Ruination: The Upheaval - Rankings

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Ruination: The Upheaval - Rankings

Post by BEES » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:34 pm

I am just realizing now from that post the stats on Stingray are not the ones I thought I entered... must have deleted the wrong paragraph... fuck.

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Ruination: The Upheaval - Rankings

Post by V900 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:29 am

<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>That Kode Guy</dt><dd>Mar 3 2018, 03:16 PM</dd></dl><div>5. Patchouli - Yeah I put it down here, what'chu gonna do about it? :dirk: Nice, versatile set-ups ruined by a 4 speed/1 traction spread. :V Oh, and that plow on the flipper set-up will fold under you if you get flipped, js. :V[/quote]thats fake news

actual footage of leaked r4 mw finals match:


<small>(also, the plow is hinged 15 degrees)</small>

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Ruination: The Upheaval - Rankings

Post by Trihunter » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:35 am

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Ruination: The Upheaval - Rankings

Post by That Kode Guy » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:41 am

<big><big><big>Ruination: The Upheaval - Team Covenant's Conference/Division Ratings (continued)</big></big></big>



Vietnamese Crystal Division

1. Wedgelord - resistance is futile

2. Narcissistic Hot-Shot - bit slow for a flipper, but it's a tank and honestly got very lucky with this division

3. Devil's Verdict - fuck, I forgot to mention where the 2WD is, but... eh. it honestly got lucky too. it's very slow but it has a damaging saw i guess. the cbc saw rules make them kinda overpowered so that's why i didn't use them. either way, both NHS and DV will be fucked anyway if they make the play-offs.

4. Flashback - oh hey, I managed to catch that it has a hinged wedge&#33; :V too bad it suffers from the triangle armour bonus implementations - 4 body armour against some powerful flippers and decent spinners won't be fun

5. Chad the Inhaler - lol... actually it'll put forth a somewhat decent performance :V

6. Dysprosinator - I misread the description at first and thought it was gonna wheelie like hell. but nope, it's the 2wd tracks thing all over again so its wedges are worthless when trying to get underneath things. The lifter would have saved it if it wasn't so tiny. otherwise this robot would be great.

7. Duck King - I honestly believe NeonCalypso meant to stat it with 6 traction and 2 torque, not vice-versa. As it is, it's going to be completely uncontrollable, sorry mac.

GameTechMods Division

1. Neglected Waterbug - it doesn't have the best leverage for a flipper, but yeah good luck trying to damage it

2. Lunatic Udonge - again, good luck damaging this thing

3. America Offline - a bit less bricky but can probably hang tough with HWR and Flandre

4. Hazardous Waste Removal - best of the power spinners here, but three bots that are hard to damage will give it problems

5. Flandre Scarlett - I had this as a bot to beat, and then I took a closer look :V even less likely to damage the bots with the armoured fronts and HWR can beat it head-on

6. Sinmill - that wheel set-up really really confuses me and Jack is going to have to convince me here :V as for the render itself? fucking sex

7. Cutthroat - okay honestly what part of the front lifts? like, where is the hinge... the thing connected to the disc up top? the edge near the back of the bot? otherwise kind of narrow; the spinners will eat it for lunch and the bricks can prob get around it. Maybe it can beat America Offline, but even that's uncertain.


Raytheism Division

1. Charybdis - ugh 16 weapon in 2 seconds? only the most dedicated of bricks is beating it (which isn't even in the division) and it'll do something to CdG's hammer

2. Klarinette - a dedicated brick that probably won't beat Charybdis (fuck that thing) but will trounce everything else

3. Coup de Gr

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