown down. HFL puts down his transmitter and claps as Alex throws his fist into the air, the crowd bequeathes unto him a massive round of applause, and the host gets a stern reminder to not allow walking robots into any tournaments he creates next time... if there is a next time.

The time: 1 minute and 29 seconds. Your winner, by a knockout, and Ruination: The Upheaval middleweight champion... THE RED SQUARE, MAGNOLIAAAAAA PICOOOOOO!!!



Wedgelord vs. Infrared

The box is locked, the lights are on, it's ROBOT FIGHTIN' TIME!!!

Brad says Infrared can't get under his wedge. Nick says Wedgelord can't get under his wedge. Excellent. Once again, I get to determine who's lower based on opinions based loosely on facts. Well we don't get to determine this yet because Infrared is coming in with the drum. Wedgelord accepts this with gusto and we get some hits to Wedgelord's wedge that don't really do much of anything. Wedgelord pins Infrared, but Infrared sneaks away due to the angle of the "pin".

Okay, Nick decides to irritate the writer and go with the wedge now. Just great. Well I don't see anything in Brad's RP that he's using a clutch of any sort, so I guess his wedge is pretty good? Likewise, Infrared doesn't have the smallest wedge so it's actually pretty decent as well? Uh... um... oh wait. Infrared's angling in. So Wedgelord stops. Infrared still angles in... okay I guess he got under. Wedgelord backs off so Infrared isn't under him anymore. Great. Infrared tries again. Wedgelord keeps facing him now. And... uh... neither bot gets under the other. Which means Wedgelord gets to be a pushyboi. Infrared gets the hell out of dodge and arcs around so Wedgelord can't slam him into a wall.

Honestly, I hate to say this about such a match, but for a Final, this match is incredibly, incredibly dull. Infrared's attempts to angle in are met with fail, whether he actually gets under Wedgelord (who backs off), or if they meet head-on and Wedgelord pushes him until Infrared gets away. The drum really hardly sees any usage until late in the match when Nick decides to just go for broke and get as much damage as he can. Which really isn't all that match, but it's still something. Wedgelord thus closes out the match with a running slam that sees Infrared go flying off the wall and land perfectly upside-down.

Aggression: 9-6 Wedgelord
Damage: 8-7 Infrared
Strategy: 8-7 Infrared

Wedgelord barely edges out Infrared 23-22 to take the Heavyweight Championship!!!



Tax Cutter vs. Speed Bison

What is this? A Flashback Episode? Nope, even better! The SHW Championship will be determined at long last! We've got an excellent throwback to the old days of the SHW Rammers vs. Spinners rivalry on show here! Let's get down to business!

Both bots begin the fight with a no nonsense approach! Speed Bison charges full speed ahead towards Tax Cutter who is also lumbering towards SB with the blade spinning at full speed. We get treated to impressive collision within moments with a crowd-pleasing shower of sparks and a few small bits of shrapnel from Speed Bisons plow. Other than having a torn-up area almost perfectly dead-center of the plow, Speed Bison still seems okay. Tax Cutter got knocked back almost completely back to the wall it started at, but also seems prefectly ready for more. A good thing to because Speed Bison charges in again as soon as it's able to, with Tax Cutter keeping a defensive position and forcing Bison to eat another powerful shot from the blade, tearing the hole in the plow open even more. Speed Bison keeps up its oppressive attack, but still eating more hits. So by the time it's able to really smother Tax Cutter, there is very little of the bottom of its plow remaining to be neatly flush with the floor. So while it's still a reasonably effective shield, it's not quite as useful for getting under Tax Cutter neatly and he has limited ability to shove Tax Cutter around before Tax Cutter can squirm free. All the same, Bison does a pretty good job making sure that Tax Cutter never gets a shot at the main body, but by the time we get to the end of the fight the plow has taken so much damage and stress stress that it doesn't seem to be working at all.

Aggression: 12-3 Speed Bison
Damage: 14-1 Tax Cutter
Strategy: 8-7 Speed Bison

Tax Cutter wins 24-21